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Grim Soul Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Survive and Thrive

Grim Soul Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Survive and Thrive

Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival is a beautiful zombie survival game with amazing graphics and a deep concept. And we’re here to help you get the most out of the game by sharing a bunch of Grim Soul cheats and tips in our complete strategy guide for surviving the night and day and building an amazing base.

There are a ton of things that you will unlock as you play the game and you’ll eventually get the chance to challenge for being the king of the lands… but until then, we must make sure that you’ll survive the knight, your first encounter with a Damned Knight – or even worse, the Night Guest and so on. Baby steps, just like in Last Day on Earth, the game that looks a lot like Grim Soul DFS.

But let’s not waste any time and let’s check out our Grim Soul tips and tricks below to get you started on the right foot!

Start by building your house (base)
You should start working on this as fast as possible because you’ll soon get the chance to build some chests for extra storage (extremely important) and eventually the game will deliver features that will make houses extremely important (like looting and so on).

For starters, since you won’t have a ton of resources on hand, you can safely build a 4-square house which should be just enough early on until you get to explore a few more areas and unlock more crafting recipes.

Ideally, you’d build a 3×3 house first, which would give you more options for the long term. But don’t worry too much about this right now since you will be able to build more in the future.

Don’t forget that you can actually upgrade your house’s walls, which is extremely important especially for when other enemies start attacking you (this is not yet implemented in Grim Soul, but it doesn’t hurt to prepare).

But in the end, building your home base should be your priority: build the house, unlock new crafting items and craft them – this will open up the door to even more crafting and more advanced stuff in the game, but it will also make your life easier. So focus on your base!

Pro tip: Keep your trees on your home base if you want to have them around. Trees that you cut down DO NOT grow back, so if you want to do a bit of landscaping, don’t cut them (although they might prove extremely useful to build your house quickly early on)

Unlock the extra inventory space ASAP
Inventory space is extremely limited, but fortunately you can unlock the bag relatively early in the game, before you get to level 5. Do so and you will get extra inventory space, which will make everything a lot easier, especially when looting areas around your base.

Storage is also very important, so start by building a Peasant’s chest in your house. The good news with these chests is that you can build more of them – so make sure to do so whenever you need extra storage. Place all your items inside and head to new areas carrying as little stuff as possible in order to make sure that you can get as much loot back home as possible.

Always run to the treasure areas
As soon as you start the game, you will get a treasure area unlocked and you should visit it before it goes away. BUT make sure that you go there with an empty inventory – so only head that way after building a chest and a bag for extra inventory space.

Normally, you should be able to make two trips to the special area and that will give you the chance to come back home with most items – and the same goes for other special areas as well. Go there carrying as little as possible in order to bring as much as possible of that treasure home!

Get the Raven’s cage ASAP
This is your first quest in the game and you should complete it as fast as possible. After you do so, you will unlock a ton of other quests and they’re very important because they give great rewards that help you craft more items and unlock even more.

Gather everything you can
Although Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival is, as its title says, a game about surviving, the most important part of the game is actually gathering items and crafting advanced loot that will allow you to survive.

All the items are very important in the game, with some of them being more important early on (like the base materials: rocks, logs, rope and so on) and others more important later on.

You can never go wrong by simply collecting as much as possible, so make sure to always build enough chests to hold as much treasure as possible and gather everything from the areas you visit.

Use defensive structures to your advantage
When looting in areas that have those spikes placed around (usually near houses), use them to your advantage to destroy the enemies. They walk right into them – so walk around in such a way that you draw them into the spikes. Many very difficult enemies can be destroyed by simply using this trick!

Also make sure that you have weapons and armor on hand whenever you are in a new area. Always check your equipment before leaving your base and make sure that you have back-up for items that are about to disappear due to their minimal quality levels. You don’t want to be in an important fight and end up with no weapon and no trousers!

Hit & Run
When dealing with the said strong enemies, you should apply the hit and run mechanic. Basically, you will go close and hit them, retreat and consume some food items to replenish health, then hit again before retreating and doing the same.

This is the only way to deal with the more powerful enemies out there, but extremely easy to do once you get used to it.

In order to deal even more damage, you can use ranged weapons. By this I also mean longer melee weapons that give you the opportunity to strike from a distance. Although these usually deal a lot more damage, the fact that you can avoid getting hit matters a lot in the long run!

Keep an eye on your health & thirst
It’s extremely important to be healthy, well fed and not thirsty. Keep an eye on these meters – especially when in battles and make sure that you always have some items (like the berries or leek) ready for a quick tap use in order to replenish health.

But don’t eat too much! If you overeat, your character will puke, which will take time and also reduce their moving speed. This can prove to be fatal in battles, so don’t tap those buttons too quickly!

