GTA 3: Taking Out the Laundry Mission Guide


There are lots of tricky missions in GTA 3 most of which will see you try and try again multiple times before being able to pass the mission. In this article we’ll be guiding you on how to pass the ‘Taking Out the Laundry’ mission in GTA 3.

Step 1 – Getting the Information from Toni Cipriani


After arriving Toni’s house he complains to you about the Laundry not paying him protection money because of the Triads intervention. He then tasks you with destroying their laundry vans and wasting any of them that gets in your way. He then tells you that 8-Ball will supply you with what you’re going to need

Step 2 – Driving to the Gun Shop


After the mission briefing with Toni, there’s always a vehicle parked in front of Toni’s crib. Take it and drive to the Gun shop on the map to pick up grenades.

Step 3 – Locating the Vans


Once you’ve picked up the grenades from outside of 8-Ball’s garage, hop back into your car and drive to each of the tiny red squared location on the map.


The cars are moving at a slow pace but if you drive fast you’ll find one at Saint Mark’s street, another in Chinatown and the last one should be seen passing around Portland View.

Step 4 – Destroying the Vans


After locating the Vans with above information, now it’s time to take them out. Note that you don’t necessarily need to use the bombs you took from 8-Ball’s garage to destroy the laundry vans. You can destroy the vans by using your UZI guns to aim at the vans from the left and right sides of your car windshield.


You can detect the vans with a large blue arrow that’s pointing towards at them from above. Once you shoot any of the vans enough, they’ll start to burn afterwards they’ll explode. After destroying all three of them, you’ll immediately see the Mission Passed prompt and that should be enough to teach the Triads not to mess with Toni Cipriani.

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GTA 3: Taking Out the Laundry Mission Guide


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