Grow Zombie – Zombie Inc aka Grow Zombies is a really unique and interesting mobile game available on both Android and iOS. And we’re here to help you get better at it by sharing some Grow Zombies cheats and tips in our complete strategy guide.

A mixture between endless clicking, strategy and puzzle, Grow Zombies is really charming and really fun to play. But it’s also difficult to master and if you’re just picking the game up, you might have some trouble progressing at an optimum pace. We’re going to help with that by sharing some Grow Zombies tips and tricks below.

So let’s not waste any time and let’s find out how to get better at this really unique game! Here is our complete strategy guide, mostly aimed at beginner players:

How growing zombies works
It’s a really interesting mechanic here, similar to what we’ve seen in other combining games. In order to get a better zombie, you need to have two lower level zombies and combine them. You keep doing this over and over again. This means that getting one very rare zombie requires a lot of combinations and base zombies consumed, but it’s totally worth it.

Therefore, you should always do your best and go as high up as possible based on the limited number of zombies you can hold at a given time.

Having a bit of variety is also important, as there are tank-type zombies with lots of health, damage dealing ones, ranged ones and so on. Just know what each zombie does and what their strengths are and build an army based on that.

Focus on research first
Out of the things you can invest your hard earned coins in, I would recommend focusing on research first as that simplifies things a lot. You should get some extra zombie population (very important to build large armies of top level zombies), as well as the gains you get from zombie eggs.

Once the prices for the upgrades there are too high, you can move to the other categories – the Building and Zombie upgrades (more about these lower in this guide).

Take advantage of your zombies’ strengths in battle
When you go hunting, you should make sure that you use the strengths of the zombies you have at your disposal. Place the tanks higher up, then the melee damage dealers close to the humans, as soon as they get into the area. Place the ranged zombies last, while making sure that they are far away from the humans.

Also, place your zombies in such a way to attract all the humans into the area: when you place them towards the bottom of the map, the humans will move towards them. This is especially useful when dealing with ranged enemies which should usually be taken out first.

In the end, if you make sure that you know exactly what all your zombies do and what their strengths and weaknesses are, you should be able to exploit them to the maximum and get the most out of this.

Be smart when upgrading zombies
When upgrading your zombies, make sure that you invest in those that you will constantly use in battle. Also, I found out that level 1 zombies are a pretty good option for upgrades too, since they’re the easiest to get for and for a while, you will surely go to battle having a bunch of those too.

Also, if you only focus your upgrades on your best zombie type but don’t go with a full army of those (which is virtually impossible), you’re losing a lot in other areas. So make sure that you spread your upgrades around and have a few different types of zombies upgraded and ready for battle.

Multiple ways to increase zombie population
Being able to go to battle with as many zombies as possible is extremely important because the more zombies you have, the more chances to win you have. Also, the more base spots you have for your starting zombies, the more advanced zombies you can create.

Fortunately, there are two paths you can follow to increase your zombie population, and just the first is obvious. You can increase your maximum population using the Research tab, but you can also go to Zombie – Z-Virus and spend the said Z virus in order to increase population. It’s actually this latter method that is much easier to use and allows you to increase your max population faster.

Two different upgrade paths for the buildings
When upgrading buildings, you can spend coins or skulls to do it. However, there are two different paths for the upgrades, so if you increase the zombie damage using coins, it doesn’t mean that you can spend skulls to pick it up from there and upgrade some more.

This is why it’s extremely important to check out both paths and spend resources in the lab and the bone lab in order to maximize the boosts.

These are our Grow Zombies tips and tricks. If you have additional strategies to share with fellow players, let us know by sharing your comments below.


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