How to survive a Night Guest encounter
When night comes, an enemy appears that’s impossible to defeat: the Night Guest. However, there are some ways to get away from him, like using a torch to scare him away, going inside your house (if you’re on your base) or going inside those red circles that are painted on the ground in all areas.

Also, if you can outrun the Night Guest, do so: leaving an area will help you lose it and survive another day.

These would be our Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival tips and tricks for now. If you need more advice or have additional questions, don’t hesitate to ask them below.

Also, if you have extra tips and tricks to share with fellow players, we’d be more than happy to read them as well!

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Grim Soul Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Survive and Thrive


    • Thats a tough one …only the gatekeeper holds the forsaken dungeon key and his stronger than the Night Guest …his home will be found in a map.Also in his house there is good loot for you.

  1. No dungeon keys are available from what iv discoverd. I cannot craft rope. I cant grow wheat. I cant find the three main items for the stable yet either.

    • To reset: disconnect account (in settings), delete app, reinstall & restart, *at the point of linking your account- when your Google account info comes up- DO NOT accept… Hit the back button, & it’ll start you over. Done this maybe 8 times already.

        • Step 1
          Go to settings – App – Clear cache – Clear data.

          Step 2
          Go to File manager – android -obb – delete fantasy.survival.game

          Step 3
          Go to File manager – android – data – delete fantasy.survival.game

          Open Grim Soul App

          • Simplest way is during gameplay click the settings icon and you only have a very few options anyway but you’ll see the buttons for Google account to be logged in or out
            It’s very simple and fast to switch back an forth between off/on which makes it appear it doesn’t have any immediate effect,
            However on my Samsung phone I simply disconnect here while playing, save the changes
            Exit app to home screen but do not close it out
            Leave it running in background, THEN you go the the app in your phones settings and select clear data. Works for me.

      • Don’t forget to disconnect first your google account before doing the clear data.
        After doing that and everything have been reset. make sure to login to your google account again to re-update the progress.

        • you can also delete your progress in the google play app if u want to use the same gmail for safeguard . but it needs 24 hours for the data to be removed from your account .

    • It is a game in the early stages, you need to prepare for when it comes, because when it comes and the player attacks you and you lose everything you have played and worked on for weeks, you will do some irrational stuff.
      It will slowly make new patches and updates, new content and new items. That’s why it’s an awesome game.

  2. Really could have used a bit of practice before clearing out my whole area and dying / losing all my * at the treasure event. Guess I’m reinstalling and not using google play huh

      • I died while looting another player and managed to die like 5 times before managing to get back there. when i finally made it, my body was still there with all the loot.

    • Your best option for that is to goto a dungeon an search the coffins(or whatever they are called) it’s probably your best option ATM for to the game still being in development stages.

  3. I purchased the combat readiness pack but do not see the items. I clicked the money bag where i get the daily honey and water but do not see anything. How do get the items purchased

    • When you click on the money bag icon, look on the left hand side of the screen. It should show like a few icons and one of the icons should have a flashing red number. Click on that and claim your stuff.

  4. i didint have a webon i die meny time and lost all my webon how can i get one or get clothes is thare any place to buy things
    each time i go to the fores i die no food or weabon to damage

      • You mean no offense but clearly your comment was cynical as hell, Michael Oxfart. His name is Viroos so he’s clearly Middle Eastern and obviously he’s trying to spell “weapon” which by no means follows your standard English word-structure like half of our language. At least he’s made an effort and explained his problem in a completely different language. if you have any issue with this guy at all it should be that he hasn’t figured out the basic concept of picking up sticks and making wooden clubs, which 99.9% of people have figured out without help. So if you are reading this, Viroos, farm some wood and make some clubs. Then to get better weapons: loot chests, farm other materials and craft them, or trade for them from merchants.

  5. Plank floor, you need wooden plank and stones. 10 each I think. Has anyone gotten a horse yet? Want to know if it’s possible to build, haven’t found trough or bridle or saddle yet.

  6. How does resetting your skill points affect the game? Do you lose any of your structures? Can you keep resetting skill points without penalties?

    • U can find it in loot crates in every places. The higher the skull number. More higher the chance you can get tins.

      Well. High risk = high return. Low risk = low return.

  7. Pro tip: Sneak up to enemies to do DOUBLE DAMAGE on your first hit. You can 1 hit lepers and wolves if you equip weapons that get your damage to 26 or higher (one hand sword). It saves your durability on items and health. Don’t know about the knights as I am still low level.

