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Girls Academy Tier List

Girls Academy Tier List

College girls are fighting to save their campus, and they need your help! To fight off demon hordes, you will need to assemble the best possible team among more than 60 girls, all with special skills and abilities and ready to spring to action at your call.

When you have so many options, it can get difficult to choose which girls will make your A team. We bring you our Girls Academy tier list so that you know what to do with each hero when you get them through the game’s gacha-style summoning system.

Girls Academy Tier List

All girls in Girls Academy belong to one of the four classes—Ranger, Warrior, Mage, and Priest, depending on their position and role in combat. You can find our ranking of all heroes regardless of their class in the table below.

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SLimia, Melia, Adieu, Phelan
ASwallow, Teresa, Hatta, Asahi, Geeta, Mariet, Annes, Clara, Shana, Sofia, Alicia, Melissa
BTsuruna, Thrush, Carla, Cecilia, Funne, Cleary, Shibela, Charlotte, Elias, Hilda, Eddit, Hiero, Christina, Coreo, Pere, Akuya, Nia, Mia, Luffy, Aura, Eleanor, Emmelina
CValerie, Fellini, Vanessa, Luanna, Leticia, Pilila, Daphne, Amar, Clem, Lila, Karen, Lydia, Emina, Mary, Diadora, Chilt, Elionora
DRiu, Tino, Thea, Topaz, Patty, Ruby, Artis, Elena, Amelada, Fiona

The Best Heroes in Girls Academy

We selected one girl that performs best for each class from our experience, so the best heroes in Girls Academy are:

  • Limia
  • Melia
  • Adieu
  • Phelan

The Best Ranger in Girls Academy

Limia Girls Academy
Image via TouchTapPlay

Limia is a powerful but gentle girl that will enrich any team she’s a part of with her unique active and passive skills. We found Tenacity particularly useful as it provides protection against enemy control, but you can also count on Jump Split for 180% attack damage and a 60% chance of making your target dizzy for two turns.

The Best Warrior in Girls Academy

Melia Girls Academy
Image via TouchTapPlay

Melia is an angelic warrior with beautiful white wings and a fierce pet dragon. She will help you hold waves of enemies in the first row with her special skills like Angry Galge which deals 126% damage to four random enemies. It also comes with a 45% chance to apply the taunting effect to the target for two rounds.

The Best Mage in Girls Academy

Adieu Girls Academy
Image via TouchTapPlay

Adieu is the seductive Mage with bat wings and a threatening disposition, so it comes as a surprise that her personality is shy. However, in combat, she forgets her social awkwardness and deals serious damage from the back row. Her most useful skill is called Make Matters Worse where she deals additional 50% damage to targets that have been scared or silenced.

The Best Priest in Girls Academy

Phelan Girls Academy
Image via TouchTapPlay

Phelan is not to be trifled with—in social situations or combat. With her hot temper, it is amazing that she is such a great support character. Her magic attacks can be a serious obstacle for enemies even if she remains alone on the battlefield, but they work best in synergy with other roles. For example, her Breeze Dance weakens the target by 4% through the whole fight and can stack up, and the best part is that it cannot be purified.

That concludes our ranking of all heroes in Girls Academy. We hope you’re successful in summoning only the best girls, and feel free to leave us a comment about your favorites. And if you’re playing Girls’ Connect as well, check out our tier list for that game too!

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Girls Academy Tier List


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