Gummy Drop Cheats: Tips, Tricks and Strategy Guide


Gummy Drop is a brand new match three game for your iPhone or iPad that challenges you to restore a bunch of Australian landmarks while completing fun match three levels in the game (and playing them over and over again). I am here to share with you a bunch of Gummy Drop cheats, tips and tricks that will create the ultimate strategy guide for you, hopefully helping you complete each level faster and getting all the resources that you need to complete all your missions.

It won’t be an easy job, but it will sure be fun, so let’s check out below some Gummy Drop tips and tricks!

1. Extra lives cheat
If you run out of lives and you have no friends to ask some more from, simply quit the game and go to the settings of your device and fast forward time by 90 minutes. Restart the game and you will have three new lives for you to use to complete the levels in the game.

2. Connect with Facebook
If you connect your game with your Facebook account, you have a lot of advantages: first of all, you can add more Gummy Drop friends that can help you get extra lives. Then, you will get a bonus based on when you connect with Facebook, like a free live or free coins or other goodies. In other words, it’s always a good idea to connect this game with your Facebook account, especially if you have a bunch of friends playing the game too.

3. Match at the bottom
Probably the golden rule of any match three game stands for this one as well: you should try to start making matches as close to the bottom of the board as possible so that figures that drop afterwards have bigger chances of creating combos and therefore helping you complete the level faster.

4. Watch the requirements
Always keep an eye on the requirements of each level and work on completing them as soon as possible. If there are multiple requirements, focus on completing the first and most difficult one – the other will usually just be met by simply playing the game. And if there are some hard to reach spots in corners or other areas, try to take those out first to make sure that you don’t run out of moves later on trying to get the right pieces in an odd area.

5. Match more pieces
If you can manage to match 4 or 5 pieces of the same color, you will unlock a power-up which usually helps you a lot in the game, so try to create such matches as often as possible. They are great for combos too, so strategize a little bit when it comes to starting a new level and see what matches should you make in order to increase your chances of getting 4 or 5 in a row sets.

6. Get as many materials as possible
You will need a ton of bricks throughout the game, so even if the level has no bricks requirement, you should always be on the lookout to collect as many as possible eac time you play

7. Replay levels over and over again
Each level in the game has more “stages” which increase the requirements a bit every time you complete a previous stage. You should replay all levels over and over again until you manage to complete all the requirements because the rewards you get are also getting better as the difficulty increases. You will need a lot of lives because most of the levels will be pretty tough, but that’s what the whole fun of the game is about.

8. Use the power-ups carefully
The power-ups in the game cost real money, so you should try to use them only in situations that are truly desperate and even after several tries, you still can’t complete a level. This means that for the first 15 levels at least you should not spend any power-up. During the tutorial, when you are forced to select the power-up, simply tap it again to deselect it after selecting, so you get to keep it and use it later on in the game where it will prove to be more useful.

These would be our Gummy Drop cheats and tips for you. Let us know if you have other suggestions by commenting below!

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Gummy Drop Cheats: Tips, Tricks and Strategy Guide


  1. keep playing 20 and previous games to get more resources. It happens so you can progress. The Info arrow on Right of screen opens up when clicked – will tell you what resources you need to get to finish everything in each area

  2. I have played the game up to the last level, still needed to finish last higher levels but after I finished the last level, stage 1 an airplane appeared and off to Tokyo but now my game has locked and doesn’t react on any action.

    • I’m stuck trying to help the local on 92 in Tokyo. The chained silk worm on right side board, on top/middle row. How can I release it? I tried dbl lightening bolts. Can’t get a bomb or arrow near it. Also can’t get my game to close. Worked fine til update, now I have to shut down completely and reboot my device. What’s up with that? And really? $$$$$$$$ over and over. A person needs a lot better tips at start of game. i.e., save power ups, coins, corners, save resources, how/why to, or not to, drill.

      • Tokyo level 92 local how the heck are u suppose to play this I’m stuck tried different things no way to get get chained silk worms to let go and I’m lost on directions too. If get 4 matches on left can’t move to right cause of silk worms I guess no chance of getting 4 across on right only 3 wide what are u to do

        • You need to get as many line crushes (4 in a row) and bombs (corner matches) as you can. Then get a lightning bolt (5 in a row) and swap it next to a line crush or bomb. This will explode the chained silkworm as well as clearing most of the board. It is possible, good luck.

    • did you figure out how to move on past 20 in Tokyo? I need green gems and have played over and over and still none! Where is the green gem drill to build?

        • I have completed all levels up to 40 and am finally on the green gem drill. How many green gems does it take to get to level 41? I have 10. Every time I have enough blue hats (I have 877,168 bricks) to drill again it wants more and yes I have completed everything in Sydney. Right now I have $22 in coins and 430 blue hats (I now need 49,260 blue hats to drill again) and I have 334,538 pink gems. Help!

          • Collect the hats from your resource centers in Sydney and ship them to Tokyo , it takes 3 hours (an extra 10 coins ships them immediately). You will have to go back and forth to export/import resources.

  3. Have successfully completed Tokyo and the plane has moved to San Francisco. But when I try to play, I just get the message ‘San Francisco is on the horizon. Play in the next update’. Help anyone?

  4. Can anyone tell me why I keep losing games? I start a new game make two or three moves and that game ends. It usually happens on the first game. I would appreciate any help I can get.

