Sir Hammer’s soldiers have been captured and taken to the dungeons! You’re the only soldier left, so it’s up to you to brave the dungeons and rescue the team! Hammer Bomb is a dungeon-exploration game where you need to rely on your wits to survive! Seek the secret crystals and find the way into the next dungeon. We’ll help you conquer the dungeon with our Hammer Bomb cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Explore everything!


Do not leave the dungeon until you’ve searched every nook and cranny thoroughly! If you just make a beeline for the exit, you might miss out on secret quests, crystals, soldiers to rescue, chests, and more! Remember that the more things you accomplish on a dungeon, the more experience you’ll get at the end of the floor!

2. Kill all enemies!

Killing enemies nets you some extra experience and the end of a level. The dungeons are usually generous enough with chests and weapons so that you can take out all of the enemies on the floor. You should do so, but be careful not to waste weapons. If you collect more of the currently equipped weapon, you’ll gain more ammo. However, if you pick up a different type of weapon, your current weapon will be wasted. Try to use up all of your weapons before picking up new ones!

3. Get the radar upgrade!

In between each floor of the dungeon, you can purchase upgrades from the shop. These upgrades persist between deaths, so don’t be afraid to spend your coins. However, we strongly recommend buying the “Radar I” upgrade first. It costs 150 coins, and it will make enemies show up as red squares on the mini-map when you get close to them. This upgrade is a BIG necessity – without it you’re going to take a lot of cheap shots by taking corners without realizing there are enemies nearby.

4. Dance in place to avoid enemies!

If you ever find yourself stuck between an enemy and a hard place without a weapon, have no fear! If they’re in the way of where you need to go, you can just “dance” in place until they leave the immediate area. You can dance by just swiping down rapidly. Down swipe is the quick turn around move, and if you do this fast enough you’ll just keep spinning in place. It’s useful if you need to wait a little bit, since there is no actual “stop” command.

5. Keep practicing!

On your very first run, you’re probably not going to make it very far. Don’t sweat it, though! It’s part of the game. Once you die, you have to start all the way back at the first level, but you keep any coins and upgrades you’ve bought. Keep playing through the game and eventually you’ll have enough upgrades to get you through the rough start. Keep playing!

That’s all for Hammer Bomb. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!



  1. Don’t buy new weapon upgrades. There are 3 starting weapons (bow, bomb, and hammer) and eventually you can obtain 3 weapon slots. This allows you to always take advantage of every chest instead of having to discard an unwanted item. Besides the hammer is the most useful weapon in the game as it is timed and not by individual use. You can take out 10+ enemies easily in the later levels.

  2. Get the crossbow and get all relevant archery upgrades. Once you can retrieve the arrows from the wall you can spend all day with a crossbow!
    With perfectly timed shots you can have the explosion kill the enemy and retrieve the arrow from the wall, this takes some practice but is worth it!

  3. There’s another starting weapon that you can find in the walls which is a fish with 20 durability that can take out the first boss in three hits. I’m not sure if how you fry it affects its durability. I usually find it in the ruins.

  4. There is actually a game break witch you can use when u get the secret grilled fish weapon. If you force quit, normally the game when you enter again loads the same map as before with the chests that you opened before already opened… And all the things you got before the quit…. That does not work for the fish tho…. So the game registers you picking the fish…. And adds the 10 fishes to the game…. But the grill on the map with the fish ready to be picked up is still there…. And the fish stacks…. So you can continuously force quit and have infinite fish…. I got to 990 fish… And I was just at the beginning of the Ron lol


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