Guns of Glory is a really nice base building strategy game for Android- and iOS-powered devices. Although it doesn’t really bring anything new to the genre, it offers a nice alternative universe to play in, some beautiful graphics and highly addictive mechanics. And we’re here to help make the experience even better by sharing a bunch of Guns of Glory cheats and tips with players worldwide.

It’s true that if you played any base management game before, then you already know most of the stuff there is to be known about this game. But in case you didn’t or you just want to make sure that you don’t miss anything important, check out our Guns of Glory tips and tricks below.

1. Focus on completing the missions
Missions are extremely important, especially early on in the game as they get the base set up for the future. I always recommend players to follow the missions and progress through them as fast as possible.

Early on, you can hurry production of most buildings and you should do so because the more buildings you have and more upgrades for them, the better your start will be. Also keep an eye on the epic quests for epic rewards!

2. Join an alliance ASAP
Being part of an alliance – and an active one, that is – is vital in the game. So join one as soon as possible in order to enjoy all the benefits that come out of this. Being part of an active alliance is what makes or breaks this game, so don’t hesitate to do some searching before finding the right one for you.

As part of an alliance, your game will be a lot easier and you will find a ton of extra ways to build a better empire.

3. Spend your Talent Points Wisely
As you level up and complete various tasks, you earn Talent Points. These offer great benefits and help improve your game a lot, but you should be very careful when spending them: not only that the amount of Talent Points that you’re getting as you play is limited, but also resetting them costs a lot of money, so it isn’t really worth it.

There are three Talent categories that you can invest in: War, Economy and Balance. Personally, for most cases, I would recommend players to stay away from the Economy upgrades because these offer boosts that can be made up for through attacks and regular play.

On the other hand, the War and Balance upgrades offer a ton of goodies and advantages in battle, both in defense and offense of your troops, marching speed upgrades, battles against Beasts, loot carried and so on.

These are extremely useful and I would personally start with spending 6-10 points in the Balance early on in the game, then switch to War and make my choices based on the type of game I’ll play.

4. Conquer the world!
Instead of waiting for your base to produce resources, it’s easier (and a lot more fun) to simply go out there and take it. You can attack other players in the game, but that is a risk on most cases as it will usually mean that retaliation will happen – and if they’re part of a strong, active alliance, you could get hit a lot.

But you can still attack neutral regions on the map and take tons of rewards and goodies. You can attack beasts (make sure you choose their level carefully), or farm nearby resource tiles. This will give you huge boosts and benefits in the long term and it is the best way to play the game.

Be careful not to spread your army too thin when occupying these areas: it’s better to have fewer, better defended ones, than a ton of them that will be easily taken over by other players.

Finally, finding farming targets is a good idea: this means finding lower level or inactive players that you can attack constantly for easy wins and nice resource gains. It takes some time and luck, but once you find such a target, it can prove to be a really lucrative strategy to keep attacking them.

5. Collect the free goodies
There are tons of free goodies that you can earn in Guns of Glory, just make sure that you actually collect them. Log in daily, complete missions and check your mail every day and you will soon have a ton of items ready to be put to good use.

Make sure you do so and don’t waste the items you have! Also keep an eye on the building in front of the castle gate to collect free items constantly.

6. Always work on building upgrades & researching
Keeping everything in your kingdom fully upgraded is the only thing you should aim for. It’s a pretty easy routine you will have to get into: upgrade your castle, then bring every other structure in your empire to the maximum level. Rinse and repeat and you’ll become one of the best players in the game.

7. Max out your troops
Make sure that you always have the military tents full and your troops leveled up, ready for battle. You should also ensure diversity when it comes to troops as each type of troop comes with various pros and cons.

If you, for some reason, manage to train more troops than you can feed, you can dismiss them. But only do this as a temporary thing, until you get enough food in order to support a full army, otherwise you won’t get too far.

8. Your Airship Dock
Your Airship Dock and your Airship give you great bonuses in combat and you should also focus on Enhancing it in order to get the most in battle. This is basically your Hero or Leader and there are a ton of goodies that you can unlock for it, like artifacts and abilities. Make sure that you constantly check it out and apply all abilities that you have, then enhance it to get even more from it.

These would be our tips and tricks for Guns of Glory. If you have additional advice or strategies for fellow players, don’t hesitate to share them with us all in the comment section below.


  1. You dont have troop ratios or gear choices and uses. New players need real information on how to omprove skills. This is why i came to this artice but foins it useless since i already know how to build a basic empire.

    • select kingdom in the bottom right of the screen..hit hunt on the bottom left and pick one then attack..make sure your troop power is as equal or better than the power suggested

    • Hi for going out an killing beasts go out onto the map look for a monster thats low in level to start off click on beast (2) lvl and a menu will pop up click on where it says attack it will send ur troops to that monster for u to just start out with the low lvl monsters at first until u are strong enough to tackle the higher lvl ones there are also monsters on the map u will need to be in an alliance for rallying up against certain monsters.

    • Hi ken not sure if someone answered you yet but u really cannot change your castles name in this game like the other games.your character name is the only thing you can change and is visible to other players and if u make another account you are a le to see your other accounts name when u switch back and forth between your accounts.

  2. You don’t have to feed your troops. Nothing happens if they go hungry. They don’t eat food that’s protected in the warehouse. So if you keep the food in your warehouse below the protected level, upkeep expenditures are 0, except for a little during the brief period when you take them out of your bag to use them. Keeping food/wood/iron/silver protected is a good idea in general, but even more worthwhile for food.

