Guitar Hero Live Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


The popular Guitar Hero franchise is back, this time on iOS! Guitar Hero Live is an all new Guitar Hero for modern audiences. It features the same core gameplay fans know and love while introducing some interesting new touch mechanics. We’ll help you score five stars on the new songs with the help of our Guitar Hero Live cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Watch out for the combo notes!

You won’t see these notes too often on regular and easy difficulties, but they’re more common on the harder difficulties. As explained in the tutorial, if you see notes that are connected by a blue line, you can slide your finger over to hit the note, so you don’t have to lift. Just be aware that you can only do this with the notes that are linked, and attempting this on disconnected notes will result in a miss!

2. Use your hero power often!

You can stack your hero power up to a limited amount of charges, but you shouldn’t let it stack too much. Doing so means that you’re not using hero power as much as you should be, and well, you should! Hero Power temporarily boosts your score multiplier rate, and it can push it past it’s normal x4 limit. This means big points if you use it a lot during the heavy note parts of the song!

3. Build up combo before using hero power!

With that said, be sure that you’re at the maximum score multiplier before you use your hero power. Deploying hero power at x4 will put your score multiplier at x8, which is a huge difference. If you use it before your multiplier is at maximum, you will instead build it up at a faster rate, which is good, but wastes a lot of precious hero power time. Try to build it up before using hero power!

4. Start on normal difficulty!

The trial mode of Guitar Hero Live limits you to only two songs – one for the Live mode and one for the TV mode. With that said, take your time on them and have fun; start on the normal difficulty, especially if you’ve never played a Guitar Hero game or rhythm game before. You can work your way up the difficulty scale as you get more practice.

5. Be careful of the swipe notes!

Unlike the combo notes, swipe notes will almost never appear on regular and easy difficulties. Swipe notes have the appearance of an arrow. You must tap the notes in the original position then swipe in the direction the arrows are pointing. These notes are a bit tricky as they usually are right before another long string of notes, and they could very well disrupt your combos. Practice these to get the timing down!

You should be on your way to becoming a real guitar hero! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!

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Guitar Hero Live Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


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