Guardians of Cloudia has finally got its global release. There are 5 classes in total and you will need to choose one of them to start your journey. Players do wonder which class is better to play and a tier list is a great way to find it out. This guide will tell you about the Guardians of Cloudia best class.

Guardians of Cloudia Classes

There are 5 classes in total in Guardians of Cloudia. They have pretty generic names, like Swordsman, Archer, Rogue, Mage, Oracle.

Swordsman is the first class we are going to talk about. This class is using a sword and shield as his main weapon and gains Rage when you fight. When the Rage has its max level Swordsman increases his damage and protection. It is Guardians of Cloudia’s best class for those who wish to muscle in and beat opponents.

Archer is a damage dealer. Despite having a small attack the warriors of this class can hit from a decent range. We recommend pick archer for those who wish to have both an opportunity to attack and be safe.

Rogue is a class with big damage. These sneaky guys can come out of stealth and kill an enemy within a moment. They have a Combo mechanic that increases their crit rate when they attack constantly.

Mage is a little similar class to the rogue. Its main task is to deal a lot of damage. But, mages lack the rogues’ mobility and they compensate it with the range of their abilities. However, they are very squishy and you should be careful if you play as a mage.

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Oracle is a typical healer. They are not very tough, and you should protect them so they will be able to heal you. If you play as an oracle you should be careful and stay behind your teammates.

Guardians of Cloudia Best Class

It is almost impossible to figure out the Guardians of Cloudia best class. All of them are fulfilling their roles and there are no characters that can replace all the classes in the game. So you should choose the class you like and master it. That will be enough to be useful and welcomed in every team.

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