GTA 3: Trial By Fire Mission Guide


Trial By Fire is one of the many interesting missions in GTA 3 that takes place in Portland Island. Your task is to teach the Triads a lesson by picking up a throbbing weapon at the edge of Chinatown.

In this article we’ll guide you through the mission and give you the necessary steps on how to pass the Trial By Fire mission. Let’s dive in!

Step 1 – Drive to the Gun Shop and Pick up the Weapon


After you’ve answered the telephone call, the mission kicks off from Hepburn Heights. You can drive any car to the Gun shop location on the map at the edge of Chinatown in order to equip it. The weapon is at a corner in Chinatown and it’s a Flamethrower.


Once equipped, a prompt will pop-up to kill 25 Triads with the flamethrower and you must complete the task in 2 minutes 30 seconds. Your time starts counting as soon as you equip the Flamethrower.

Step 2 – Finding Triads to Burn!


Triads rule Chinatown, so the best place to find dozens of them to waste is to head to Chinatown. Once in Chinatown, you must kill 25 Triads using the Flamethrower under 2 minutes 30 seconds in order to complete the mission.


The Triads are fierce and stubborn. You should try to kill them quickly and move on to the next one else they could gang up on you and shoot you. Alternatively, rather than killing one at a time, aim for groups of them and roast them like fish steaks.

That way you’ll complete the mission just in time and you’ll have enough flamethrower fuel left to use in other missions if you want.


After killing the last Triad, you’ll see the Mission Passed prompt and that’s it. Thanks for reading our GTA 3 Trial By Fire mission guide and we hope our guide has helped you scale past the mission.

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GTA 3: Trial By Fire Mission Guide


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