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Hades’ Star Artifacts Guide – Everything You Need to Know

Hades’ Star Artifacts Guide – Everything You Need to Know
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Artifacts are the primary source of Hades’ Star‘s multiplayer economy, as they are used for player technology progression. Read up on everything you need to know about Artifacts in our Hades’ Star guide.

What are Artifacts in Hades’ Star?

Artifacts are unrefined materials found exclusively in Red Star systems. Upon discovering a Red Star system, move your transport ships in quickly and retrieve as many Artifacts as possible, before the star goes supernova and destroys everything within the system.

Once recovered, Artifacts can be stored in your Research Stations, where they can be studied and refined into Blueprints. Blueprints can then be converted into ship Modules, which are essentially upgrades for your ships that expand their capabilities, like increased cargo space, faster travel, better weapons, and more.

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Modules comes in six different flavors: transport, mining, weapon, shield, combat, and drone. Each one pertains to different ship functions, and multiple Blueprints are needed in order to upgrade existing Modules. You can see what Modules you can get by examining the Artifacts stored in your Research Station.

Modules have levels to them, and they’re directly equal to the Artifacts’ level. For example, if you reveal a Red Star system that is level 3, all the Artifacts you retrieve from it will be level 3 as well. If you want specific Modules, it helps to set a level threshold for your Red Star Scanner.

Alternatively, if you’re short on credits, you can salvage unwanted Artifacts for some pocket change. The more valuable an Artifact is, the more credits it’s worth. It’s generally better to research Artifacts as they give credits when you open them anyways, but this is an option if you need the money right away.

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How to trade Artifacts in Hades’ Star

Since Artifacts are a primary source of player progression, they’re a hot commodity. To save some time, players may opt to buy Artifacts from other players, rather than going out and collecting them manually.

If you want to start trading Artifacts with other players, you’ll need to first build a Diplomacy Station. You need to have at least one planet at level 7 to unlock them, and each one costs 25,000 credits.

Once you have your Diplomacy Station, you can use it to negotiate trades with other players. Once you’ve found a player who has agreed to a trade, you can establish a Jump Gate link with them, allowing them to jump to your home star system, and vice versa. You can then perform the trade by transferring any agreed upon Artifacts.

Keep in mind that trading in Hades’ Star is not regulated in any way, so think carefully when you’re working out a deal. Double check that your trades are of equal value; don’t trade higher tier Artifacts for lower ones.

Artifacts in Hades’ Star are very important to your empire’s growth, so keep farming them, whichever way you choose. If you have any other questions or tips, let us know in the comments below!

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Hades’ Star Artifacts Guide – Everything You Need to Know