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Last Day on Earth Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

Last Day on Earth Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide
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The Last Day on Earth have arrived and it’s every man for themselves. In this zombie survival game, you have only one goal: survive! Our Last Day on Earth cheats and tips survival guide will teach you the basics and essentials of lasting more than a day during these rough times.

With RPG and crafting elements, there’s a lot to do in Last Day on Earth. Fit yourself with the best gear you can find, build yourself a sturdy shelter and prepare yourself for the long days to come.

You’re not alone in this world, and almost anything is a threat. To help you survive for as long as possible, here’s our Last Day on Earth cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Spend the first couple of days gathering!

When you first spawn into your world, you’ll want to spend the first couple of days gathering. Your house plot has a bunch of natural resources for you to collect. Every time you gather something or take down a zombie, you’ll earn some experience.

Leveling up nets you crafting points that lets you learn new recipes. First off, you’ll want to craft a Hatchet and Pickaxe – these allow you to chop trees and mine limestone respectively.

With those two tools in hand, run around your land gathering all of the resources. Once you’ve cleared out mostly everything, you should have gotten enough experience to level up to at least level 3.

Craft the essentials for your house!

For us, the best starting house was a simple 3×3 home. You’ll need to put down flooring first, then you can add the walls. Each floor and wall costs one pine log, but you should have a bunch after you’ve cleared out your plot of land. This gives you enough starting space for the essentials and allows room for expansion.

To make your home truly yours, you’ll need to craft the essentials. You should spend your crafting points to unlock the Small Box, Campfire, and Garden Bed. The box lets you store 12 items safely, but make sure they’re placed inside your house to keep players from stealing your stuff. The Campfire lets you cook better food, and the Garden Bed lets you grow carrots to steady your food supply.

As a side note, if you’re hurting for more storage space early on, keep in mind that you can use the truck you started next to as storage.

Prepare to explore!

Once you level up again, unlock the Basic Backpack blueprint. This lets you hold 8 more items. Since you’re probably still wearing only a jacket, it’s best to stick close to the green areas. The little location indicator above an area will tell you the “density” of that area. Higher density areas mean more materials and resources but also tougher enemies.

Light density areas are green while heavy areas are red. For now, we recommend staying in the green areas until you’ve gotten better weapons and a full set of armor.

Keep an eye out for Points of Interest!

Sometimes the army will drop in a supply crate that becomes an exploration point on the world map. You have to be fast though – these special Points of Interest are time-limited and will disappear after a certain amount of time. If get the chance though, go explore them as you’ll usually find some really good loot.

Also, keep an eye out for Military Bases. These bases are Points of Interest that are fixed and don’t expire. To fully explore these, you’ll need to find a security key card. You can sometimes find them on dead zombies and players.

Master Combat!

You’ll be expected to face off against all sorts of dangers, so it’s best to prepare accordingly. For almost any engagement, sneak attacks are great. Tap the crouch button on the bottom right corner and you’ll crouch. In this mode you move slower but it’s much harder to be detected. If you can sneak up behind an enemy and smack ’em, you’ll strike extra hard, usually instant killing them.

Melee weapons are the safest bet. While you’ll suffer some hits in a battle, they’re quiet and won’t alarm nearby enemies. Guns obviously are much safer… in a way. While you can pick off enemies from afar, you will also alert any enemies around you, potentially making the situation much worse than if you had just used a melee weapon.

Keep an eye on the minimap, and be very cautious if you see a red blip coming straight toward you as an alarmingly fast rate. This blip will usually end up being one of two things: a Fast Biter or a player character. Fast biters aren’t too bad as they’re just as fragile as regular zombies, but player characters can potentially be deadly.

These aren’t controlled by players in real-time but rather a “copy” of their character. Depending on what they had equipped, they can be laughably easy or your worst nightmare. Don’t engage them right away – back off for a second and see what kind of gear they have. If they’re naked, you can probably kill them easily and take whatever goodies they had. If they’re armed, make sure you’re ready to fight and you have good armor equipped.

Get to level 10 quickly!

Just about anything you do nets you experience, which is good because you want to get to level 10 as fast as you can. The reason being is that at level 10 you can unlock the first set of basic craftable armor.