    • Check to see if any of the tummies have a white circle around them. It counts down with each move and blows up if you have not matched that gummy with at least two more of the same gummy

    • Concentrate on dropping aRound the souvenirs first and to move each one in towards the centre at least one column so it will drop down where it can exit – the pints will come …

  5. I have finished level 10 of San Fransisco (all three levels) but don’t see any further levels. I have all 10 paint cans but the houses aren’t colored. Am I missing something???

    • Cant get passed 10though I did all three levels up to there. It doesn’t show anymore. I have the ten paint buckets but the houses aren’t painted. Do I have to do something else? You apparently were able to go on.

    • You need to hit the paper with a lightening bolt which will clear all the papers and allow you to hold back the sand from climbing too fast.I finally figured it out after lots of tries.

      • Thanks for the tip Lulu. That was very helpful, but how on earth do you get the lightening bolt on the top row next to the paper/foil. I tried adding them before starting the level but they never show up on the top row. Frustrating!

          • I have just completed SF46 by using a lightening bolt with a bomb or the arrow ones. Once you manipulate the lightening to a bomb it really helps wipe out a lot of tiles
            Best thing 47 and48are a breeze

    • It took me almost 200 Lives (YES, 200!), Lightning Bolts, Combo Boosts, Extra Moves, Rain Clouds, Lightning Bolts AND Combo Boosts together, but nothing worked. I just had to keep trying and trying until, suddenly, I won! No boosts or anything, just playing as fast as possible, making horizontal matches as close to the top as possible. I absolutely REFUSE to play the 2 other steps inside Level 19. Once I got through the first step, I was done!!!!

    • I really don’t know. I had all the paint buckets, built the house and it got painted and i could see level 11 ( not all the levels just 11). Did you try to press the girl near no. 11?

        • If you select the icon for building the house, a window should pop-up listing the requirements. You have to have the 10 paint cans and a certain number of bricks and pink gem before you can build the house.

          After completing the house, level 11 will appear. At that point, each level will appear after you complete one of the three rounds for that level (just as you had to do in Tokyo and Sydney).

  6. How long till the boat is ready? I’ve completed level 10 in San Fran but can’t build the painted lady because I don’t have enough gems.

  7. Same problem here in San Francisco . I finished the level 10 with no more tasks to do and built the painted ladies .. Like completely finish all the tasks up to level 10 but there’s no level 11. Can someone help me or any idea .. Thank u

  8. Do you have all the paint buckets? Cause you can built the house even if you don’t have all the paint… The hiuse should be yellow, green and blue.

  9. Yes I have all the pain buckets what should I do next is there sonething I need to click .. I finished the Australia and Tokyo so really dumbfounded with this San Francisco why I can’t have level 11 after I finished all level 1-10. Thanks for ur reply

  10. San Francisco: I have all three games won at levels 1-10; néed more pink gems to paint houses & go to level 11. Am I stuck until the boat is done? Or, does any one know how to get more pink gems in San Francisco?

  11. Any suggestions for getting past San Francisco level 46? Very occasionally I have managed to get rid of all the tiles but can never reach the score needed or anywhere near. Any help please?

      • No tips. You just have to keep trying. That Big a Fish YouTube video is of no help. Don’t waste Lightning Bolts, Combo Boosts, Rain Clouds or Extra Moves. I played almost 200 Lives, using all the above, individually and together – NOTHING! Then suddenly, the day I vowed that I was going to delete that app the following night, I suddenly beat the level!!! No Boosts, no Bolts – just playing as fast as possible, making matches horizontally at the top (something I’d tried about 100 times before). The game will let you win if you just stay on it. I’ve had the same problem with other difficult levels in Australia and Tokyo. But when I kept playing that level every time my Lives regenerated, not moving to other levels I’ve already played, the app just gives up! Good luck!! (By the way, once you get it, don’t bother with trying to get more Coins by finishing the other 2 steps in Level 19. It only gets harder. Not worth the bother!)

  12. I’m stuck in San Francisco. I’m short of pink gems and can’t get anymore. I’ve noticed others are stuck on this as well but have not read a solution. Can anyone help?

    • I just gave gummy drops a great. Review well sorry did that am on siem reap no.100. Is impossible on less i spend a lot of money to keep it going .
      I appreciate the free time but still doesn’t work.
      Hope this is not w where it ends for me

    • You need to buy lightening bolts plus keep adding 5 moves till you get the required amount. You may still have to try a couple of times before you get lucky. Good luck

    • you have to choose what people you need to send it to by typing in their name at the top :( I usually hit send as soon as one comes up for each person.

  13. need 250K Blue Hats on New York to build Chrysler building. I cant find a level with Hats to replay to accumulate. Where do i find Hats? i’m not gonna ship them 1000 an hour!!!

  14. Oops! Found the Hats in NYC. At the end of 36-1 thru 36-4. I had gotten stuck on 36-1 so forgot to go back.
    36-1 was impossible for me w/out cheats, which I hate. If anyone figures it out- I’d be interested

  15. I am also stuck on level 50, in Sydney; I need more pink gems to build St Mary’s Cathedral in order to unlock level 51. I’ve replayed all of the levels from 1-50 until I got the green check mark for completing them at master builder levels. I also went back to all the levels, click on them and on the right hand corner it shows which resources you will accumulate playing that level, all I’ve seen so far are bricks and blue hats. I read something from the game makers saying that the pink gems start to appear at level 51. I did accumulate some gems, but I can’t remember how I got them. Can someone tell please tell me how to get more gems?

