Guitar Hero Live

The Guitar Hero series is definitely one of the more popular rhythm games series ever released, thanks to a unique gameplay experience requiring additional guitar controllers which made players feel like they were actually playing guitar during the game. The series has been in hiatus for a few years but now it’s back with a new entry called Guitar Hero Live, which is also available for download right now on the App Store.

Guitar Hero Live iOS can be downloaded for free but only included two trial songs. In order to access all of the game’s features, including GHTV, players need to purchase a $49.99 IAP. The Guitar Hero Live controller also works with the iOS version of the game, connecting via Bluetooth to devices.

The base Guitar Hero Live game includes over 40 tracks from a variety of artists. Other 200 songs can be accessed through GHTV, with more getting added in the near future. The new guitar controller and gameplay mechanics make the game feeldifferent from previous entries of the series so make sure to check out the free trial to see if these new features are to your liking.

Guitar Hero Live is now available for download on the App Store.



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