Guardian Tales is a game with many stories and quests you can complete. Sometimes these quests are not so easy to finish, especially if you want to get all possible items. Today, we will help you with one of the side stories. This guide will tell you how to complete the Halloween Night Side Story in Guardian Tales.

How to Complete the Halloween Night Side Story in Guardian Tales

In order to complete the Halloween Night Side Story in Guardian Tales, you will need to collect a few things and complete some special tasks with running pumpkin head kid.

How to Collect all Purple Coins and Star Pieces

Collecting purple coins is not difficult—they look like purple puzzle pieces, and you can find them everywhere in the street. There are 20 of them in total.

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Unlike the coins, star pieces are not so easy to get. There are 4 of them in total. You can get one of these yellow pieces under a tree near the third house. The other three are obtainable via special mini-games. You will be able to play each of them in the three first houses. The fourth house will be locked for you. Unlocking it is the last task needed to complete this side story.

How to Unlock the Fourth House

Unlocking the fourth house is not difficult, but quite a confusing task. There are two characters you will need to interact with. The first is a girl that asks you for candy when you leave a house. The second character is a kid with a pumpkin on her head. You can stop this child from running and falling.

The first thing you should aim for is to make a kid with a pumpkin head push the princess after you stop her. After that, give another go to any house and give another candy to the girl. There, you will be able to ask her about the Halloween monster.

Finally, you need to go to this location when the pumpkin kid is no longer there. Here, you just need to wait until the princess gets angry with you for doing nothing. You will then be returned to the menu. From here, you need to go back to this side story and stop the kid one more time. It appears that the princess is hiding under this pumpkin. After that, you will be able to enter the fourth house and see a banner to complete the side story.

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Guardian Tales: How to Complete the Halloween Night Side Story


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