Niantic have announced that Pokemon Go will get a brand new and extremely interesting feature: dynamic weather. This means that the weather in the game will change based on the real life weather data in your region. And these changes will influence the types of Pokemon you will be able to capture in Pokemon Go.

There will be various types of weather in Pokemon Go: Sunny, Rainy, Snowy, Foggy, Cloudy, and Windy. These will be visually represented in the game as well.

Apart from the influence that the dynamic weather has on the Pokemon you can capture in Pokemon Go, as well as the visual changes, there’s another interesting change: attacks of certain types will be more effective during some weather conditions. For example, the Charizard’s Fire Spin will do better during Sunny weather, while rainy weather will make it less useful.

Not all Pokemon in the game will be influenced directly by the dynamic weather mechanics, but some of them will appear more or less frequently based on the type of weather. These are pretty easy to guess since they are directly related to the weather conditions, but in case you want to make sure you know who appears when, here are some extra details on the Pokemon types that are influenced by weather:

Sunny: Grass types, Ground types, Fire types
Rainy: Water types
Snowy: Ice types
Foggy: Ghost types, Dark types
Cloudy: Steel types, Rock types
Windy: Flying types, Dragon types

Even more, the weather itself seems to be divided into 4 different levels, but it is unclear at the moment how will this actually affect the gameplay. However it’s pretty obvious that the game will make the difference between a light rain and a heavy storm. Most likely the rewards will get even better as the level of the weather type increases.

Here is a short teaser trailer showcasing the new Dynamic weather feature in the game:

As you can see, the trailer ends by saying “more Pokemon, more adventure”. This means that this dynamic weather feature will indeed bring a lot more Pokemon in the game. 50, to be specific!

We’ll get more Generation 3 Pokemon in the game now, including Swablu, Wailord, Salamence, and Feebas (the full list has not yet been published, but I’s sure we’ll have tons of reasons of joy).


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