In a dark and shadowy forest lies a mysterious lantern. One day, old man Obe stumbles across the lantern, and it suddenly springs to life with lights emitting from it in all directions. Following the lights, Obe decides to go on last journey to see what’s so important about this lantern.

Where Shadows Slumber is a new puzzle adventure game set in a world of light and darkness. Brought to you by a small team of independent developers, Where Shadows Slumber features an original story with light bending mechanics.

Players will follow Obe on his journey through the lands to discover the origins of the lantern. In his world, everything that has been touched by the light is fixed and cannot change. Everything that remains in shadow is subject to chaos and the freedom to change.

It’s a rather poetic mechanic, as you will literally need to bend light and dark to your will using nothing but the environment around you. Watch as the world changes right before your eyes when shadows consume the ground and a whole new light emerges.

With simple touch controls, a unique light manipulation mechanic, and eight different worlds to explore, Where Shadows Slumber is a magical tale of an old man’s out-of-this-world experiences at the end of his life.

Where Shadows Slumber is available now on the iOS App Store for 4.99 USD.


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