This is a great week for those who hate hitting pay walls when playing their favorite games on mobile: several amazing premium games were launched for iOS this week and you have to try them all. It’s been a long while since we had such an impressive launch day on the App Store and we’re still keeping our eyes open since we might have missed one or two other great games as well.

We’re going to share with you the great premium games released this week (in no particular order) and all I can say is that you should take out your wallets. This is a great week to start spending some money!

The Witness

The beautiful puzzler took the PC world by storm when it was released on Steam a while ago and it’s now fortunately available for mobile too. This is one of those must play titles, no matter if you like adventure games and puzzles normally. Here’s what it’s all about:

You wake up, alone, on a strange island full of puzzles. You don’t remember who you are, and you don’t remember how you got here, but there’s one thing you can do: explore the island in hope of discovering clues, regaining your memory, and somehow finding your way home. Prepare for an amazing challenge: there are over 500 puzzles waiting to be solved!

Get the game on iTunes here ($9.99)

NBA 2K18

The game that requires no introduction, right? This is the best basketball simulation on consoles and mobile – in my opinion. 2K Games are ready to surprise us one more time with an amazing, full experience that everybody will love. Get the game and check out the improved visuals and all the surprises that the devs have in store for us.

The NBA 2K franchise returns with NBA 2K18 for mobile, featuring unparalleled authenticity and improvements on the court. Packed with new features such as a deeper MyCAREER mode, The Association mode, and new 2K Beats Soundtrack, NBA 2K18 will be the most authentic NBA mobile gaming experience yet!

Get the game on iTunes here ($7.99)

Thimbleweed Park

This is a retro adventure game coming from the brilliant minds of Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick, creators of the classics Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion. This is all you need to know in order to be sure that you’re up for a complete, complex experience filled with humorous bits and mindbending puzzles.

Play as five characters to uncover the surreal mystery of Thimbleweed Park — a town where a dead body is the least of your problems. A haunted hotel, an abandoned circus, a burnt-out pillow factory, a dead body pixelating under the bridge, toilets that run on vacuum tubes… youve never visited a place like Thimbleweed Park before. Instant buy!

Get the game on iTunes here ($9.99)

Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story

I really enjoy the new genre that has been created by these “lost phone” games. They use very little in terms of visuals and instead they focus on the story and keeping you hooked with nothing but words. A brilliant upgrade to choose your own adventure games, these titles will always keep you asking for more. And one thing is certain: you won’t be able to put them down until you have completed them. This is the case of Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story, too.

This game is shaped as a narrative investigation: you have to link elements from the different applications, messages and pictures to progress. Scrolling through the phones content, you will find out about Lauras life: her friendships, her professional life and the events that led to her mysterious disappearance and the loss of this phone.

Get the game on iTunes here ($2.99)

Lila’s Tale: Stealth

Use the full power of Apple’s Augmented Reality to play Lilas Tale: Stealth. Play this adventure stealth game in your living room! Guide Lila, a little girl trapped in a strange place, with your phone and be smart to avoid enemies sight while collecting coins and retrieving the key to successfully leave each dungeon.

Augmented reality is getting bigger and better and I am sure we’ll keep seeing great games like this one pop up. This is a great start!

Get the game on iTunes here ($1.99)

These are the best premium games that were released this week. As I said earlier, we’re still looking to see if we missed any. So if you know of any great premium game released on iOS this week, let us know by sharing your comment below!


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