Dust off your helmet, grab your bike, and get ready to race in the wildest motocross races you have ever seen in Clan Race! Clan Race is a physics based motocross racing game where you will races over desert dunes, mountain hills, and stadium tracks.

Clan Race is all about competition, so there are no single-player modes to speak of here: it’s just you against the world! Every race will be played online against other human players in real-time, so bring your A game if you want to climb the leaderboards!

Of course, friends are always welcome so invite some friendly players to your clan team! Players in the same clan can races against other clans in a domination match to see which clan can come out on top.

Don’t just own the track – own your looks too! Your rider is fully customizable from your helmet color to your shirt. Don’t forget about your bike either, as you need to look awesome to ride awesome. Change the paint job, add on spiffy new decals and just express yourself.

Every part of your bike is upgradable as well, so you can eventually create your own dirt bike monster. Put different pieces together, tune them so that they are at maximum performance, and blow the competition away!

Clan Race is available today on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store!


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