It’s not that great but it’s better than nothing, and since armor is hard to find in this game it’s handy in the event of you meeting your untimely end with no way to recover your stuff.

That’s about it for our survival guide on Last Day on Earth. We’re sure there’s still lots of stuff to discover, so if you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Last Day on Earth Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


  1. Be prepared to spend a few bucks so you can relearn your skills as you level. That skill point you used on the spear isn’t so great now that you have cleavers and guns aplenty.

    Next don’t waste coins on energy unless there’s a plane crash or supply drop nearby it’s worth it then and ONLY then to go fast. So be patient and walk and conserve your energy for the really sweet drops.

    Take at least 3 axes or pickaxes with you when you go to quarries or forests and store them in the chest on site and don’t carry them back. Travel light one weapon maybe two and only the clothes on your back plus axes/pickaxes you’ll need the space as you’ll inevitably find random loot like Iphones and wires as well.

    • Gather stones and pine wood. For level 2 walls, process pine wood to plank. Put stones and plank in your pockets, go into building mode, tap the wall or floor you want to upgrade, tap the Green arrow pointing up to upgrade.

    • You don’t nees to delete it….. You can move each and every item (furniture) in the game. Except the walls, doors and windows. Click on the building icon – >choose furniture – >select which item u want to move /rotate.
      You can also delete items using the same method.

  2. I had a tonne of good stuff and items but when i died all of it was lost and i looked at the last place i diead and i couldnt find my body and now i dont have any items

  3. Build a water catcher When You get bottle of water in your inbox or When You go out drink and keep the bottle for a new bottle of water with water catcher you build

  4. How to you pause the game without starving and losing all your equipment. Every time I go to bed I wake up and I have starved and died. This is weird. Surly you don’t have to log in every 10 mins and feed and drink??

  5. it sucks like whenever he dies all the items he collected crafted and equipped vanishes as well! and while u craft or equip and on a diff screen, zombies r still attacking!

  6. I’ve had this game since yesterday and got the bunker code today with the CB radio and opened the vault and when I went to level 1 there were so many zombies and they were huge. any tips? has anyone been to the vault and actually found something of value?

  7. Bunker A code is CB radio, dont go down there without massive amounts of guns amd healers, use make steaks or carrot stew, FARMFARM&FARM level up on green and orange zones, red again need big guns or swords, run from fights at 40% health to greenzone its not worth lossing everything in inventory, just show up on hoard attacks run them in a circle then run home theu will leave, work on tht atv for river crossing for steel oak and other rare material.. User TonyGreen hope this helps guys amd girls

  8. I am curious, am I able to make more than TWO garden beds? Cause I have two on the ground and I had another two built, but I was unable to place them on the ground no matter how far they are from items and for some reason, they stay red. Is 2 garden beds that’s all I can have? I am over 11, so I will be able to place another 2 more garden beds as I level up or what? Or 2 is the max, that’s it??

  9. How can i make stakes that will block off players and zombies from accesing everything i placed outside? Or do i have to build a massive house round those things in order to block it off?

    • Use an electronic lab that will do,
      There is some secrets hidden in there of how did the shadows of the past a.k.a ZOMBIES started..

      Hope this helps

    • once you’ve place a wall or floor you cant move it. You can only delete it. You can still move furniture though. tap the build tab under the map. then furniture tab. tap the furniture you want to move or rotate. :)

  10. Even through abundantly searching the internet I haven’t been able to figure out the oak planks I’ve been to all of the resource areas and haven’t located any and I’m level 30 how could this be

  11. guys…! my character die in his own base but my character dead bodies always there. how to get rid the body it so annoyed. it is bug or glitches of the game. sorry for my english i am english speaking person. tnx..!

    • Stay in an area and don’t go off into the green areas till you want to leave. When you leave and area and it ‘reloads’ you can select a new area to walk or run to(uses energy).
      In your first area(home) you can collect branches and rocks by hand by clicking on ‘auto’ When you have 3 rocks and 3 branches you can make either a hatchet or a pick, with these you can ‘farm’ trees and boulders.