  16. Like collecting trash cans and fire extinguishers for them? ya, I’ve helped them. I’ve been waiting for a daily event to see if that’s how I was able to collect gems I have now, otherwise I can’t seem to find any other ways.
    If there are other people to help, I’ll look for them. Thank you.

  17. I am looking for friends that play gummy drop regularly so that we can help each other out with lives and stuff. Plz let me know who is interested and how to add you?!
    My frustration with the game is the lack of resources it gives us to get more lives… Anyone have any ways around that? I tried the 90 min thing too and it dnt work.

  18. Help….. Stuck on trying to get the last flower on level 2 in New York. How I did it the first time, I do not know.

    I cannot pass onto level 11 without this dang flower. How do we fill the green balls to get the souvenirs to drop when you do not get green ones to match?

    Thanks, I am going crazy…..

    • That was hard. Save up coins (you can go back to other cities and play levels you haven’t completed) concentrate on clearing onlythe green gummies and use your coins to get extra gos. The nice thing is that levels 11 to 20 are so much easier

    • Here’s how I beat this level (2, New York, Architect):
      1. Get a lightening bolt as soon as possible and match it to a red. This clears the red hearts blocking the souvenirs.
      2. Keep matching greens. But keep in mind that wiping out large swaths of other colors puts more greens on the board.
      3. When the other colors are filled and their souvenirs have dropped, match any lightening bolts you get to green.
      4. You’ll run out of moves before the last souvenir drops and you’ll be about 40K short of the 170K..
      5. Plan to buy extra moves. (They come in 3 sets of 5 moves.) I had to use 2 of the 3 sets to drop the souvenir and score 170K. A hard level but you’ll get through it. Good luck!

  19. Hi please can someone till me which levels in Tokyo can I find the railway coaches still need one but don’t know where to look love the game retired granny

  20. Where is the green gem drill to be able to get green gems to pass through 11-20 in Tokyo? I’ve played over and over and still none. I’ve got one bull dozed left to get. Does that do anything. I’m having a hard time getting the 10th one. Help! Very frustrated!!

      • To get past level 86 in Tokyo, focus on trying to get 5 in s tow in the smallidfke section until you get 2 lightning bolts next to each other. Combime them to sweep most of the board . This will leave you with more Lightning bolts in the top area or at least lots of options to match 5 and make one. Mow ignore the smallidfle area and combine 2 lightning bolts in the top area or a lightning bolt plus a line sweep tile. One or two times and This should clear the board. The awesome thing about this level is that once you clear the board it will keep going a long time and get you tons of bricks and hats – sometimes over 100,00! I go back and replay this level to quickly getore bricks and hats to buy green diamonds with the drill of to build things.

  21. Yes, you can ship resources from both Tokyo and Sydney to New York. Go to those places, find the port

    The port in Sydney is to the left of #5.

    The port in Tokyo is to the right of #92.

  22. I have passed all levels to New York 130 and built the Brooklyn Bridge. I can not figure out how to open further levels to play across the other side of the bridge. Anyone know how?

    • Just solved it by fluke. In order to pass across the Brooklyn Bridge in New York, you need to gather all the “dollar bills” (ten in total) in levels 121 – 130. If you have previously got the bonuses to acquire a “TAXI”, your local helper pays the cab fare across the bridge and you are on to level 131.

    • I played NY 18 for all three levels because you can acquire massive amounts of bricks. The trick, for me, was to concentrate only on the right lower corner–where the souvenirs drop–in making matches. You’ll get arrows and lightening bolts there –and points for dropping souvenirs. Hope this helps!

    • I agree with Patrica take no notice of the lighting boosts as this just uses the little time you have and doesn’t work that well even if you cross them with any other type of boost either as I was stuck on this level until I realised that the only way to win was to work on the right hand corner. Hope that helps

    • I’m stuck too. I can’t even figure out the object of the level. I cleared all the tiles in the top box but had no matching Gummys in the bottom box after the second try.

  23. Hi all out there enjoying the game . I was also stuck on Sf 46 with 110000 to get but when I went back a while later the target had been lowered to 80000 much easier to obtain. Thanks for lowering it. Enjoy playing.

  24. I have two levels I’m stuck on, from Tokyo – levels 76 and 102 – Would love any help those who have completed them have. It’s easy to clear the tiles, but seems impossible to get the high score.

  25. San Francisco and need more pink gems to move beyond level 10; unable to locate prior level to replay to get more pink gems; anyone remember which level earns pink gems? Have lots of pink gems in other cities and have requested some shipped to San Francisco … do I need a resource port form them to arrive in San Francisco? Thanks!

  26. Sorry if this was already posted. I can’t figure out Tokyo 5-1 and can’t get a high enough score to complete
    The third level. Can anyone help?

  27. Can anyone help me on level 19 SF. I’ve been stuck here for weeks and tried rain and a number of other boosts. I’ve tried getting a lighting bolt but everything starts diaappearing so fast. Thanks

  28. How to help the local in Tokyo at level 93 when one of the silkworms is chained. You need four columns to make an arrow and there’s only 3?????

  29. Hi thanks Patricia solved level 2 ny after reading your comment but now having difficulty with level 8 all the sand please would you be kind enough to help me.

    • Hi Elaine. Just went back and played NY 8.2 and beat it my first try. No real tips to share , I’m afraid. Just the usual stuff: keep matching 3 near the sand to keep it under control; match 4 whenever possible to launch arrows and get super boosts; wait to match a lightening bolt to an arrow to get maximum points and clear more tiles. The good news about this level is you get a lot of moves so you can take your time. Good luck!

