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Happy Glass Cheats: Tips & Strategies to Fill Up the Glass

Happy Glass Cheats: Tips & Strategies to Fill Up the Glass

Happy Glass is a charming puzzle game available on iOS, challenging you to fill a glass by solving drawing puzzles that become more and more difficult as you go up the stages. And we’re here to help you complete the game by sharing our Happy Glass cheats and tips with you!

I know that a Happy Glass walkthrough would be a bit more welcome in this case and we’ve got you covered with that as well. But in case you want to still do it yourself without always be told exactly what to do, our tips and tricks will come in handy and they’ll give you a bit more satisfaction than a walkthrough for all levels would.

With these in mind, let’s check out some Happy Glass Cheats and tips below to complete this wonderful game by Game5mobile!

Think outside the box
In most cases, you will have to do a bit of outside the box thinking in order to solve each level. Don’t be afraid to try one or more routes and tweak them if necessarily or try something completely new if there doesn’t seem to be a way to complete the level.

Most levels have just one way of being completed, and getting there is not always easy. But you’ll have a breakthrough if you keep trying – and sometimes going with a completely different approach is what you need.

Use the elements given in each level
There will never be elements in a level that you shouldn’t use. There’s no decor in Happy Glass and whenever you have a circle, a platform or something there in the level – you will have to somehow use it to complete the level.

Even the pipe that gives you the water can be used for support and drawing – so always look at ways to use it if you can. Usually, you won’t have to do it, but in some levels you will!

Get the free prize whenever possible
Watching an ad after each level doesn’t seem that fun, but it won’t only support the game’s developers and encourage them to create more smart games like Happy Glass, but it will also give you some amazing rewards.

From coins to use for unlocking new hints to entirely free hints, you can win a lot of goodies there so don’t hesitate to watch those ads and hoard on coins in order to get the most out of your game!

Master a level, once completed
If you don’t get the three stars after completing a level, it means that you should improve your drawing a bit. In other words, replay it and try to use a shorter line – this is usually enough.

However, you also have the option to watch an add to get that final third star if you don’t want to go tweaking yourself, and that’s a viable option too. It’s best to manage to do it without “cheating” your way to the third star, but sometimes you might just like to do that instead – so remember that you have the option.

Use the hints
They are expensive, so use them sparingly! Also have in mind that the in-game hints will actually solve the level for you by showing exactly where to draw and how to do it, but some of those levels do seem impossible! So don’t be afraid to actually use the hints when needed.

Draw fast or draw slowly
In some stages, you will have to move fast and draw lines in various places in order to complete the level. That might require a bit of practice and you only master it by playing over and over again.

But in some cases, a surgeon’s precision is required – so unless there’s really a must for you to be fast as lightning, take it slow instead and draw that line perfectly, flawlessly and exactly where it has to be, without an extra inch in length in order to get all the stars!

Happy Glass Walkthrough
Now if everything else fails, you can always check out a walkthrough for the game to get you through the stages. But only do it if you really can’t beat a particular stage in the game – and make sure you only do so for the level you can’t complete. Otherwise, all the fun is gone.

But if you do need help, you can find it on Youtube: the Rhythm Company channel has the complete walkthrough there, nicely set up in a playlist you can find here. Simply click the link, get to the playlist and watch the solution for the level you need completed. Then do the rest yourself!

And this is it! You now know all the Happy Glass tips and tricks that you need in order to complete the game – and also have access to the walkthrough in case everything else fails. Now go out and enjoy the game!

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Happy Glass Cheats: Tips & Strategies to Fill Up the Glass


  1. I’ve played until I got a message saying I need 140 stars to continue. How do you get more stars? Go back and replay all of the levels?
    I would love to keep going!

    • Yes, Becki. In order to get more stars, you have to return and replay the levels you haven’t finished with three stars. The key there is to draw less in order to get extra stars.

  2. I can complete all 150 level in one go, all 3 stars (i redo it over and over lol) and without any hint! ahaha i really love this game.. Thank you for your tips!!

  3. How many levels are there on IOS? I’m at 240 and it won’t let me go any further. It shows me groupings of levels and how many stars I received.

  4. Thanks for the info. I do disagree with the assertion that you must use all elements. I have filled many glasses using only some of the elements. Some levels may have only one solution, but many have more. I want to watch the walk through just to look for differences from how I did things.


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