Hand of God Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


Save the cute and cuddly creatures! Hand of God is a simple tapping game that puts the powers of God at your fingertips! The local authorities are trying to drive out your creatures, so wield a variety of powers to keep them at bay. Upgrade your powers, create new creatures, and ensure that they have a place to stay with the help of our Hand of God cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Don’t stop tapping!

Tap tap tap! Your basic attack, St. Anger, will damage enemies on the spot and its effectiveness depends solely based on how fast you can tap the screen. Of course, if your other abilities are available, use them first! You want to get into the habit of making sure all of your abilities are on cooldown. Don’t hesitate to use your special abilities. Of course, you may want to keep one “nuke” type ability on backup just in case – for example, God Hammer (stuns all enemies on screen) is a good move to have available for emergencies.

2. Take out the armored targets first!

Around the level four, you’ll start to encounter armored vehicles, such as tanks and helicopters. You should aim for these guys first, because if they’re left alone they will do some heavy damage to cute little creature. They’re immune to elemental damage such as fire and lightning, so you have to rely on “physical” damage like your regular attacks.

3. Watch out for the police car!

One enemy that begins to show up is a regular old police car. It doesn’t seem to attack itself, but when it’s damaged it will activate its police sirens. The sirens will cause other nearby enemies to go into a frenzy, upping their attack power. When you see a police car emitting a red aura from it, the sirens are active and you should try to take it out first!

4. Collect your free gift!

Every couple of minutes you can collect a free gift. The free gift contains a ton of coins for you, and you need them to upgrade your abilities. Make sure that you turn on notifications for the game to know when your next free gift is ready!

5. Watch those double advertisements!

At the end of a level, you may receive an option to watch an advertisement to double your coins. If you have the time, it is worth it to watch them. A 20K coin payout will become 40K, and that will easily buy you a couple of upgrades. This will help ensure that your abilities stay powerful!

6. Merge your creatures!

You’ll learn through the tutorial that basic creatures don’t have any special abilities. Once you merge them into an advanced form however, they will gain a random ability that can help you fight off your enemies. Merging requires some mushrooms, which are gained sometimes when you beat a level. If you merge two creatures and end up with an ability you don’t want, you can re-roll the ability by watching an advertisement. Merge your creatures whenever you get the chance.

That’s all for Hand of God. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!

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Hand of God Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


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