  30. Hi Debbie hope you pass level sf 108 I just took a lightening bolt on the color next to it and sometimes it works sometimes you just have to do it a few times good luck

  31. Hi I am also stuck on level 32 ny any help please if we are battling with it now what is the goal going to be the third time to get the green pieces pleats help many thanks

  32. How tho I unlock Tokyo to said with resources. Have completed all levels with green checks to level 104. Also resource marts appear but will not build

  33. Hi Steph have you. Figured out how to pass level 32ny or anyone out there can please help it is the last pieces I need for the green gem . Enjoy playing and thanks to all for the help

  34. For those that can’t get past level 10 after completing all the levels 1-10, you can buy more pink gems in the resources menu where you sold resources for coins

    • It’s not possible to get 330000 without buying extra moves so I skipped 32-3. Didn’t need the jewel to proceed. Would you let me know if you’re able to beat ny 139-3?

  35. Hi Patricia it’s me again .did you do level three on ny 108 . ? Enjoy you weekend, where are you from. I like this space where we players can get together to ask for help, thanks to all who help

  36. I am half way through San Francisco, every time I try to play, message comes up to “Please download the latest version of the game”. When I attempt it just goes straight back to my home screen & not down loading. Very frustrating, anyone else experienced same?

  37. New York 32-3 I solved buy buying extra tries, at 150 coins for 15 extra moves (3 sets of 5 moves). It took 300 coins, but I was on a mission. Not worth it for one green gem. BTW, you can move the green gems from the other cities. I “make” them in Toyko where I have a ton of left over resources, and they show up on my board in New York. don’t overlook the game in Tokyo, I’ve gotten 3000 (6 jackpots of 500 coins) gold coins from the big payout, and I don’t play that much. It’s a very generous jackpot.

  38. Hi Irene don’t know if you have passed 12.2 Paris but I passed by using the shovel on the middle blue goodie then all are released then just play and hope you win enjoy

  39. Hello stuck at level 72 in Paris. did anyone get sufficient yellow stones to get rid of the last tile, please ? is there a way without using the shovel boost ? Thanks.

  40. Hi Patricia you are flying through the game already in London how do you do it so fast . do you buy lives or just lucky. Enjoy and hop you pass your level

    • I play every night, usually ten levels. I have to buy coins sometimes because I don’t have enough to play a card. There’s a card in London that costs 800 coins! Where are you now?

  41. Hi Patricia good to hear from you. I am trying to get more bricks to get to level 101 Paris . I have found Paris the easiest place so far but the stakes are very high so must sometimes buy extra. . Enjoy your week talk again. Where do you live .

    • I live in Colorado. How about you?
      I liked Paris. London is similar. Both are more expensive than the previous cities in terms of coins, gems, and resources you have to collect. But you also get more “surprise boxes.” I love it when that little helicopter shows up and drops a box with goodies in it!

  42. Hello Patricia I live in South Africa near Pretoira. Yes the stakes are very very high almost impossible if you don’t buy now and again. Trying to get the last. Levels in Paris to move to London. I was excited to be in Paris as I have been there.enjoy playing and good to chat to you.where do you go after London.? Bye for now

  43. Morning Patricia I am in London and battling find it very hard . Can’t get passed level 20 need more green gems but can’t pass the phone card to buy gems. Have not got all the butterflies or the nails. How have you pass all the levels soo fast. Have you bought a lot. . Enjoy Rome and have a wonderful weekend

    • I don’t think I’m a very good player, Elaine. I play the minimum levels necessary to advance ever since I left Sydney for Tokyo, where I discovered you could advance without always doing the “locals'” bid.

      The first time I paid for boosts and extra plays was in SF, where I encountered levels so difficult I HAD to pay to continue playing. (And shame on Gummy Drop for that.)

      But in NY, it dawned on me that I could pay $9.99 for five plays rather than three every time I play–and it made all the difference. For you and other players, I’d recommend purchasing five plays over coins to meet the challenge of a particular city. With the extra plays, your “luck” happens sooner.

      Hope you find this helpful, and sorry to hear you’re trapped in London. Could use a friend in Rome!

  44. Hi Jill not sure what you mean but as long as you build your dock you can ship the bricks,hats and pink gems from one place to another as you move city to city. So far sf lets you move 15000 a time but the rest are only 1000 which makes it very slow .enjoy playing

    • Elaine I have built the dock and have 15000 on the boat but the send cargo button is greyed out in both Toyko and Australia. So not sure what else to do

    • I don’t think you can build “wrong ones,” Carolyn. You just choose to build resource marts or not. I chose hats for the lone resource mart I built in Paris, and it proved helpful in shipping resources to London.

  45. My best tip. Go to 86 in Toyko ( you can visit any time) and play level 86. You need to get two lightning bolts in the box, and that frees all the rest of the board. Make as many lightning bolts as you can, then match two that are together and the board goes crazy. 500,000 to 1,00,000 points. You’ll get between 45,000-120,000 hats and bricks. Play to win a few times, then manufactor some green gems. They automatically show up on your board, you don’t need to import them. You’ll never be short of green gems again.

  46. Hi Dingo been playing Toyko 86 with wonderful results but you need pink goodies together with hats and bricks to make green gems any advice please thanks

  47. Elaine, I am currently in Paris, and they do not ask for pink gems to make the green ones. Tgaking advantage of the situation, I churned out 15 green gems. They were cheap too! I don’t know if you have moved on to London of Rome. However, I am at the juxture in Paris where you need millions of pink, and hats and it costs thousands of coins!!!

