Hall of Immortals in Infinity Kingdom

Hall of the Immortals in Infinity Kingdom is a temple in your settlement that opens at the very beginning of the game. Here you can summon legendary heroes (immortals) for help, who will lead your army into battle against the dwarfs and other rulers of Norheim. In this guide, you will learn everything you need to know about the Hall of the Immortals in Infinity Kingdom.

What Is Inside of the Hall?

The Hall of Immortals is a temple with a large gate, behind which is a portal to another dimension. Thanks to it, the souls of the legendary heroes of the Earth, who have left a big mark in the history of mankind, enter the world of Norheim.

Heroes are categorized by Uncommon, Rare, Elite, and Epic rarities. Their strength parameters and potential increase from unusual to epic.

In the hall of the immortals there are 2 types of heroes:

  • Common, for which fragments of the philosopher’s stone are needed.
  • Improved, requiring whole Philosopher’s Stones.

The improved ones are subdivided into several types: single and group. With a single summon, you will spend one stone to summon one hero (or get fragments of it). With a group, you get the opportunity to activate 10 stones, while spending only 9 of them.

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Possible Rewards You Can Get From Hall of the Immortals in Infinity Kingdom

It’s time to talk about the rewards that can be obtained for different types of summons. To see them, click on the “Awards” button in the upper-right part of the screen.

We see that with a normal summon, you can only get unusual and rare heroes, as well as their fragments. Elite and epic characters are available only with an improved summon.

The main part of your hunt will be the fragments of the immortals. The chance of getting a whole hero is much lower in both versions of the summon.

Is it possible to somehow influence this system? There are no legal ones since these values ​​are based on the mathematical balance of numbers. However, there is one small feature in Infinity Kingdom. This feature is a multiplier that greatly increases the chances of getting an elite or epic hero after a certain number of summons.

This counter counts the number of calls made and increases the chance of an immortal being dropped in a certain proportion.

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