    • Let your character die in other areas, ie. Green zone pine thicket or Stone ridge. If that doesn’t work, try dying again in areas outside your base.

  12. I died trying to loot. How would I know if my body is still there? Is it ever going to disappear?
    I want to know so I don’t waste time trying to find my body that doesn’t exist anymore

      • Not true. I’ve gotten my gear from my body in other areas. It depends on the timing and if the map recycled yet or if you died again somewhere else in between.

        • Yes, if you return somewhere to collect your own lost gear or loot you must go within the same ‘gametime’ but If you log out you won’t be able to return and find ‘your dead self’

  13. I already have the code to bunker alfa but everytime i put the code the lift or whatever that is supposed to lift up would be stuck and a message says it needs additional power… where can i find additional power to be able to use on bunker alpha? Thanks

  14. I trapped three zombies to kill myself with if i’m on low health. This makes it so I don’t waste medical supplies. It’s pretty useful, because it gave me a free machete too.

  15. To access the Vault at Alpha base I to walked around a (red/EXTREMELY dangerous )rock quarry. There I saw a soldier dead on the ground on the left edge of the area. Then I touched the hand button and it gave me the password.
    The VAULT was NOT WORTH It. You’ll need guns to make it out alive but the loot was as crappy as you can imagine.
    The big 500HP guys will kill you with one blow (keep your distance)

  16. Is it possible to be able to store things in a storage box that is in one of the lands and then go home to drop off stuff from your backpack and then go back to the exact same land and the things you stored in there would still be in that same exact box or does it delete?

  17. I’m level 70 and still can’t find the parts for my chopper. I’ve read all these questions and it appears there’s not much in alpha bunker, I need 20 engine parts… how else can I travel to other lands. I feel stuck in a loop, I need parts, can’t get them all therefore can’t move to other lands to advance the game. Any suggestions?

  18. I was level 99 and still couldn’t find many of the vital parts to build a chopper or atv. Both were almost completed for about a month, while I searched for them, with no luck. I also unlocked everything but couldn’t build most of it as I needed the transport to get the parts necessary. I don’t think they’ve put all the parts in the game yet, maybe they will appear after more updates.
    (my game crashed last week and I lost all my data I had to start over, I’m now level 32)

  19. I’m attempting the Alpha base I am level 17, I have gone through some ( a little) of the 1st level, I had a gun ( ran out of ammo). Lost other one, and the clothing as well. So I don’t have much help behind me. I need advice on how to eliminate all the a-holes along the way. Do I have to finish level 1 to unlock level 2? can I get a MASSIVE GUN ( with unlimited ammo?) :-) Also when the code changes will the base re-populate again?
    Thanks for all the help

    • Ik you probably already figured this out but yes it does repopulate and it would be very supering for a lower leveled player like you and me to even get near the loot in bunker A so I would suggest grinding to a higher level and trying again and good luck.. :)


  20. I am now a level 46 but still stuck in the first area. I cannot expand or produce good gear through lack of steel, aluminium and engine parts. Is this the norm? I don’t mind grinding it’s all part of the game but if I am not going to get anywhere what is the point.

  21. Am I the only one facing problems concerning time ?! I have to stay opening the game to let the time pass when passing from one place to another , or when I’m outside home n I quit I have to wait for 24-29 min n if I quit it will restart . !!!

  22. I get that you should build a shelter but the zombies always run it over and i tryed upgrading the walls but i didnt get it in time but i think its because of my BIG Fortress that i like to build :) Also i never got stealen nobody has stealed any of my sh*t + its no crap so its some good loot any ideas?

  23. In every video on youtube I see people getting 10 xp for each cut on a tree and getting 50 xp for each zombi kill. I am only getting 3 xp for each cut and 15 xp for each zombi/deer/wolve. Can anyone help me or explain me why I am getting less xp?

  24. I was not in my home when the zombie hord attacked it.
    then I went to my home and zombies has gonebut my walls were destroyed
    Do you know we’re has they gone?

  25. Is it really a multiplayer game? cuz I want to play with my brother whos too scared to play by himself. He did start the game but he spawned at the same place I did. so is it really a multiplayer? what are clans? whats a zombie van for exactly?

