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Demian Saga Tier List

Demian Saga Tier List
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Are you new to Demian Saga and unsure which characters to use in your party? Look no further than our Demian Saga tier list! We’ve ranked the heroes from the S tier to the C tier, so you can easily find the most effective characters for your team. With our guide, you can focus on filling your party with the best characters to ensure your success in battles.

Demian Saga is a thrilling gacha RPG by Haegin, where you gather a band of pirates from five different nations and embark on a quest to the Primeval Highlands in search of the land of the gods. Our tier list will help you navigate the game’s diverse cast and choose the best characters based on their abilities and strengths.

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Best Character in Demian Saga: Tier List

Image via Demian Saga

For this tier list, we are only ranking SSR and SR characters. There are too many R characters and most of them become useless after obtaining SSR and SR units. Players have a 4% chance of getting an SSR character, a 46% chance for SR characters, and a 50% chance for R characters.

SElizabeth, Jaden, Nakuru, Princesa, Sharon, Slayer, Siegfried, Leo Khan, Nakuru, Slayer
AAnastasi, Judas, Serena Claro, Pho, Saw, Xenos, Vanessa, Yeriel, Casper, Nazar, Victoria
BNoah, Siegfried, Grace, Dr Sparky, Violet, Vanessa, Miho
CFloria, Billy The Kid, Britra, Poll Rock

As always, S-tier characters provide the most value to the team. Players can also settle for A-tier characters as they are quite decent overall but have a few shortcomings. B and C-tier characters are pretty much not worth it. However, players can upgrade characters to see their full potential and see if they like the play style.

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while our Demian Saga tier list provides a great starting point for new players to build their party, it’s important to remember that the game is still new, and players are still discovering new characters and unique playstyles. As you explore the game further, you may find characters that work better for your playstyle, and you may even discover new strategies and synergies.

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Demian Saga Tier List


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