As a new player to Grand Summoners, the plethora of characters can be overwhelming to say the least. With so many units available, it can be extremely hard to decide which units worth investing in, as in most cases we have limited resources. Imagine spending everything that you’ve got on a character that turns out to be not that good after all. We’ve all been there and it’s not a great feeling.

So, that’s why we’ve put together a tier list in this article, to help you out with those decisions. Of course, if you ask any Grand Summoners seasoned player, they all have their own tier lists in mind. In other words, there’s no tier list that everyone would agree on. With that being said, we did our best to be as objective as we can, based on our own personal experience and the data we’ve collected from around the net.

Keep in mind that feature updates might adjust characters stats and skill and as a result, the power rankings might change.

Grand Summoners: Best Attack Units

Tier Hero
S Ruthless Demon Divine Celia, Shuri, Swordsman Berwick
A Saitama, Ginzo, Milim, Icicle Spear Goddess Alvina, Speed-o’-sound Sonic, Tamae, Goblin Slayer, Kisaragi, Riviera, Ragsherum
B Blazing Axe Empress Rishley, Master of Dragons Louvet, Illusory Twin Blade Melia, Garou, Sword Ruler Luda, Leone, Mira, Corsair, the Frozen Empress, Hades Knight Emperor Regulus, Dark Winged Swordsman Raki, Shining Winged Emperor Daki, Clyde the Crimson Sword God, Emerald Blademaster Vogue, Inferno God Ifrit
C Eternal Rage Marzex, Kane, Filo, Zeorg, Death Sickle Queen Lily, Aquarias Empress Yomi, Great Wolf Assassin Sly, Ninja Machina Jack, Fatal Savior Marzex, Mad Creator Kayas, Inferno Guardian Goddess Anna
D Riana, Arrow Emperor Keiones, Magical Warrior Mizyna, Wise Behemoth Olgeth, Dragon Ruler Arosdea, Godwyrm Dargeon

Grand Summoners: Best Sub-Attack Units

Tier Hero
S Berwick, Sakura, Spy of Darkness Fen, God of Dragon Knights Weaver, Ashe, Norn
A Blazing Flame Empress Lione, Raphtalia, High Elf Archer , Flame Spirit Empress Lian, Sealed Terrible Tyrant Lygor
B King of Beasts Lozze, Hellish Blizzard, Benimaru, Divine Conqueror God Nies, Amane, Destruction Machien Goddess Lapleh, Saku, Soul Destruction God Zenon
C Haden Flower Empress Pola, Magical Shadow Goddess Dahlia, Maiden Princess End, Shiki, Genos, Magnificent Star Archer Mamori, Forbidden Knowledge Keit
D Demonic Blaze Teriodos, Knight of All Nature Elmessio

Grand Summoners: Best Support Units

Tier Hero
S Fen, Melty, Empress of the Spirit World Sonije, Rosetta, Rimuru, Mako, Holy Knight Goddess Feena
A Hime, Divine Fox Painter Sumire
B Master of the Six Demons Mixie, Secret Counsel Cathemilia
C Sorceress of Space-Time Alma, Healing Sorceress Valentia, Queen of Frozen World Selia, Beast Hunter Goddess Shadie, Sealed Fox Princess Zeela, Scarlet Giant Zoldes
D Eden, Dark Destroyer Leon, Blazing Spirit Feld, Thunder God Rhiothis, Azure Holy Beast Elfalla, Leaf Guardian Ashe Toto

Grand Summoners: Best Breaker Units

Tier Hero
S Shining Divine Warrior Platina, Radiant Sword Goddess Tallis
A Elusive Cannon Princess Courtney, Sealed Demon of Destruction Fosly,
B Terrible Tornado, Est, Spear Spirit Empress Daisy, Arth, The Emerald Sword Emperor, Phantom Operative Jill, Duke
C Inferno Emperor Ragna, Holy Sword Zeschia, Roy, Holy Slasher Rhodia, Satsuki, Evil Demon Empress Coco, Radiant Spear God Reyon, Silent Divine Palamicia
D Deus Ex Vaid, Dragon Master Zoroas, Demon Assassin Voghan, Ultimate Swordsman Guard Rasaou

Grand Summoners: Best Healer Units

Tier Hero
S Vox, Priestess
A Queen of Ancient Powers Aristela
B Branches of God Valhalla, Intelligent Divine Governor Parlot
C Liese, Dragon Guardian Empress Nerim
D Mother of Dragons Alche

Grand Summoners: Best Defender Units

ADragon Lord Gerald, Blazing Divine Guardian Sanstone, Celia, Hero of Darkness Zeorg
BLord of Black Art Onfuan
CForever Guard Duran

That’s all for our Grand Summoners tier list. We will try out best to keep these lists updated, so make sure to check back on this page. Let us know if you agree with our lists the comment section down below!

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