  26. I need a hand here. I just blocked my exit while accidentally placing a small crate in my exit and now I can’t get out of my house. My iPad screen is apparently very sensitive. Any ideas. Other than I’m a idiot?

  27. Hi Guys, I brought a weapon pack and have gotten the ‘MINIGUN’ however when I was playing, MINIGUN wasn’t working? do I need bullets to use it or anything that makes it work? I nearly died as it wasn’t working and its the first time using this weapon – & as a girl I am unsure :) Any help will be great. Also how do I get fuel?

  28. I’m level 99 have the chopper built and almost the act built all my walls and floors are level 3 and I have 2 of every work bench item like garden smelter wood cutting ext. I have heavy guns and went to the watch tower killed all the huge ass zombies but it said to move on I needed transportation when I had the chopper with me any ideas plus you can get oak wood from the watch tower but it’s a far travel you will be safe from the powerful zombies inside the fence but don’t open the fence unless you have heavy guns or want to die thanks for any help I can get and your welcome for any info I gave

  29. Ive gotten 10 oak logs from the watch tower and you need a generator to make the watch tower work… only makes 2 planks…. and I have stolen some gasoline out of another player’s chopper but cant steal the chopper…. it is possible to break down another players door with c4 or break a lvl 1 wall with iron hatchet… I have looted 7 aluminum from bunker alpha but no vehicle parts… I found a lot of atv gas tanks but u only need 1… I havent cleared bunker alpha yet but ive already went through two m16’s two ak47’s, a shotgun, few glocks, few sets of decent army grade armor and not to mention healing supplies or lives lost, all during 24hr…. i havent got the loot from the chest by the turret but the bunker doesnt end there, there is more to explore…. my advice on clearing a bunker…. carry about 3 slots worth of healing supplies(20,20,20) about 5-8 guns or 1 or 2 extre blades or hammers… at least two sets of good armor….. dont loot anything but food or healing supplies untill you make your way out / if u survived for that long ;)

  30. Needed a titan bar and oak wood……been trying to find the remaining parts foe my radio tower but still nothing happens, every drop and crashed planes visited only got some useful stuff but there were no titan bars etc….help please…..

  31. guys. im beginner to the game. im fear to face first zombie raid…. Is it very hard to face? what happen after that raid? omg! its will be come in 2hours..

  32. Guys do we ever see other players in the game? Even after building the tower? Or not? And my chopper should i build it? And when do I get bunker Beta card?

    • You need a card for alpha bunker , usually found on zombies or dead military personnel bud , then put the card in and it will show u a screen that u will then put the code into

  33. When you raid another persons base do they know it was you , I’ve heard that when you get attacked by another player its actually an ai , is that true , thanks for any help offered

  34. I gotta w…hiw in yhe world do i get by the turrets in alfa bunker..everytime i get close sneaking or just trynna run as fast i can ,i get destroyed lol i need help …also do anyone now if that whole alliance system the show even up and running yet ..or do i need to just wait till this beta is done

  35. Regarding the bunkers, they are not boring, what you have to do is get a card or code and use the terminal, then the round centre disk pops up a lift, you go into the lift and it takes you into other dimensions, but be very very careful, there are lots of bad zombies and also lots of bigger badder zombies, there is a lift and on one of the floors there looks like hospital beds with terminals next to them you use the A,B,C, cards on the terminal, but you need 20 to 30 cards of each one.

  36. Where can I get the engine and chopper parts? I am level 70 but still haven’t figured how to get them. And also, where can I get steel, copper and aluminum ?

    • Lenka,

      I keep the Rain Catcher next to the shower and keep 4 bottles in it.
      everytime i get back to the home base i drink two waters, shower with the other two and place the 4 back in the rain catcher to refill.

  37. I have something wrong with the game, I tried to start the game on my phone but it loads around 98% and didn’t complete, does any one know why or the game server is down??!!

  38. How do I lvl up my dog I’ve started him walking my base I think but I ent seen him since then and he doesn’t seem to be getting higher so I can take him out with me

  39. not sure how to use a dog. i have grown up dogs, but can i take them with me? i dont see any option in the game, and no forums say how to use a dog


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