The world of Bellia is yours in this all new action RPG! Guardian Hunter is a dungeon crawler that lets you tame various creatures known as “guardians” that roam the lands. Train them, level them up, and have them fight by your side. We’ll help you get the journey started with our Guardian Hunter cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide.

1. Attack from behind!

You deal bonus damage if you manage to attack an enemy’s back. Certain skills make this easier to achieve, such as the Roll skill. Attack the enemy once to lock your character in the direction of the enemy, then use Roll. You will roll right through the enemy and end up behind them, setting up an easy back attack!

2. Stay on the move!

Most enemies’ method of attack is to just simply walk up to you and swing. As long as you’re constantly moving, you should be okay. This is especially important for the Archer and Sorceress, as they are ranged characters. Keep your enemies at a distance and you should be free from harm!

3. Use your roll often!

If you ever do find yourself stuck in a sticky situation, utilize your roll! This skill lets you temporarily move through enemies and can get you out of a tight spot. Don’t be afraid to use it often, as it has a really fast cooldown so it will almost always be available for use.

4. Train your starting guardian!

Aside from your main character, you will get a rare guardian from the tutorial. When you do the first couple of levels, you are going to obtain a lot of low level guardians, such as the Mushrooms. You will run out of space really fast, so be sure to level up your starting rare guardian. This takes a bit of gold, so if you run low just start selling the extra guardians.

5. Exploit elemental weaknesses!

Each guardian in the game has an elemental type. If you use the correct type against them, you’ll do extra damage! Fire is good against grass, grass is good against water, and water is good against fire. Light and dark are good against each other.

6. Save your enhance stones!

You will obtain enhance stones from quest rewards and after level rewards as well. These let you upgrade pieces of equipment for your main hero, but be sure not to waste them on common equipment. They’re sort of rare to come by, so save them for when you find a rare piece of equipment.

7. Train your hero!

As you progress, the enemy guardians will become harder and harder. You need to make sure your hero is kept up-to-date! Level up their skills and stats by going to the training menu. Skills should be your priority as the faster you can wipe out enemies, the better you’ll do.

We’ll be back soon with another guide on obtaining the premium currency of the game, crystals. Until then, if you have any tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!


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