We’re back with another guide on Guardian Hunter! This time we’ll be looking at getting the elusive premium currency: crystals! Crystals are valuable minerals that can be spent on some high level stuff. We’ll help you collect the most with our Guardian Hunter guide on how to get more crystals!

1. Clear all objectives on the stage!

Each stage has three objectives for you to complete. They are stuff like “don’t take any damage” or “complete the level within a time limit” and so forth. If you manage to complete all three, you’re rewarded with a crystal.

2. Try the harder difficulty modes!

In conjunction with the above tip, there are three difficulty levels for each stage. Beating the stage on Normal allows you to attempt Hard, and beating Hard lets you try Elite. Each difficulty level has its own set of objectives, which means there is a total of three crystals possible on each stage.

3. Login each day!

There is an attendance calendar in this game! The first time you log in on a new day, you’ll earn some nice rewards. Sometimes you’ll get crystals! The more you log in with out missing a day, the better the rewards will be!

4. Compete in the Infinite Dungeon!

The Infinite Dungeon is exactly what it sounds like – an endless gauntlet full of monsters. You can attempt it as much as you like, although after five tries you will need to wait for another attempt to regenerate. You are scored in this mode, and the longer you survive the better your score. There is a leaderboard that totals all players’ scores, and at the end of every week the top players are rewarded with a hefty amount of crystals. Try to aim for the top!

5. Keep an eye out for events!

Sometimes there will be special events that players can partake in. Doing so usually results in crystals, so be sure not to miss any events!

6. Complete the continuation quests!

Under the quests screen, there are two categories: daily and continuation. Daily quests change every day even if you don’t complete them. Continuation quests are more like achievements, and will stay until you complete them. All continuation quests are worth crystals, so check to see which ones you can work towards!

Got any other crystal-hunting tips? Let us know in the comments below!


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