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Neocraft’s Guardians of Cloudia is an exciting new action MMORPG. Guardians of Cloudia features stunning art direction in the form of lush environment design and a large number of adorable and exciting pets to collect. Players can choose from a variety of playable classes in the game, including Rogue, Archer, Mage, Swordsman, and Oracle.

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In this role-playing game, players must engage in combat, plan attacks, and save their companions. It can be a little challenging to take your first steps into Skywalker’s city. We hope that our Guardians of Cloudia Strategy Guide will provide assistance to you during your adventure.

Guardians of Cloudia: Strategy Guide

  • Keep track of the main quest

Now that you’ve chosen a class and entered the game, you’ll need to grind hard to unlock all of Guardians of Cloudia’s features. Most of the game’s content is locked behind a level requirement, so you must level up to access new features. Luckily, the main campaign is a great place to start, as completing missions gives you tonnes of experience and levels.

Moreover, by completing these quest chains, you will learn how to use various game features, such as how to equip, summon, and upgrade pets, improve your skills and power, and much more.

  • Gear Enhancement is MUST

In the game, players should avoid wasting their enhancement materials on lower-tier armor and weapons. If you have just started playing, you might be wondering where you can get materials for Gear Enhancement and Reforging.

The answer is by dismantling old junk gear. By doing so, you can quickly obtain Darksteel and, later, Zinc for reforging. This is a secret!

Azure Stones for Enhancement can be obtained from the Black Market, the Commerce Guild Credit stores, and general adventuring. If you see them being sold on the black market for Silverleaves, that’s your cue to spend.

  • Use your Pets efficiently in the game

During the game, the players can evolve their pets by selecting the Pets option. Not only this, but also the players can see their pets, their evolution stage, and even buy new pets. If you get a better pet but already have one you’ve invested in, you can Recycle the old pet to recover the materials. Now you can upgrade the new guy and downgrade the old one.

Your pets aren’t just for show; they’re one of the most vital things to watch. Major Array pets not only give you an extra skill you can use, but they also do damage on their own and have their skills. Aptitudes are a stat bonus for Support Array pets that can be improved with Reroll Dew.

Focus on bringing pets that fit your role. For example, to mess with people in PVP, you need a pet with a hard-hitting attack or prevent them from healing with their pets or potions.

  • Guardians of Cloudia Best Class for starters

In Guardians of Cloudia, the Rogue is the best Melee damage dealer class. Additionally, Oracle is the superior supporter class. If you’re a fan of magic, Mage should be your first choice due to their excellent magical damage-dealing abilities. Additionally, Swordsman is the superior melee tank class. Lastly, Archer is the best class for dealing with physical damage.

Guardians of Cloudia: Tips & Tricks

Consider the following to make your journey through the world of Guardians of Cloudia more comfortable and successful:

  • Switch to a new server and start playing. On the new server, you can quickly join a promising guild and achieve good ratings by easily finding teams for the first passes of tests.
  • Keep track of the time on the server. The game servers are split into three categories: Asia, America, and Europe. Always keep your time zone in mind when selecting a server. Because the game contains many time events, it is critical that you play on a server that is suitable for you.
  • One more way for players to get in hand kore rewards is to join a guild, which they can do either randomly or if known to one.
Gaurdians of Claudia game
  • Make a choice for an active start. All of your subsequent progress will be determined by your actions during the first few days of the game. We recommend spending as much free time as possible in the early days of the game to unlock all of the available gameplay elements, complete the current main quests, and begin pumping the hero.
  • The gameplay rewards players after each fight, especially quests. So, keep an eye on the main quest.
  • It is best to begin the game as a prepared player who is familiar with the gameplay and understands how to obtain and use the necessary resources to level the hero.
  • In more difficult fights, players should consider switching to Manual mode (rather than Auto) for increased DPS consistency, mobility, and the possibility of dealing more burst damage, as you can simply hammer every button in one go.

Guardians of Cloudia: Classes Overview

In this game, there are five classes: Tank, Melee DPS, AOE Nuker, Ranger, and Healer, which correspond to the standard RPG player archetypes of Tank, Melee DPS, AOE Nuker, Ranger, and Healer. In that order, they are represented by the Swordsman, Rogue, Mage, Archer, and Oracle. The characters in the game can be classified into the following classes:

  • Archers – Archers, as the name implies, are archery experts. This implies that they would make the player’s job of possessing a lost-distance target simple. They may not be capable of large-scale destruction, but they are a powerful character that players should use to their advantage.
  • Mages – Mages utilise magical spells that have been proven to be effective in the destruction of giant monsters. These magical spells are acquired throughout the game. When given the opportunity during gameplay, mages excel at putting on a show.
  • Oracles – Oracles are those who possess the ability to lend a helping hand by assisting in the healing of damage done to companions. They aren’t particularly powerful in terms of causing a lot of damage, but they would definitely stand out in the group as the ones in charge of the other members’ well-being.
  • Rogues – Rogues are at the top of the list for causing the most damage and moving quickly. They have a low Easiness, which makes them vulnerable, and their survival rate does not exceed the limits. It may have some flaws, but it can withstand a lot of damage from the enemies.
  • Swordsman – Swordsman has a high survival rate combined with a high damage rate, making him a tough character. They are adept at fighting techniques and are recommended for newcomers to the game.

Players can also choose to add another character to their game to gain more experience. After the player begins the journey, the option to obtain an additional character appears. Remember that making a wise character choice at the start of the game is a smart trick for the players.

Final Thoughts

Our Guardians of Cloudia beginner’s guide comes to an end here. No doubt, Guardians of Cloudia has quickly become one of the most popular games in the genre. Interesting heroes, an original world with its secrets, numerous dungeons with enemies, beautiful pets, and a pumping system designed for game activity can all be found here.

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The game is addictive and fascinating, and it allows you to participate in colorful battles, customize your character’s appearance, join a guild, and make new friends. Last but not least, feel free to leave a comment below if you have any additional advice or want to talk with your fellow players!

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