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Griddie Islands aka Griddies Tips: Cheats & Guide to Play Better

Griddie Islands aka Griddies Tips: Cheats & Guide to Play Better

Griddie Islands by Pomelo Games is a brand new mobile game that you most likely refer to as Griddies. This is how its name is actually written after installing it. Plus, it’s shorter.

Either way, we’re here to share with you a complete beginner’s guide to the game, filled with all the tips and tricks we could think of to make your experience better. You’ll learn how to merge better, get more money and generally play a better game.

So let’s not waste a second! Here are the Griddies tips and tricks that we have for you.

Merge constantly!

Griddie Islands is part tetris, part merging game. But the merging part is by far the most important of them all – so that’s what you should try to do at all times: merge.

The concepts here are probably known to all players: you need to merge two items of the same level in order to get a griddie of the next level. This means that getting to the top levels becomes more and more difficult and requires more time and money.

But unlike many other merging games out there, Griddies actually makes it relatively simple to keep up with the level requirements. The prices for buying new pieces to merge is relatively low.

By merging and unlocking higher level Griddies to use on the island, not only that you get an income boost, but you also enlarge your inventory.

In other words, every now and then, when you reach a milestone, your inventory will enlarge, allowing you to store more griddies at a time. This will prove to be extremely useful when you need to hoard various types of items that you will most likely need to fill uo the board (see below).

Try to fill up the board

The money that you need to buy new pieces are rewarded based on the ones you have already placed on the board.

The more Griddies you have placed there and the higher their level, the more money you will make over time.

But there is also one extremely important thing to have in mind: if you manage to fill up the board, you will receive an income boost of 50%.

This is so big that it always is a good idea to fill up the island (aka board) even if you use lower level griddies. You will still make more money this way!

When planning ahead for your island filling-up, have in mind that two pieces that would’ve been very useful do not exist in the game: the 1 and 2 square pieces. So you’ll have to do without them!

But make sure that you always have the island filled up and the income boost activated: this is vital especially when you plan to quit the game and not play for a longer period of time.

A tip that I use here is to keep the island full at all times, trying to reach higher level griddies in the inventory only or using just one piece on the island which is easily replaceable.

Then, I simply swith the lower level piece on the board with the higher level one and get an income boost. Easy and doesn’t require you to rearrange the entire board to make it work.

Rotate the pieces

Fortunately, you can rotate the Griddies that you have in order to make it easier for you to fill up the island.

In order to do it, simply tap a griddie in the inventory section under the island itself. This gives you more options and makes it easier to fill up the board, so take advantage of it!

Keep an eye on prices

Every new griddie that you purchase from the store increases the price of the next purchase.

This means that eventually (or if you don’t plan it too well), a level 1 item could cost more than a level 10. And you should never let that happen.

In order to keep the prices under control, you should keep matching the Griddies that you have and try to reach the highest possible levels. Then keep buying the highest level item you can but with regular coins.

Another tip here is to simply let the game run while you do your thing. Every now and then, the game will offer you a Griddie for free as a gift.

These are of a very low level, but they are always free and if you are patient, you can use them to keep the costs under control.

A good way to know if you’re paying more than you should for a specific level is to compare it with the price of the previous one. If you can buy two of the previous level griddies at a cheaper price than one of the current level, then do so.

For example, if a lvl 1 costs 1,000 coins and a lvl 2 costs 3,000 coins, you should always buy the level 1 until it costs more than 1,500 a piece. Keep an eye on this and your money flow will be perfect!

Watch ads to get advantages

There are multiple moments during your play time when you will have the option to watch a video ad to gain some sort of an advantage.

By far the most useful of them all is the ad that you can watch to double your income after spending a longer time away from the game.

You can also watch ads to boost production and double your income for 200 seconds (a bit too little for a ad in my opinion) or also get free griddies of random levels.

These would be all the Griddies tips and tricks that we had to share today. If you have additional advice for fellow players, don’t hesitate to let us all know by commenting below.

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Griddie Islands aka Griddies Tips: Cheats & Guide to Play Better


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