  48. you might be able to ship pink gems To Tokyo. as I recall, you don’t need as many of those as the bricks and hats to make most gems. I wish there was a way to have explosive production of those the way 86 works for the hats and Brick’s. Have you tried the machine in Tokyo? I picked up another two jackpots (500 coins) yesterday, so I have the 950 coins for the gummies. Is anyone else playing the slots? I’ve not heard anyone else mention them.

  49. Hi Dingo thanks for information . I am in London and finding it hard stakes high. I enjoyed Paris so far the best and found it quite easy. Please do tell where themachine is in Tokyo never heard of it. How did you get so many green gems. Very interesting. Thanks for chat catch you again enjoy playing

  50. The machine is at 72-:3 in Toyko. I’m not guaranteeong that it will pay out for you, it’s just a nice revenue source for me. it pays out at least once a week, though, 500 clams. Usually after I’m done playing for the night, I’ll set a goal of 20 coins and play until they are gone. You also won smaller amounts. there are frequent 3,10, and 25 coin payouts.

  51. Hi Dingo I found the slot machine thanks. I never finished looking for the last number at 72.3 that is why I did not have a slot machine. Will play it .enjoy playing thanks

  52. Hi Patricia hope you are well still in London .i saw the extra moves some time ago but forgot about them . I was silly I should of bought them a long time ago , it would
    Have saved me a few rand. dingo told me about the machine in Toyko so went back and found the missing piece so will play it every now and again. had a big of luck in Tokyo and bought a few gems. How are you doing in Rome enjoy and have a good week

  53. Erg…I accidentally enabled the Resourse Mart in Tokyo. I was just swishing across the map, and must have tapped in just the right place. The bad thing is it cost me $360! (I think, like I said, it was an accident, I just noticed around $400 coins missing from my inventory. The only good thing was it was for the production of pink gems, so it looks like I will be able to make green gems with a now unlimited supply of blue, bricks and pinks at my disposal .

  54. Can someone please tell me the object of Level 11 San Franciso? Do I need Lightening Bolts to help me? I don’t understand the “holes” at the bottom of each block of Gummys. Thanks in advance!

  55. Hi Patricia I am at last I’m Rome it has taken me forever. Hope you are well. I am so sorry I could kick myself for not buying the extra lives in the very begining it would of saved me a lot of cash. I surgest all players should buy the extras lives in the begining. Will keep playing and good luck in your game. Enjoy the weekend

  56. Hi Monique I can’t remember the levels sometimes after playing them but I think you need lightening bolts to help you some of the levels are really. Hard and I can pass them the first time and after that battle. Do yourself a Cavour and buy the extra two moves it’s really Helios and will save you buying extra moves I am in Rome but found Paris quite easy but London was hard .sorry for all the mistakes happy playing and enjoy

  57. I just bought coins and had to pick between server and device. I picked the wrong one and lost all my coins. 24000 coins! Is there a way to retrieve it again as I didn’t even play one move after purchase.
    Please help me.

    • I love this forum but in case any of you don’t know: you can click on the question mark on the bottom of your screen and then keep clicking the right arrow til you get to a screen with choices–including FORUM. Click forum to reach a community of hundreds of other gummy drop players who are stuck or have succeeded at levels in all cities. You’ll need to register with a user name and password but it’s worth it, believe me.

  58. Hi Debbie so sorry for your loss if I were you I would find the email address and send them an email. I did it once on candy crush and got the game restored.good luck.

  59. Hi Patricia hope you are well. I was in Toyko and passed level 32 the one we left as the goal was too high well it has been lowered I had to use extra moves and all I got was a gem but I suppose one gem is better than no gem. I am doing okay in Rome hope I am not speaking too soon.the stakes are high. Enjoy talk again. Happy playing

  60. Pretty please…..Anyone know how to get 200,000 more blue hats on Paris to build the Luxembourg Gardens, I have helped all the locals and don’t seem to have anything else to do and replaying the games won’t help as they don’t have any blue hats as part of the game totally stuck

  61. Hi Karen I can’t remember level 16 but went back there you need to burst the bubbles or get lightening bolts keep trying you will get there happy playing

  62. Hi Patricia hope you are well happy Easter for Sunday I am on level 81in Rome sorry to here that you have been battling I have found it quite easy. What level are you on. Talk again

    • Hi Elaine. I’ve finally made it to Berlin but it took me forever.

      You need 25 green gems to cross from Rome to Berlin –but you need to beat Rome 103 to advance and then beat 119-2 and 3 to collect enough green gems to travel. These levels range from difficult to impossible.

      I had to go back to previous cities to collect green gems and then drill for 2 more to open Berlin. Hope your Rome experience is happier than mine!

  63. Hey guys, can I get some help with New York 18-2 please?? How do I get the right hand side to fill with resources. I keep playing with the left

  64. Hi crystle went back to ny 18/2 got a lightening bolt used it got no where next try lightening bolt witha flashing brick then it worked and opened other side but not enough moves to get through.good luck . I by passed the level when I was in ny.

    • Thanks Elaine I tried that but the right column does not flow you have to pull them down from the top what is the goal in this game, I understand you need all the souvenirs to drop

  65. Hi Cheri if you open the top right side then the ones on the left side will flow through. You have to keep trying but the lightening bolts help especially if you get one next to a flashing brick or the paper keep playing and good luck

    • Hi Elaine. Did you see my reply on Apr. 3? I finally made it to Berlin.