  8. In the base construction part i cant find the optional that allows me to build a plank floor. I do have planks and stone bricks already, but the only optional the game gives me is to build a soul floor

    • once you put the floor down you click on the floor in the building menu (the same menu you used to place the floor on the ground) and then you hit the upgrade icon (looks like a green arrow pointing up)

  9. So, basically, you buy stuff, die, lose it all…and even if it’s in a zone where you can recover your stuff, you can’t kill the thing that killed you to get it back because you have no gear. So you smash and grab areas trying to build back up after losing items you already spent actual cash on.

  10. bonjour super jeu je suis niveau 31 j ai une grande maison mais je n arrive pas a trouver le materiel pour l ecurie ni pour le cheval ou je peux trouver une auge et une selle?

    • Not really. Once you have stables. You can go to birch places where you need horse first. Here’s the instructions :
      1. Farm pine woods well (i did take 270. 100 i keep it in case i need it for the future, 100 for fuels such as smelters etc, 50 for upgrade house, and other 20 for creating tools such as another axes and pickaxes) do everything to make yourself fully prepared (it will took half day.) Just make sure to build manufacture for creating armor. Do not forget about foods. (If possible. Do not depends too much on honey kegs and waters. Just use it for urgent purpose or hunting to 3-skulls place if you want to keep things fully prepared)
      2. Go to 2-skulls place rock place. Aim for coopers. Avoid getting hunted by AI players (unless you can kill them for sure). Also, if you can loot crates in those places (including pine thicket). You could getting such goods (maybe kinda trash. Just keep it for later. Next updates XD).
      3. Create full armor + weapons and necessities for survive (such as baked meat, soup. Or bring honeys. Kinda risky since you have to bring water which will use your space for other loots later). Bring torch if you want to doing hard way (night time). Do not carry useless things when you’re in there (2 or 3 skulls) place. You need to prioritize loots there. All that left is fortune.


      A little tips : when you’re about to die (low health/food/water) and you’re in your own home. Drop all your items in chest. Go outside fully naked and empty. Wait for either night guest (night time) or any monster spawning to kill you. (It is better when you have bed ready inside your house).

      Sorry for RIP English. I hope that’ll help you.

  11. Once I die in most danger area, can I recover my stuffs back? I had tried many times but I couldn’t find it. Is it only option in home I can recover my stuffs?

  12. Main key in game to be prosperous. Just stay in the green zone (1 skull area) until around lvl 30. I’m almost lvl 40 and still havent moved onto the red zone. Play smart. And work the perimeter of the map towards the middle. Just grind the green zone constantly and make sure to complete every section you go to because the key is to lvl up. Clear each area is the best way.

  13. I guess ill just have to,wait for a update I’ve built all I can build. I need the birch wood etc. But can’t place my horse stable down. Can’t place my potion table down. I need that other wood but there is. I way to get to it.

  14. This game is pretty decent for a beta but I’ve noticed a few things like for example trapping zombies by your house I’ve noticed I get a lot less intruders. Simply lure it outside your house then make a floor under it and build around him and boom u got alil prisoner. Also for all who don’t know this when u place down a wood floor, you can go back to that same floor and upgrade it by tapping the floor and tapping upgrade, a few other key points is looting events and gathering in green zones, gather everything and stock up make a lot of chests for everything organize it etc.. then craft ur gears and store them for the bigger trips for example the skull chest event. I’d collect till about level 50 and when u got a lot of chests full of gear go exploring for stable by that time it should be out by then, don’t upgrade walls till it’s close too app update for online bases this way u save materials a lot faster in the beginning. For the damned knight the fastest way I find to kill it is find a good dnt weapon and some grilled meat hit it and run way one hit run repeat should be able to kill it. For the night shade thingy just run off map or bring a torch and you’ll be fine, warning tho if u see 3 or more fanned knights at once run!! Pretty much 1 hit from all 3 will kill you.

    • You can retrieve your weapon by clicking on the icon that looks like a BAG OF COINS located at the lower part of your screen. Once you do that the MARKET PLACE will open and you will click on the CHEST located in the lower left corner of the screen. There you will find your weapon you bought

  15. I found best way to keep others from stealing off ur racks water etc..when u have enough wood build your house around the Farm,Campfires ,Smelting ovens etc.That way it will take someone to blow your doors and walls down to get at ur stuff

  16. In virus hose at my game thre is a army of knights
    i gess one time i run arond his hose knight +1

    Now 9 knight around his hose :)))
    Can i explode them or somting?? What can i do?

  17. To all players please do not kill other players, specialy when the player is a low level geek lol, i wish the creators will add a messager on this game to make it more fun socializing rocks! Lol

  18. I have created a House with Parking Lot for my stables, carriage, and cart XD. Even when the next updates available that allows you to raid other people for sure. They might end up in my parking lot where there is nothing to gather except firewood XD.

  19. To all those who want to reset their game progress if you have a google play game account open it, go to settings, choose and delete the grim soul game in your account’s list of games, then go to your phone app settings, click grim soul game and clear the data.

