Upcoming mobile-based football game Gridiron Thunder was originally set for an Ouya-exclusive September 30th release date. But after deciding to withdraw from Ouya’s controversial Free The Games Fund, developer MogoTXT has confirmed that the game will now be coming to both Ouya and all other iOS devices when it is released later this month.

A new update on Gridiron Thunder’s Kickstarter page (through which MogoTXT managed to raise a whopping $171,000 after only asking for $75,000) has confirmed the team’s withdrawal from the Free The Games Fund which means they are no longer bound by the Fund’s six-month Ouya-exclusivity requirement:

“Because we recently chose not to participate in the Free The Games Fund, we are no longer bound by the exclusivity requirement of the program and can make Gridiron Thunder available on all iOS phones and tablets, in addition to the Ouya. In order to make Gridiron Thunder fully cross-platform, we have decided to postpone the launch of the game until Oct. 30.”

Ouya’s Free The Games Fund is a program through which the Ouya team promises to match the funds donated by backers to a particular game through Kickstarter as long as the game manages to earn at least $10,000 in funding from at least 100 different backers and remains Ouya-exclusive for six months after release. The total amount needed to qualify used to be $50,000 but after several cases of suspicious artificial fund-inflation were detected, the Ouya team revised the rules.

The month-long delay may be disheartening for Gridiron Thunder fans and backers, but it should be welcome news that they’ll no longer need an Ouya in order to play.

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