Everyone’s favorite cynical cat is here to reluctantly play! Presenting Grumpy Cat’s Worst Game Ever, and that’s quite the statement! Help Grumpy Cat begrudging get through a bunch of fun little mini games. Unlock different Grumpy Cat poses to get more games! We’re here with a mini guide on some of the mini games, so let’s get started with our Grumpy Cat’s Worst Game Ever cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Note! Due to how unlocking new mini games works in this game, we won’t be able to cover all of them.


1. Garden Games!

  • Needle Pulling has you pulling out the cactus needles stuck in poor Grumpy Cat. There’s not much to this one besides the fact that you have to be fast! On higher speeds you will have to deal with more needles and you’ll have less time to do so.
  • Box Launch involves launching Grumpy Cat into the box at the top. The trick to this one is noticing that the top box pauses for a split second once it reaches one side of the screen. Line it up with Grumpy Cat’s box!
  • Catch the Dot has a laser dot spinning around Grumpy Cat. You’ll need to tap on it in time with Grumpy Cat’s paw to catch it. Don’t rush this one! Tapping randomly and recklessly will just cause trouble. Stay calm and be patient, especially on the higher speeds. You have plenty of time to make a precise paw strike!
  • Find the Goldfish requires quick thinking! You’ll need to press the corresponding shape in front of Grumpy Cat to jump forward. Much like the laser dot one, you can’t rush this one even if you feel like you need to. Be quick but not too quick!
  • Spacediving has Grumpy Cat falling to Earth from… space! You’ll need to catch three birds to land safely. This one is pretty easy, just be sure that you’re ready. On the higher speed even missing just the first bird can spell doom for you!
  • Food Catching is pretty easy when you’re starting out. Once you get a couple of speed ups this can turn into a nightmare really fast! There’s not much to it other than just going as fast as you can.
  • Branch Dodging has you swiping left and right to avoid the branches. This one is pretty easy, just make sure your sides are open before you switch lanes.
  • Pizza Making is a simple game of memorization. Quickly eyeball the entire row! We found it easier to just memorize the colors and not the actual ingredients.
  • Frog Catching is another simple one. You just need to time your jumps so that you land on the lily pads. Remember to take your time – you only need to cross three lily pads.
  • Burger Flipping is also pretty simple. Wait for the dotted lines to line up with the burger, then let it flip! This can get a little tricky on the higher speeds, but take your time. It doesn’t need to be perfect!
  • Reel it In requires you to spin the handle of the fishing rod as fast as you can. Just rotate your finger as fast as you can!

2. Grumpywood Games!

  • Clean the Plate! Well? What are you waiting for? Scrub away! Not much to this one. If you’ve got a quick finger it’s no problem! Make sure not to miss tiny little specks. Wide circular motions work best!
  • Swat the Hands to keep them away from Grumpy Cat. This gets pretty tough once things speed up. We recommend two fingers on both sides of the screen for this one!
  • Repeat the Song is another memorization one. Keep your eyes glued to the Grumpy Cats so you don’t miss!
  • Find Grumpy Cat has you locating Grumpy Cat in the middle of a crowded beach full of buddies! Do a quick scan and look for Grumpy Cat’s signature face.
  • Connect the Wires has you simply connecting colored wires. On higher speeds you might accidentally connect different colored wires, so make sure not to go too fast! You might also have to deal with four wires instead of three.
  • Find the Pea is the classic “which cup is the pea in?” game! Watch the pea carefully and don’t lose track of it!

That’s all for now. There are more games to get through, so if you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!



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