      There have been lots of complaints about Rome 103 and Rome 119-2 and 3. I got lucky with 103 but never did beat 119-2 and 3. Just impossible. Sorry I can’t give you any tips. Had to go back and collect green gems from other cities to move on to Berlin. Good luck!

  66. Hi deviance you must get rid of the paper at the bottom ASAP then it should flow to the other side also try for lightening bolts good luck happy playing

  67. Hi Patricia thanks for replying I must say up till now Rome had been very easy for me. I did read you advise about going to the forum but alas I cannot remember my password for my email address. Silly me. The only way I can see passing level is using four shovels and hoping for the best but can’t make up my mind if I want to do that or just give up now and play candy crush. .enjoy your day and good luck on the next city

  68. Anyone have a hint for Paris level 42. Spent hours trying to get souvenirs to drop…. No go. Very frustrating, what am I missing. Any advise would really be appreciated.

  69. Elaine, it could be worse. I did the upgrade to Betlin, and lost everything. I had 28,000 coins and was in the middle of London. Now I am back at square one. I’m reluctantly starting over. We’ll see. I hadn’t registered in any of the facebook/big Game/ Google +. O was going to download the game progress when I got home (I’m traveling). Oh well. Save your games, mates!

  70. Hi everyone out there keep playing. You can ship your goodies from country to country but it takes forever so what I did was I made green gems till I only had a little in each city then it us nit so much to ship to the next city. Hope this helps you guys. Happ playing keep well

  71. I really need help for san francisco level 108-3 cant reach 450 000 i have tried eveyway i can think of. No money to buy anything been trying to save with other levels but i spent it all trying to pass thru the level. Somebody help me please!!!!

    • I am stuck for the 20th day now on Tokyo level 78, also. I consider myself pretty smart, but I am ready to scream because I cannot figure this out. HELP!

  72. Hi Everyone can anyone help me out with getting through 23-3 in London? It doesn’t send through enough green and light blue tiles. Thank you in advance

  73. Hi Mandy if you have moved on to the next city go back and make as many green gems you can from the bricks hats and pink that are on top you will score by having extra gems later I and not so much to ship do it every time and you won’t be sorry enjoy

    • Hate to say this but I experienced a glitch when I tried to turn Facebook off in Berlin and had to start all over–in Sydney! Wrote to Gummy Drop customer service but haven’t heard back yet. Good luck in Berlin — and New Orleans!

    • Customer service helped me so I’m back in Berlin , now at level 70. It was interesting playing Sydney all over. Made it to level 90 before Berlin was restored. Where are you now?

  74. Hi so sorry to hear that hope customer service help you. Dino list all his money and another player also got bumped back that really is not right you have invested so much time and money. I was bumped back to the beginning on candy crush but contacted them and was reinstated to where I was. Good luck keep me posted. Enjoy the weekend

    • hi Elaine! My name is Suzanne and noticed in comments that you are very knowledgable With gummy drop!!! Could you please help me?? I am currently in London and noticed that none of my resource centers are producing anything from anywhere!!! Its like someone shut down ALL my factories!!’ Any advice???

  75. I’m stuck in NY. I’m at 130 and can’t move forward . I don’t understand since I built the bridge that
    I was supposed to in order to get to 131. Any ideas?

  76. I am currently in London and I’ve noticed none of my factories in all previous countries or states are not producing. Can you help me or guide me please???

  77. Hi Cheri went back to Rome 43.1 if I remember you need to smash the chains befor the men drop and sometimes you must use the shovel to break the chain but I done want you to buy them and loose good luck maybe go and play some of the other levels then go back to where you are stuck. If the reward is not too great leave it

  78. Hi Patricia so glad to hear you are back in Berlin. I have moves to New Orleans and finding it very hard. The first level is a time level with the cards that keep overlapping hope you understand. Reached level 10 but need bricks blue and pink to go further this is by far the hardest city. I will keep going. Good luck will hear from you again. Enjoy the week end.

  79. Hi Suzanne sorry to hear about you factories I only have a factory in Sydney that I keep going to the rest of my resources are what I have made on the different levels which I send on the boat from port to port. I can only suggest you get in touch with gummy games and ask for help. If you look you will see Patricia had a problem and she got in touch with them so maybe you can ask her how she contacted them. Hope you come right. Enjoy you weekend and thanks for the complement

  80. i have been awarded resource packs from the treasure chests, but none have shown up. The last one received was 300 coins, but the number of coins didn’t change. Do you know where I can access the resource packs? Thanks in advance.

  81. Treasure is a rip off. Cost 180 coins in Paris and only hot 40,000 blue caps. Would have cost less to buy resources. And nothing happened when I tapped resource pack. Don’t waste your coins on these

    • I’m still in Berlin but near to the end. I saw on FB that they’re fixing the New Orleans problem (resources needed to move on?) and will have an update next week. Hang in their. Elaine.

  82. Hi Patricia thanks for news re New Orleans please will you let me know the results of the update thanks. I need 1700000 bricks to move to next level and just cant grey there. It is so slow moving 1000 at a time. Enjoy the weekend

  83. Hi everyone, I am really stuck on London 16 I have tried so many times but there never seems to be enough green or blue to blow the colour bomb, any tip please?

