Green Skin: Dungeon Master Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Surviving The Dungeons

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Welcome to Green Skin: Dungeon Master, a fantasy RPG roguelike where you create your own clan of dungeon exploring adventurers. As the captain of the clan, you will recruit new soldiers from the tavern, outfit them with top of the line gear, and even befriend some goddess in the process!

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In our Green Skin: Dungeon Master tips and tricks, we will go over how to build the ultimate team, how to get the best gear, and how to survive your dungeon expeditions. Let’s get started with our Green Skin: Dungeon Master cheats, tips and tricks guide to surviving the dungeons!

Examine bonfires for adventure experience!

When you are exploring a dungeon, you may come across an extinguished bonfire. These are traces of adventurers before you, and tapping on them will grant unique “adventure experience”.

Each dungeon has its own pool of adventuring experience, and the more you collect, the more your adventure level will increase for that specific dungeon. Higher dungeon levels grants you special bonuses, like increased gold drops and defense and attack boosts to your heroes.

If you have the food to spare, it is worth it to go after these bonfires, as they will make repeat trips to that same dungeon easier and easier. Keep in mind though that the adventure experience and accumulated levels only apply to the dungeon you are currently in.

Complete dailies for diamonds!

Diamonds are the premium currency of the game, and to get a bunch of diamonds you have to make sure to stay on top of the daily quests. You get three daily quests a day, with two of them being worth 40 diamonds and the last one worth 70 diamonds, which means a total of 150 diamonds a day.

They are not usually things that you have to go out of your way to accomplish, so they should be completed with relative ease.

Build a balanced party!

Your dungeon expedition party can hold up to four heroes, which is perfect because there is exactly four classes in the game: Warrior, Swordsman, Assassin, and Mage.

Try to always have your party filled with one of each class, unless you are trying for a specific strategy or build. Each class focuses on one area of combat, so having a balanced team is the best way to ensure your odds against enemies.

Aim for 4 or 5 star heroes!

When you are in the Tavern looking to recruit new heroes, aim for heroes that have the highest rarity. It is a bit tricky and you need to be very lucky, but it is possible. Lower rarity heroes are okay to have, but their full potential is heavy limited compared to the higher rarity heroes. Only 4 and 5-star heroes can be enhanced or evolved.

Make sure you are not wasting any recruitments when you go to the Tavern. When you use a Normal or Special Recruitment, three heroes of random rarity will appear. The Special Recruitment has a higher chance of showing high rarity heroes.

You can choose any of the three heroes for free to add to them to your roster. If you already have that hero, you will gain their Soulstones instead. Even if there are no heroes you want, you should always pick at least one of them so you can power them up while you are building up for the better heroes.

Do not use a recruitment and then not pick a hero, as that is basically wasting a recruitment. You should also know that whenever you use either recruitment method, you will gain recruitment points. When you reach 800 recruitment points, your next recruitment is guaranteed to have a 5-star hero in it.

Strengthen your heroes!

Now that you have a good party going on, it is time to power them up. Here we will go over the different ways of powering up your heroes.

The first method is to equip them with gear. Each hero has six gear slots: weapon, head, chest, arms, feet, and accessory. You will find gear of varying rarity from the dungeons, so hit the Auto-equip button to automatically outfit a hero with the best possible gear in your inventory.

Next is enhancing. Enhancing allows you to power up a hero’s battle skills, making them much more effective. Enhancing requires the hero’s Soulstones, which is a special currency unique to them. You gain them by getting duplicates of the hero from the Tavern.

Last is evolving. If you have enough evolution resources, you can evolve a hero into their next class. This grants them a huge stat boost, and they also unlock a new battle skill. Evolution resources can be found throughout dungeons.

Watch your food and do not backtrack too much!

When you enter a dungeon, your default food cap is 40, and you use 1 food every time you move. If you run out of food, you will be forced out of the dungeon. You can also use your food on the spot to recover your party’s health.

You recover a little bit food between floors, but you still have to keep an eye on it. Try not to backtrack too much – say for example you explore a big floor and you find the exit, but you notice that there are a few rooms you did not explore. In these cases it is usually the better idea to go into the exit.

Balance your shrines out!

The glowing pedestals with the orange orbs on top are shrines. When approached, a shrine will offer three buffs to you and you can only choose one per shrine. These buffs last until you leave the dungeon, and they stack too. Most of these buffs often come with a debuff as well, so you must balance your decisions wisely.

For example, attack buffs will often reduce your defence. You do not want to stack too many of the same type of shrine buffs, otherwise you may end up with wildly unbalanced stats like attack +50% and defense -50%. You may dish out a lot of damage, but you will take a lot of damage in return.

These playstyles are definitely possible, but if you are just trying to survive we highly recommend spreading your shrine buffs out so that you are not completely lopsided in terms of stats.

Dungeon items can make your exploration easier!

Make sure you open every single chest you come across in the dungeons, as they will almost always have two items in them: one dungeon item, and one piece of gear. Dungeon items come in consumable and passive forms.

The consumable items must be used to benefit from their effects. These include things like food that recover the party’s health, items that disable traps, and so forth.

The passive items are always active as long as you have them in your Adventurer’s Pouch. These items grant you stat bonuses and gold and experience bonuses, making it much easier to traverse through the dungeons.

Choose your partner!

Mev the fairy introduces you to the Partner mechanic where you get to set one of the side characters as your “soulmate”. Each partner has a specific skill that only activates when they are the current soulmate.

Mev’s skill increases your backpack space by 2, which is a good skill to have early on. When you get to the next dungeon, you will meet Yggdra, the second partner. She reduces the effects of traps on your heroes.

There are more partners to mee, but just know that the more you use a single partner, the more favored they are with you, which provides bonus stats. Additionally, if you get a partner up to the second level of favorability, they will unlock as a playable hero!

And that would be our guide on Green Skin: Dungeon Master. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Green Skin: Dungeon Master Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Surviving The Dungeons

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