I am here to share with you some Gunfinger cheats and tips in a complete strategy guide because I’m sure you can use all the help you can get in this game. Zombie killing is not easy, but it surely is fun… until you start to fail. We’re here to make sure that it doesn’t happen in your case and that you’ll get the most out of the game as fast as possible and get those three star ratings like a pro.

So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out below some Gunfinger cheats and tips that will help you out a lot!

1. Get free stamina cheat
Probably the most frustrating part in Gunfinger is the waiting game: when you run out of stamina and you have to wait for it to refill at an incredibly slow rate. There is a simple cheat that will solve this problem for you: simply go to the settings of your iPhone or iPad and change the time a couple of hours ahead. Your stamina will be replenished and you can play again!

2. Master the zoomed in shots
You get extra points (not to mention style points!) for using the zoom in features of your guns in the game. Try to master those and use them to get headshots only, put the ammo to great use and easily beat the stages. The secret here is to learn the movement of the screen when zooming in and to try to shoot accurately without having to wait for the full zoom to get into effect. The faster you can shoot a perfect shot, the better!

3. Learn the advantages of each weapon
The shotgun, for example, is great for taking out zombies when they are stacked up together, because the weapon has a lot of splash damage. The pistol is better for aimed shots sent far away, and so on. Learn the advantages of each weapon and put them to good use during play.

4. Shoot extra targets
Do you see any rubber ducks, tin cans or buckets during the play? You can shoot them too for extra points and completing achievements. Make sure you don’t waste your bullets, though. Zombies should remain your top priority!

5. Play with two hands
Although it looks silly when I have to shoot in the upper left corner, I only use the right hand for shooting and the left one fro reloading. Once you get this system working, you will see that it actually works like a charm and you can easily balance shooting with the lengthy reloading process.

6. Replay missions
If you didn’t manage to get the full three star ratings on all missions, replay them. Even if you did get the full three stars, you can still replay the missions for some extra coins. Come with better weapons, with a better knowledge of the stage and you’re ready to roll!

7. Upgrade your weapons
I think it is pretty obvious that you need to constantly upgrade your weapons in order to get the most out of the stages and to remain competitive. All weapons can be upgraded in the same three categories: Body Upgrade (increased damage and range), Clip Upgrade (faster reload speed, bigger clip size and more damage) and Sights upgrade which allows you to zoom in and take aimed shots. I would suggest going for the Sights upgrades first, Clip Upgrade second and leave the body upgrade for last place. It will take you some time to meet the damage requirements by following this route, but it’s better to have everything working perfectly than to just get the damage but still not be able to go too far in the game because you have a small clip and longer reload time.

8. Go for headshots
If that’s not pretty obvious already, let me say it out loud (well, I won’t write it in all caps): you should try to get as many headshots as possible. They cause the most damage and are usual one shot-one kill. Which means something that you really want during the game!

9. Check out the mission requirements
Every mission has a requirement or recommendation. Make sure you check them out and follow the recommendations. Even though it’s possible to complete a level even if you don’t meet the requirement(s), it’s a lot easier if you do. Just to be safe, I’d go for extra damage at all times. Because your weapons can never do too much damage when fighting against zombies.

10. Play the daily challenge
Log in daily and play the daily challenge in the game for a ton of extra coins, gold nuggets and the chance to play with a premium weapon. Make sure that you get those daily challenges as soon as you have the chance!

11. Take out fast zombies & projectiles
Since you only have a limited number of lives per level (+1 if you purchase the premium membership), you should prioritize zombie shooting. Take out the fastest/closest zombies first and make sure you keep an eye out for projectiles and shoot them down too. Then you can focus on the slower tanks coming your way.

And this would be it in terms of Gunfinger cheats and tips for this really addictive iPhone and iPad shooter. If you have other strategies that work just as well, or any questions, let us know by commenting below.


  1. The energy drinks once you upgrade them come in very handy for the target shooting levels, the don’t let the z’s get to… Levels, and when you get ganged by big groups in general. This has gotten me past a couple of points where I was stiuck otherwise.

    Never dawn on me to try reload left shoot right method…really like that one thanks!!

  2. Just another tip! When you pick up coins, that refills your combos. So it’s actually better to pick up coins slowly between waves because then you can pick up your combo when another zombie appears. Not sure if this makes sense, but you’ll probably get what I’m saying when you go to play again.


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