    • Hi Elaine thanks for that worked on first try, didn’t even think about it as I don’t normally use the tools I forget about them. Thanks again

  84. Finally made it to New Orleans! Elaine, if you have any tips on collecting the local’s fish, please share! Also tips on beating level 1-3, the timed level that gave you trouble. Still haven’t heard whether they’ve fixed the resources problem at level 30 yet but will let you know.

  85. Hi Patricia glad you are in New Orleans I have made it to level 50 but it has cost me dearly., sorry to say it is the only way I know how. Sorry I don’t know what you are talking about re the fish. I am also battling to get bricks to pass each level as I have no bricks in any other countries to ship to New Orleans..please keep me posted with you progress. Sometimes I am just lucky with the time levels if I don’t panic but do use coins to pass . Keep playing . I wonder how many others out there are in New Orleans.

  86. Hi Patricia I am trying to get enough bricks to move to level 51 it is going to take me till next week moving from port to New Orleans. Enjoy your weekend talk again.

  87. i am stuck at level 65 in San Francisco. I can’t figure out how to get the souvenirs to drop. I’ve matched two lightening bolts and it cleared the board, but they didn’t drop. What am I missing?

  88. Hi Patricia I have moved to Barcelona but it has cost me dearly. If it carries on costing me an are an a leg I think I will stop playing. Enjoy

  89. Dongo here, I restarted after the purge, and am currently in the middle of Paris. I have been better at hoarding coins than the last time, and have 33,700 now. i do airu high coin count is by two things usually blasted by commenters, the casino and the 750 coin resource upgrade.

    I also am not in a hurry, so when I run out of lives, I chill until they replenish, or wait some times a few hours to get extra turns from the spinning wheel of I am close to a win, but I do’t want to buy a boost.

    i also admit that I have left some of the diffecult games that I know will cost me coins (400 + coins to clear the master level on some games, etc).

    So is anyone else stocking piling coins like this?

  90. Hi dingo nice to hear from you again please will you explain the 750coin resource upgrade to me .thanks have you bought the extra two lives happy playing hear from you soon

  91. good to hear from you too! I do have the 5 lives, upgrade And the Resource upgrade. In Tokyo, you play to open the Resource /gem maker. I know you have this, because it’s the only way to get the green gems, and in some levels, you need to make them.

    In the same icon (upper left hand of the screen), you can sell your resources once a day. i sell from my past cities. Anyway, you’ll get about 55 coins a day from this, but if you pay 750 coins for the upgrade, you get about 100 coins a day. After 20 days of getting 40-50 extra coins a day, you are in the black.

    It’s just extra nice to get the free 100 coins every day. BTW, the casino seems to know I am in expensive Paris, I’ve gotten 2,000 in Jack pots in two days. Crazy.

    There is so much more to the game if you take advantage of the side games, casino, Resource selling,
    Shippung resources, it’s not all puzzle, puzzle, hard puzzle, shoot me now, puzzle.

  92. finally, there’s making green gems from old city tesoyces (so you don’t need to buy them). Yreasure chests (not worth paying for) and daily events (only worth it if you are not spending coins to beat the levels. the 2 boosts you get are a nice bonus, but not if it cost you 350 coins to get 2 shovels.)

  93. Hi dingo thanks for answering . When you get further in the game if you buy a life you get two extra lives which is good. The shovels are three for 100 conis which are the cheapest to buy .i have not had the luck you have had at the coating so stay away from it. Enjoy talk again

  94. I’m already in New Orleans and it’s really hard. Now playing at level 42. It costs me a lot of couns. Keep playing the other cities, you will need a lot of coins here.

  95. thanks ascent. I’ve heard the same, and why I am hoarding coins from the other (easier) cities. I was kicked back from London to Sydney, and had to start over back in April. I am hoping that being this far behind everyone else, that they will fix the harder (impossible? Levels, or I will get warnings about how diffecult they are

    • Hi Elaine. I’m in Barcelona, level 38. Took me forever to beat level 21 (Architect and Master Builder) to collect 500,000 pink gems! Where are you?

  96. I have run out of green jewels I have played all of the broads over 10times still nothing. I can’t even ask my Facebook friends for help. Yes I am connection to Facebook. Please help

  97. Hi Tonnisha you need to get as many bricks hats and pink gems in all the cities then convert them to green gems on the resource market .it tell you at the bottom how many of each you need to make a green gem. If you do this then you won’t have so Many bricks hats and pink to send on. It takes forever to ship to the next city. Which city are you in . Happy playing hope you come right

  98. Hi Particia been think of you and wondering how you are doing . I have moved to Shanghai. It is not an easy game very challenging which I like but costs me an arm and a leg. Enjoy your weekend and talk soon

  99. Hi Patricia I also had a problem on level 21 I think the only way I got passed it was by buying extra lives.did it also cost you a lot or did you manage the hard way.

    • Evelyn, I’m in Barcelona too. I don’t know what you mean by helping hand 3. Have you cleared it yet? (I’m on level 93 and stuck bigtime.) Good luck!

  100. Hi bialys there are no hats at the 1st level of Paris you will find pink gems and hats later on in the game. You mus sent pink gems and hats to Paris from the other cities. Happy playing

  101. Hi Elaine. I’m still in Barcelona, now playing level 93 architect to collect the 30 green gems I need to build the structure at level 100. Played 93 many times with no luck. It’s timed — 55 seconds to clear all stickers and explode 4 yellow flower bombs. Aaargh! Will let you know when I make it to Shanghai. Have fun!