  3. As Justin said this game is weighted against you and alliances level don’t send in level 1 troops against a level 5 ,shame it’s easy to properly explain rules so it is a fair laying field , honestly a lot of low level folk running about not knowing what to do and losing against red guard , makers shoul be ashamed

  4. I keep getting my army destroyed. I have tried all sorts to keep them alive….I have lost over [100000 troops and am presently sitting with none….although on e odd occasion I have attacked a castle I never seem to destroy other armies. What am I doing wrong

    • If you are being attacked and you are part of an alliance which has an iron mine, store them in there for safe keeping. Other wise keep them away from your estate in a farm. These can be attacked too so you may have to move them around a bit. Otherwise just shield

  5. How to find a teleported person.
    I lost the war against him and he teleported the place. Now I want to find him
    Please tell me a way to find him.

    • The only way to do this is if your kingdom has already had a battle for the crown. The only person who can locate anyone in the game is the king. If you have exchanged an email with them, you can view their profile to see what alliance they’re in, then locate the alliance. It’s a good idea to bookmark all of the Alliance Headquarters that you stumble across for future use.

    • There is a Airship skill for that, you can upgrade your castle or science.The Airship skill is good in the beginning where its cheap, but science is the best later because upgrading the skill is getting expensive af.

  6. how do i gain alliance points, how do i donate to my alliance, how do i find an alliance that speaks my language so i don’t always have to translate what people are saying

    • they dont get low on stamina, they get wounded. You can quicken the recovery time with upgrading your hospitals. If you mean the Lord stamina, you can increase the regeneration speed with research.

  7. How do I increase my troop power? my overall power is 5M, I have 70K troops but my troop power stays the same? I can’t get past beast 15 because of it.

    • Start completing research in Academy building, it will increase the Troop power. Upgrade Castle levels as well as Troop building levels, as early as you can. Use banners on Troop Buildings to increase their power.

    • You need to constantly do research and train your troops even if you haven’t leveled up your castle keep training all and do the research it all adds to your overall lord and troop power. Hope this helps!

  8. My farms are currently maxed out at 11, same as castle. I have 29000+ troops. How do I create enough food to satisfy my troops? I’m constantly losing so much food from day to day that I can’t upgrade my castle or do much researching due to a lack of food!

    • use the Enemy Eviction in Strategy center, that will zero wall out instantly and kick them. good defense tool if really big guys show up to attack your hive

    • Lots of things go into lord power. Building levels, gear, stones, airship abilities and enhancement, research, troop number and tier, and glory banners for your buildings which you get to use at c15. If your looking for quick bumps try upgrading your gear and slapping some stones in the settings and refining them as high as you can.

  9. when you have multiple Duelist gear, you get a resonance bonus. 2 pieces troop defense plus 10% and so on… but at the bottom it also says enhancement resonance. next level: all equipped equipment enhanced to level 1 or higher: set resonance boost +50%. So does this mean for every two items I enhance up to level 1 then resonance bonus goes from 10% to 60%? Do I have to have a full set for this to work or just two?

  10. regardless of troop defensive is the best offense. crippling enemy offensive troop with high tier and big hospital is a very very good way to keep troop alive.while gaining kills and getting recoginition xD i am c17 with 14mil over for a 20plus days kingdom. and i survive rally of 280k and 310k. add me in line shadowofchao i shall show you my report too if you want. usually lower tier will die first. so if you have exceed your hospital slot. and get a rally or a high buff hitter on you. your lower tier will die first. and your max tier in hospital. however make sure your troop can survive a onslaught enough to fill your hospital. if not those more then what your hospital can hold. makes you.. rip . offense and beast hunting and rg also got difference ways and strategy. warring too. how to hide 190k without lost . simple and easy xD

    • Select your Castle and Select Estate Buffs. In the list, you will see Up Keep reduction. You can select 50% or up keep reduction there for certain period. Don’t pile up too much Food in your castle, try to collect Food through Red Guard rallies, in your Stock Bag.

  11. It looks like harvested resources are not automatically collected, i.e. when off-line or when on-line but busy on other activities.
    Is there a way to automatically collect harvested resources, immediately when harvested?

  12. How can I move recources like food, wood and iron TO the safe storage are?
    I know only the oposite, moving them FROM there to the unsafe consuming are.

  13. i seem to be getting raided a lot and each time i`m losing res that i didnt even have as well as my troops are getting injured and they were not even in my kingdom

  14. My leader sent me a fortress teleport to teleport back to the hive and when I went to use it, it ask me to pay 2000 in Gold? Can someone please help me to get back to my hive without having to spend money on a pack that contains an Advance teleport? I have been making donations to get alliance honor but it is taking forever to get to 200,000 to buy one in the store. Thank you for all your help.

  15. Is there a way to upgrade current troops rather than increasing numbers? Lv 16 and have a lot troops but would like to strengthening them without adding new ones. Any tips?

    • Go to the training building for each. Scroll the different troops at the bottom. It will show you how many of each level you have. When you get to the level that you want to upgrade, there is a button on the left that says upgrade. Click on that then click on the button on the right that has changed. Can’t remember what it says but it is obvious that you are upgrading instead of training new troops.

  16. As a newbie, I missed an early fragment and cannot, now, get back to that stage.
    How can I recover it or delete the building and rebuild from scratch, picking up the missing fragment on the way?

  17. Hi
    What is the possibilities of moving bigger castles between kingdoms?
    Why does the game algerythum make it more expensive for spenders to buy and chaeper for no speanders. Is that far???


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