    To those who don’t have account on google play game, just clear the data on your phone then register on google play games and create a new account.

  20. To keep away the zombie’s you need to gather a large amount of woods and stones and create a wall around your strong hold, then outside and inside the wall create a spikes for monsters and looters for the future update of the game.

    • To be frank, I not sure as well, but keep in mind that this game is still young at development. I’d recommend for now to make use of your resources to either keep your crafting stuff safe (Gardens, furnaces/smelteries, tanning rack, etc) as it might end up with a potential to be stolen with possible updates to come.

  21. Is it good to buy weaponry chest for 550 rs … Actually I am thinking on buying it saved some money that I don’t need now !! So any review please

    • The possibly cheapest bag you can get is “Ragged Sack” which costs 2 rope and 2 flax. You can simply find this at the crafting menu. It unlocks only 1 tier/row of your bag space, I recommend to use this as your “foraging bag” because other bags seem too expensive or too high value to loose. Your welcome :)

  22. am a beginner, Why do i loose all my inventory in the chest after i die, have reinstalled many times. still am facing same issue.
    my health will get low and i die.

    • If you die in a skull area you lose everything you have on you. Dont die in a skull area if you have lots of items in your backpack.

      If you die in an event like dead body event you can return to it, find your body and recover your items. Same thing applies to ai player bases.

  23. These water bags/flasks are given everyday you log in to the game with only 1 water filled water bag and 1 honey barrel. I’d recommend to save the water bags as you can create powder charges to break walls to raid as well as refill them with water.

  24. I would very much like to know what isn’t in the game yet. I have spent time and resources on building items that are not yet included. Seems alot like false advertising… Is there anyway to find out before I waste time and resources? I could have used them for other things. I understand this game is in beta. However, it would give a better understanding to the devs as to my game play if I knew beforehand which direction to put my efforts to. Also, has anyone else noticed that the creatures are harder to defeat the longer your characer is alive? I kill mine off daily to have weaker enemies.

  25. All I can say is that the monsters are hard to defeat, plus the best gear need best ingredients, but still the durability is so weak. Not weak, I mean it’s going to break eventually.

    For all of us free players who don’t have money to spend in this game, this is too unfair for us, I guess.. Also the unique and rare items are hard to find or maybe they can never be found on 3 to 4th skull areas..

    Umm message for the game developer or the GM or anyone who make this game : for us players who love this kind of concept, we thank you for making this game. But can you please Nerf the monsters especially the armored dammed, witch, and gate keeper? Although I didn’t meet them on the game, but for me, the single armored dammed is so freakin hard to kill, so how can we kill those other o.p. monsters that we still don’t know?

    But still the items is really hard to get..

    • Are you talking about dungeon of forsaken? With a bit of luck, you can find the map after killing damned knight/templar.

      Anyone looking to complete their stable:
      All stable items at level 1 dungeon (golden chest)
      Bridle at level 2 (golden chest)

      To gain access to level 2 dungeon, you have to complete your torture chair. Then, use scroll of control on a forsaken hermit (hermit can be found at level 3 skulls) to unlock level 2 dungeon. Scroll of control and blueprint for torture chair can be found after killing one of descretaors inside level 1 dungeon.

      Good luck!

      • Hi !
        I completed dungeon 1 but didn’t get the blueprint , im not sure what I did with that stuff when I cleared for 1st time.
        Can I get blueprint again?
        Thank u

  26. Como faço barra de ouro? Usa barra de cobre e um matérial prateado, de início pensei que era pedra comum, mas n é, preciso principalmente das barras de ouro pra fazer pregos. Alguém pode me ajudar?

  27. I am level 77 and i have not spent any money on the game yet. How do i use the bronze axe and bronze pickaxe to get birch wood and iron ore? Also how do i get steel ignot and iron ignot?

  28. I was able to kill the game keeper with the slash and dash method with the Halbred (I bought it) but now I need a powder charge to knock down his door. Does anyone know if he is dead for good or does he reset? Ty in advance!

  29. I would say, start by building your house, get your resources and try to build the Raven cage as fast as you can. It’ll give you some quests that you probably have done, like build 10 walls, make 5 chests, and so on. Grim souls will not count the quest done if u already did it before being given.

  30. I’m looking to join an “Order”, but it says non of them can except new members at this time. I am level 34 and have built a level 1 sanctuary. Have I not done something correctly ? If anyone has room in their Order, my handle is “GorillaNutz”. I am an active player and would really appreciate the assistance.

  31. Does this game allow you to trade/transfer items with players in your Order? If so, are there limits – like if I have an extra rare item, can I send it to a fellow Order member to help them complete their build & vice versa?


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