    • Sonia, there’s a lot of discussion about New Orleans 16 in the forum . Tap the ? on the bottom of your screen, then scroll right til you get to the forum button. Good luck!

  102. Hi Patricia how are you doing. I am battling on the last 10 levels of Shanghai have cleared a few but the rewards are all on the third game and I need the pink goodies to pass into Los angles .the second to last levels are also hard, with the reward on the third game. I wonder what lies angles has in store for us.

  103. Morning all players how are you all doing.can anyone out there please help me Ian stuck in Los Angeles on a helping hand pie in the sky for bricks to pass on to the next level and finding it impossible and don’t know how to get bricks any other way thanks to you all.patricia where are for new enjoy

  104. Carly, Berlin 120 is a timed level so you just have to keep replaying it ’til you luck out. If you get too exasperated and you have the coins, you can buy a Freeze Frame boost from the store for 360 coins and take all the time you want to finish. Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

  105. Just checking in. I am at 50 in New Orleans. I loved Berlin, my favorite city so far (San Fransisco my least). NO is also pretty fun. They may have already solved the bugaboos inthd city from when several of you all’s were there. I’ve had to spend coins, but I have a bunch from the past cities, and it’s not out of line from other cities as well. So basically, not bad at all.

    Btw, I think it’s a waste to use the shipping when you have to send half a million hats, etc. it is so boring to spend days and days shipping stuff. For 400 coins, you buy the hats and move on. They cost $3.50 in real dollars, or “win” all three levels in four games, boom, 400 coins.

  106. Nana, I assume you’re in Sidney? Go back through the ten levels you played and see if the 10th man is on the architect or master builder level. Also, a tip for beginners: When you build resource marts in Tokyo, choose pink gems to manufacture. You’ll be able to use them to drill for green gems in later cities. You only need bricks and hats to drill for green gems in Tokyo. Good luck!

  107. I am stuck in Tokyo on level 40 the need two green gem but I go on the green gem drill and it say won’t work until the trade center built it in Sydney don’t know what to do anyone please thanks

  108. Sorry but the time hack to renew lives doesn’t work for everyone. It doesn’t work on my Samsung Galaxy light. I even tried jumping ahead a full day. It works with candy crush but not gummy drop.

  109. I am new and on level 59 in Sydney. I need to get two souvenirs down but they are in a separate section that only has 2 things and some blue and yellow halos. I have no idea how to get at them.

  110. There is a local at the start of Sydney saying ‘your reward is waiting mate’ and shows 300 coins but I can’t work out how to claim it. Can anyone help?

    • I Linda, thought I could help but I have 5.1, 8.1 .then goes to 22.1.. Maybe you’re not in San Fran lol. I’ve only gone through 37 on San Fran but can try to help.. Have a great day!

  111. I am stuck at the helping hand level 18 in Berlin. It’s at the 106 side level. How do you get the outer 2 sand blocks to clear? I have been stuck on this forever!

  112. Do I have to go back to Tokyo to get another green shard to build the Chrystler Building? I got the ten broken pieces. But I need one more and can see no place in New York to get one.

  113. Anyone able to get past level 27-3 in Amsterdam? There aren’t enough white stars to fill the empty bombs inside of the bamboo. I’ve tried everything, but if there aren’t any white stars on the board, threes not much I can do.

    • I had the same issue. I ended up buying 3 shovels for 100 coins and using 2 of the shovels to take out the 2 white bombs on the right side of the screen. Then I passed with no problem.

  114. Why do i lose my gold coins when i have not purchased anything. Example: i had 90 coins before playing the daily event now i have 3 coins…whats up?

  115. HELP….I am I. Japan and cannot drop the tokens on level 18. I have them in the bottom of the row but nothing will drop them….. Even tried my boosts no luck. Now what??????

  116. Hi everyone new here finished Sydney but can’t get Sydney 100% I did I every level and resource n.but when I CLICK ON finish city it just keeps sending me to th resources. Suggestions???

  117. Hey ya’ll, is there any listing that will tell you beforehand..what resources will be needed to build monuments? I would like to send resources to a city before I need them instead of twiddling my thumbs while I wait.

  118. Hey fellow players…any tricks to getting the souvenir on level 70 San Francisco? I know two lightening but having hard time getting two together there…

  119. I’m stuck on the New Orleans 115-2 level. Have to break chains using red and green gummys but there are hardly any. I’ve been playing this level for weeks now and it’s starting to drive me insane! Anyone got any ideas on how to get through???

  120. I am stuck on level 116 in Barcelona. There are never enough red hearts to match the red bombs and if I use shovels etc to get rid of them, I can’t reach a high enough score. What’s the best way to get through?

  121. I can’t get past 19 Sydney. I have been trying for several days to figure out how to drop the 2 souvenirs that are blocked by the brick. Can some help me please?

  122. I’m having trouble with Berlin 56. It’s a timed level but can’t feed the exploding flowers fast enough to get them to drop the souvenirs before my time is up. I’ve even tried the lightning boosters but the game blocks where the boosters would help. The video only shows the solution with boosters. Is it possible to beat this level without boosters?

  123. I’m stuck in Rome level 113-2 I cannot pass it. Can’t get all the tiles and I can’t get enough points! What am I to do! It’s my last level to complete!

    Please help!

  124. I’m stuck in Stockholm on level 104 3. It tells me to break 8 ice bars and I’ve played this same game a number of times and ice doesn’t appear. What’s the problem?


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