Do you want to learn the latest Greedy Cats tips and tricks? Then look no further, because I’ve got everything that you’re looking for in our Greedy Cats: Kitty Clicker strategy guide!

I have to admit – this adorable game really got me hooked! It’s a kitty clicker fiesta where you feed cakes, ice cream and other kinds of sweets to your cat, who’s actually taking part in an eating contest. To top it all off, you have other cats supporting you. Let’s be honest, is there something more adorable than that?

But let’s get back to some (slightly) serious talk for a minute – you’re here to check out all the Greedy Cats tips and tricks that we’ve got for you, so let’s not waste another second and dive right into them, shall we?

Start by leveling up your main cat

The most important character in the game is, of course, your main cat. That’s the one who takes part in all the eating competitions, so you naturally want to make sure that it’s strong enough to take on everybody.

I suggest you always keep the main cat as advanced as you can, because every level can make a difference when it comes to the competition. Furthermore, you will gain various bonuses every few levels, which are going to make a huge difference.

Activate the Auto-Clicker every 10 minutes

Let’s be honest for a second – you don’t really want to tap like a madman every second that you are in game, right? So, if you’re a f2p player, the best option would be to activate the Auto-Clicker every 10 minutes.

The Auto Clicker can be found at the very bottom side of the Cats menu, and each 10 minutes it will reset. Make sure that you have it activated for as long as you are actively in the game doing tasks, because that way you can go about doing anything while the cat will continuously advance and compete.

Don’t spend $ on Ad Skip Tickets

There is an option for premium players that lets them spend some $ and purchase Ad Skip Tickets, that work by simply skipping the ads instead of watching them. If that was something you’ve considered, I would like you to think again.

I’d argue that it’s totally not worth spending $1 for 20 Ad Skip Tickets because an ad takes at most 30 seconds, and you only get 20 tickets (which would account for 600 seconds/10 minutes at most). So yeah, 1$ for 10 minutes being ad-free is definitely not worth it!

Claim the Gift Cat reward whenever it pops up

Brace yourself, because we are about to dive into the ad-watching-fiesta!

Every now and again you will notice a tiny black kitten flying around in a balloon, carrying a gift box. Make sure you tap on it and claim the reward it carries because it’s something that you will find very useful in the long term, especially during the events.

To claim the reward from the Gift Cat, you will need to watch a short ad, but not every time. The rewards are usually proportional to the level/progress that you’re currently at, and the gifts that require you to watch an ad to claim are typically better than the ones which you can claim straight up.

Use ads whenever possible to claim free stuff

I know this is not exactly what you’d like to hear, but trust me – it does its job. If you are a f2p player, ads are going to be your best friend in the game. Through ads you’ll be able to claim tons of Coins, outfits and power ups, which are going to make progressing a lot easier.

A really cool use of the ads to get double rewards is in the Path of Stardom menu. There you can watch an ad to claim double rewards (2x 20 Gems) which you can then spend on unlocking a new outfit!

Level up your cats using the multipliers

If you have a lot of Coins and want to quickly upgrade your cats’ level, then you should use the multiplier in the right side of the screen to select exactly how many levels you want to upgrade the cats for.

I personally always go for 10x, since that’s both reasonable in terms of price and lets you see serious changes in speed.

Also, don’t forget to get income multiplier for a few hours too!

If you don’t mind watching a few ads, then this is one of the best ways to do so. Basically you can get up to 4x more income for plenty of hours, and all you need to do is spin the wheel to activate the multiplier, then watch a few more ads to extend the time for the multiplier as much as you’d like.

My tip here: The best ways of using this is before going to bed or before closing the game for a longer period of time. That way you’ll have a lot more income while you’re idle.

Take part in the time-limited events

The events are a great source of outfits, gems and many other rewards, so I really suggest that you take part in them every time there is one running. In short, the task you need to do during an event is level up a cat as much as you can in order to collect many trophies.

Need more Gold? AFK for a few minutes then claim double rewards!

Every time you leave your character AFK they will collect passive income. Try to watch an ad to double that income when logging back after a long period of being idle. This is one of the best ways to progress especially if you don’t have a lot of time to be active in the game.

Add more friends!

Finally, I want to cover a feature of the game that is quintessential to getting more free Gems! Make sure that you add more friends in Greedy Cats by heading on to the Friends menu -> enter friend code.

Feel free to add me if you’d like! My code is YBG-SYG! Share your Greedy Cats friend code down in the comments section below to make it easier for fellow kitty lovers to add you to their friends list!

These would be all of our Greedy Cats: Kitty Clicker tips and tricks that we’ve got right now! Do you know some more game tips that you’d like to share with other players? Make sure you drop them down in the comments section below!

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