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10 Best Games Like Hades’ Star (Mobile)

Looking for multiplayer space games to play on the go? Check out the top games similar to Hades Star for mobile devices.

Hades’ Star is a persistent multiplayer space game where players grow their empires from the ground up. It is the perfect kind to play on the go, so it’s no surprise if fans can’t get enough. Here are the top 10 best games like Hades’ Star on mobile.

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The best games like Hades’ Star on mobile

Multiplayer exploration space games like Hades’ Star are usually the kind you play in bursts. Many actions require chunks of time to play out, so players usually check-in, take care of things, then go about their days.

These titles are perfect for gamers on the go that can’t commit a lot of time, and if you can relate to that, join us as we count down the top games like Hades’ Star on mobile.

10. Astrokings

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Astrokings is a space MMO where the galaxy is your home turf. Colonize planets, deploy massive starship fleets, and conquer the universe one galaxy at a time. Join an alliance to work together with like-minded players, and battle it out with other alliances in a battle across all of space! For those who enjoy stories, you might also be pleased to know that the story is penned by New York Times authors Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff.

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9. Nova: Space Armada

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After a catastrophic supernova, the Renney Sector is in shambles. Different alliances from neighboring star systems move in to take advantage of the remains, hoping to start new colonies. You are one such captain looking to start a new base in Nova: Space Armada, a strategy space game. Forge alliances with friends, and fend off opponents to stake your claim in the Renney Sector.

8. Galaxy Reavers 2

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Galaxy Reavers 2 is a real-time strategy space battler. As you make your way through the galaxy, you take on a variety of missions, so you need to ensure that your fleet is equipped with the latest gear. There are over 25 different components that you can equip to your ships, giving you multiple ways to tackle each mission.

7. EVE Echoes

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An ancient alien race has come to New Eden, and now conflicts are rising between the existing alliances. Choose a side in EVE Echoes, a mobile adaption of the ever popular EVE Online MMORPG. Team up with other players as you fight through the galaxy, and use the robust implant upgrade system to develop your commander however you see fit.

6. Infinite Lagrange

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Humanity has finally established a way to quickly travel through the Milky Way with the Lagrange System, an ancient energy source. Many different forces tried to claim the Lagrange for themselves, and now it’s up to you to bring peace to the galaxy in Infinite Lagrange. Starting out with only a small city and two frigates, you need to build your resources and construct a sizable fleet and settlement to make alliances and fight for the future. Will you manage to claim the Lagrange?

5. Pixel Starships

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Pixel Starships is a ship management game mixed in with real-time strategy elements in an online universe. Construct your dream pixel spaceship, then manage each room with the right crewmates. Your ship needs to be running in tip-top shape if you want to be a successful commander, so make sure to manage everything correctly. From there, you can form alliances with other players, or do battle with them in hectic space encounters!

4. Homeworld Mobile

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Welcome to Homeworld Mobile, a mobile adaptation of the legendary real-time strategy PC series. You are a newly-vetted commander, and your path forward is determined by your faction. There are three factions in the game: the fierce Soban, who have an equally fierce armada; the curious S’jet, searching for ancient space relics; and the Amassari, who fend off invaders from outside systems. Where does your destiny lie among the stars?

3. VEGA Conflict

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The oppressive VEGA Federation has taken over several star systems, and the only way to liberate them is through force! VEGA Conflict is a real-time strategy space game. Establish a home planet, and build a respectable fleet as you charge into VEGA territory. Be warned, as other players may or may not be willing to work together, so conflict is inevitable!

2. Stellaris: Galaxy Command

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Stellaris, one of the biggest space 4X games on PC and other platforms, finally comes to mobile in the form of Stellaris: Galaxy Command. The same tactical and strategic gameplay from the original game is here in Galaxy Command, as players work together (or not) to conquer the deepest reaches of space. Whichever route you decide, the universe is at your fingertips!

1. Star Trek: Fleet Command

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Star Trek: Fleet Command is a 4X game that can be fully enjoyed on the go. You are the commander of a brand-new star base, and your only mission is to explore the final frontier. Make allies, square off with foes, and mine for precious minerals as you stake your claim in the galaxy. With lots of different ships, crewmates, and planets to explore, there’s always something to do in Star Trek: Fleet Command!

Enjoy your trip into the stars, commander. Do try to make it back in one piece! If you’ve got any other massively multiplayer space games you enjoy on mobile, let us know in the comments below!

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10 Best Games Like Hades’ Star (Mobile)