Happy Racing is crazy rag-doll physics racing game with lots and LOTS of blood! If you’re familiar with Happy Wheels, this is pretty much the mobile equivalent.

Take on the world as you race with crazy characters on even crazier levels. Fly through loops, rush through flames, and outrun buses and you try to survive to the end! Our Happy Racing cheats and tips will help you become the ultimate racer… who still has their head on in one piece!

Happy Racing is a crazy physics game so there’s some nuance to it underneath its wacky exterior. So, let’s get started with our Happy Racing cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Protect your limbs!

Even though the name suggests otherwise, Happy Racing is full of carnage, blood, and despair! You’d be wise to keep your limbs intact for the duration of the ride. When you’re going off big jumps or traversing narrow passages, try to keep your limbs and your head from touching any surfaces too hard.

If you hit walls too hard you’ll lose limbs and blood will gush everywhere! If your character takes too much damage the run will end, so always be careful to keep yourself safe!

Try Online Races!

After you’ve gotten a feel for the controls and physics in the single player challenge levels, why not take on the world in some wacky mayhem online? You can go up against other players in randomly selected courses. You’ll still earn coins to buy stuff, but the absolute best part is that you’ll also earn chests without the advertisements.

When you beat a level in the single player mode, you’ll find chests that require you to watch an advertisement before you can open it. In multiplayer mode, you’ll get the chests without the ads, which is really nice!

Tilt for inclines!

A technique you’re going to have to master is smoothing yourself out when going up inclines. You’re going to run into some parts of the levels early on where you’ll have to ride up a loop or curved ramp using a booster.

As you’re going up the super curved path, be sure to use the tilt buttons to keep yourself even with how the path is curving. If you don’t you’ll lose too much speed and end up falling back down, which could mean death in certain instances!

Don’t give up in times of danger!

If your character takes too much damage or if you’re on the verge of death, a meter will appear at the bottom of the screen. Getting your head crushed, getting lit on fire – you name it – your character will be able to endure the pain for a couple of seconds.

Once the meter shows up, it’s essentially a death sentence as your character will bite the dust for real once it empties. Don’t give up though! You still might be able to make it to the finish line if you’re quick enough.

Try to get all the stars!

Each level in the single player mode has three stars for you to earn. To get all three you’ll need to beat the level under a certain time, which can be seen in real-time indicated by the meter at the top. Levels are divided into sets, and if you can earn enough stars in a set you’ll be able to open the bonus chest at the end.

For example, the first set of levels requires 20 stars to open the bonus chest. Bonus chests have a much higher chance of granting you something awesome, and you’ll usually get brand new characters out of them!

That’s all for Happy Racing! If you’ve got any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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