Happy Cube Death Arena has quite a contrast within the name. It starts out nice enough and then takes a sinister turn at the end. If I found myself in a Death Arena I would be an unhappy cube, just saying. The game has been created for the iOS, and is very challenging. The aim is to avoid the obstacles that come at you by jumping over them. This Happy Cube Death Arena Cheats: Tips and Strategy Guide will help improve your score.

1. Jumping
There are a few different methods to jumping. If you tap once this will allow you to jump once, tapping the screen twice will allow you to jump higher. Tapping the screen three times will make you land quicker. All these techniques are necessary to time your jumps to avoid taking damage.


2. Timing
In order to complete a successful jump you will need to wait for the obstacle to approach the cube. It is similar to skipping over the obstacle. If you see multiple obstacles coming your way then the best thing to do is to land as fast as possible in order to be ready for the next jump.

3. Keep your eye on the cube
The best way to time your jumps is to focus on the cube itself. Try not to get distracted by which direction the obstacles are coming towards you from, as this is not important. The main thing to look out for is when they are about to hit you, and then taking action by clearing the danger. Therefore you should look at the cube and the panel it is based on, and once you see an obstacle get too close jump accordingly.

4. Jumping higher
In order to buy you some more time you can jump higher by pressing jump twice. You can make the second jump higher by pressing the screen whilst the first jump is at the highest point.

5. Life
With each successful jump you will fill one segment of your life gauge. The life gauge is displayed on the top right of the screen. When you have made six jumps you will receive a chance to be hit once without dying.



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