If you are wondering about the cool hacker team you could put together, in today’s article we will show you everything you might want to know! The Hacking Hero all characters list we will reveal below is going to show you exactly what each new upgrade brings to the table and how to best use them!

We will also share with you all items in the game that you can unlock once you have reached level 100 and opted to reset, so if you want to plan ahead your strategy, make sure you read everything we have shared right here below!

Hacking Hero – All Characters/Teammates

The characters will be unlockable as soon as you start the game, but you need to unlock them 1 by 1, so you really can’t know what’s coming next unless you already played up to level 100 and unlocked teammates.

– AnOnymous (DPS: 27)

– sOMbra (DPS: 162)

– Fox (DPS: 729)

– Na.ix (DPS: 3,645)

– Mit.Nick (DPS: 26k)

– AliensAtN.A.S.A (DPS: 204k)

– Narita (DPS: 2M)

– LolzCec (DPS: 37M)

– TOol (DPS: 478M)

– MafiaBOy (DPS: 6B)

– MelissA (DPS: 183B)

– Messenger 7.O.Seven (DPS: 8T)

– RobOt (DPS: 408T)

– KiteAzul RE (DPS: 23aa)

– N3o (DPS: 1bb)

– Tri.N.Ity (DPS: 99bb)

– Otak.On (DPS: 8cc)

– C.Tara Dha.Wan (DPS: 732cc)

Morphine (DPS: 68dd)

Sakur.A (DPS: 7ee)

These are all characters in Hacking Hero! We have managed to unlock them all and we have to say that they are pretty cool! There are also some more cool items you can unlock with Time Travel to boost your damage. 

Hacking Hero – All Items

These items will be unlockable after you reach level 100. At level 100 you will have the Time Travel option which is going to let you discover 20 cool Knowledge Items which will greatly increase your damage. These are all the items:

– White Hat (boosts your total damage by 30%)

– Zombie Botnet (boosts your total damage by 60%)

– Firewall (boosts your total damage by 100%)

– Glitcher (boosts your total damage by 150%)

– High-Speed Internet Connection (boosts your total damage by 210%)

– Spyware (boosts your total damage by 280%)

– Hungry Computer Virus (boosts your total damage by 360%)

– Rootkit (boosts your total damage by 450%)

– USB Killer (boosts your total damage by 550%)

– Vulnerability Scanner (boosts your total damage by 660%)

– Specter Bug (boosts your total damage by 780%)

– Meltdown Bug (boosts your total damage by 910%)

– Rubber Ducky USB

– Berry Pi.9

– LineShark

– K4LI

– Johnny The Ripper

– Lan Turtle

– Not-Yet-Traitor AI Friend

– E.M.P. Bomb

These are the Hacking Hero all characters & all items in the game! If you want a little guide to help you beat all the levels quickly, then take a look at our Hacking Hero tips and tricks and put everything that you’ve learned into practice! 


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