Halfbrick Studios’ New PvP Game Magic Brick Wars Available Now on iOS, Android


Halfbrick Studios, the masterminds behind mobile classics like Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride are back with their newest project: an online player-versus-player game called Magic Brick Wars!

In Magic Brick Wars, players will go head to head in frantic real-time strategy battles. Players will deploy card units down their lanes and watch them travel over to the enemy side to start taking down the castle.

Sounds familiar, right? Well Magic Brick Wars shakes things up a bit with the introduction of, well, magic bricks! Both players can put down magic bricks that block units and also introduce some special effects into the battle, like blocks that explode if they are hit with fire.

The combination of the typical “sending units down a lane” gameplay and magic block placements creates a very tactical environment, and being one step ahead of your opponent is the key to victory!

You will need to build a good deck to improve your odds, but first you need resources to make cards. Where do you get resources? The mines, of course! You can explore the caves as Halfbrick heroes to find precious resources for new cards.

Just like Halfbrick’s other games, Magic Brick Wars is complete ad free and focuses on the PvP element. Players can also join guilds to challenge each other to friendly duels to see what parts of their deck works and what does not.

Magic Brick Wars is available now for free on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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Halfbrick Studios’ New PvP Game Magic Brick Wars Available Now on iOS, Android


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