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Guild Wars 2: How To Get A Skyscale Mount Guide

Guild Wars 2: How To Get A Skyscale Mount Guide

Skyscale is a third mount added to the game since the release of Path of Fire. This mount has insane fighting abilities; you can upgrade Skyscale to improve them. Read this guide, and you will find out how to get a Skyscale Mount in Guild Wars 2. So, let’s get started!

How to Unlock Skyscale Mount in Guild Wars 2

You should first complete Descent, the final mission of War Eternal story. After that, you will receive mail from Gorrik inviting you to meet near Skyscale Eyrie. By doing it, you will start completing the achievements required for unlocking the Skyscale mount. Also, take into account that completing achievements requires completing Legacy and Descent.

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What Achievements to Complete

When it is evident how to unlock Skyscale Mount, it is the right time to find out what achievements you should complete to get him. Even though there are only 5 achievements, finishing them might take a lot of time. 

Newborn SkyscalesComplete 10 events in 3 different areas of Dragonfall5390 Karma200 Volatile Magic20 Trade Contracts10 Mistborn Motes
Saving SkyscalesComplete treasure hunts across Turia to get trophiesNone
Raising SkyscalesFeed the skyscale crafted food, hunted food and purchased food6 Coin12 Crafted Food12 Piece of Skyscale Food1 Grow Lamp
Troublesome SkyscalesComplete another treasure hunt across zones in TyriaOptional
Riding SkyscalesBuy materials to craft a saddle and ride Skyscales35 Coins250 Map Currency, Kralkatite Ore, Difluorite Crystals, Inscribed Shards, Lump of Mistonium, Branded Masses, Mistborn Motes1500 Volatile Magic500 Trade Contracts

In conclusion, you should complete 5 achievements to unlock Skyscales Mount. And the fact is that doing it will take at least 4 days. Therefore, obtaining Skyscales Mount might appear pretty challenging for most ordinary players. That is how it is. Thank you for reading the guide. Hope you find it helpful!

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Guild Wars 2: How To Get A Skyscale Mount Guide


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