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Guilty Gear Asuka R Kreuz – Everything You to Know

Guilty Gear Asuka R Kreuz – Everything You to Know
Screenshot from the official game trailer.

If there was ever a character with true Evil Daddy energy, it would be none other than Asuka R, the mysterious villain of the Guilty Gear franchise. Is he a demon lord? Is he a scientist? Is he both? The only thing we know is that he’s absolutely fabulous and that he’s coming to Guilty Gear Strive as a DLC character very soon. Fans were delighted by this, as Asuka is an important character of the series. This is everything you need to know about Guilty Gear’s Asuka R Kreuz.

Asuka Release Date

Asuka will release on May 25th as part of the Season Pass 2 paid DLC. In order to use him, you have to purchase the DLC which comes with characters Bridget, Bedman and Sin. Asuka is the last character to be released in this collection, with Season Pass 3 expecting to arrive shortly.

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How To Use Asuka In Battle

Asuka battling in Guilty Gear.
Screenshot from official game trailer.

As an expert of magic by lore, Asuka attacks enemies with spells. How well you can use him will depend on how fast you can learn all of them. There are 26 in total, with some still under wraps. As a result of his build, you will have to properly manage his mana bar. Keep in mind that the spells all require different amounts of mana to execute. Because of these mechanics, Asuka might be tricky to use for someone who is new to the game or isn’t used to spell-based characters. Fortunately, if you find that to be the case, Strive has plenty of other characters to choose from.

Some of the moves Asuka will have include:

  • High Compression Submicron Particle Sphere
  • Recover Mana (Instant)
  • Bookmark (Auto Import)
  • Delayed Howling Metron
  • Sampler 404
  • Howling Metron
  • Chaotic Option
  • Accipter Metron
  • Shooting Time Stretch (Accelerate)

This is just a snippet of what Asuka will be able to do in battles. For the full version, stayed tuned for his official in-game launch on May 25th!

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Guilty Gear Asuka R Kreuz – Everything You to Know