Gunman Taco Truck Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


When the world has been ravaged by nuclear bombs, all that’s left is a taco-less wasteland. That’s where you come in – the last Mexican to save the world! Gunman Taco Truck is a roguelike survival game mixed with taco fun. To carry on your family’s legacy, you’ll need to make it to Canada, the last fortified safe zone. Only then will you be able to continue the family’s taco business! We’ll help you make the journey with our Gunman Taco Truck cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Watch your lanes!

Remember that you can switch lanes by swiping up and down. You won’t need to do this early on in the game, but it’ll become crucial as you advance. Certain enemy attacks can be dodged with a swift lane change, but your timing needs to be spot on! You’ll learn from the tutorial that attacks like the frog jumps can be dodged, but there are also times where enemies will throw projectiles at your truck. Stay on the move and make sure you don’t get hit!

2. Focus on taking out enemies!

The mutated humans and animals of the wasteland aren’t messing around! We know it’s tempting to immediately tap and collect the spoils after you take out an enemy, but we recommend holding off until it’s completely safe. Enemy drops actually don’t “fall” down the screen even though it looks like they will – they stop when they hit the ground. You have until your truck passes it completely so you have plenty of time to collect them. Just don’t make a habit of immediately collecting after you kill something, because that can cost you a couple of hits when the enemies start rolling in faster later on in the game.

3. Don’t gamble!

This can double as a real life lesson too! Certain shops will have a slot machine in them. You can play them for a chance to win some scrap, but we really don’t recommend this for a numerous reasons:

  • Scrap is already pretty easy to come by. On each drive you will see at least 3 or 4 road signs which can be destroyed for around 10 scrap as sign. Not only that, but sometimes Jocco will offer to buy some of your surplus ingredients for scrap.
  • We swear this thing is rigged. We’ve played the machine around 20 times and out of all that we have won only twice. Obviously this is completely up to chance and you may have better luck but considering it costs $8 to play and money is SO much harder to come by, we can’t really recommend it.

Since there are different ways of getting scrap but only a couple ways to earn cash, it’s just not worth it. We’ve only won scrap from the machine but if it’s possible to win cash then maybe, just maybe it might be worth it.

4. Stay stocked on ingredients!

There are only two ways to earn more cash – selling tacos and sometimes getting from slain human enemies. Your taco truck business is going to be your main source of income, so it’s important that you keep your truck supplied with all the ingredients. You should have no problem with the meats as you’ll be getting lots of meat from the mutated animals you take out. Delicious! The problem is the other ingredients. You’ll need to buy more at Jocco’s shop. Be sure to have Spicy Salsa and Cheese stocked up, as these are the two most common ingredients across the menu.

5. Don’t serve until you’re ready!

Your taco truck isn’t open for business until you tap on it, so be absolutely sure that you’re stocked up on all the ingredients you’ll need. You cannot serve unfinished tacos as the customer will come right back and demand a refund. It’s all or nothing! If you have to turn away a customer because you don’t have an ingredient, they’ll leave the city and the population will go down. Don’t let this happen!

6. Be careful with gas!

The beginning routes take 2 gas units to drive. Since your starting truck’s maximum is 3 units, this means you’re going to be refueling after each trip. It’s important that you manage your money carefully as you’ll need at least $30 to refuel. Some cities will even charge $40! If you don’t have enough gas, you can still attempt the trip. When you run empty in the middle of the road, an emergency gas truck will come by, but you’ll need to fend off some enemies in the mean time. It’s important to note that an enemy or two will always spawn behind your truck during these moments meaning that you’ll never get out of them untouched.

The emergency gas truck will charge you $60 for a refuel. If you don’t have enough money, you can pay with around 100 scrap instead. This is actually a pretty good alternative considering scrap is a lot easier to get than cash.

That’s all for Gunman Taco Truck. If you have any other taco fillings to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Gunman Taco Truck Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


  1. Scrap feels much harder to come by. Stocked up on ingredients, a single round of serving can net $60, a single trip will only get you maybe 50 scrap and you’ll lose population every time you leave a city


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