Master Chef Gordon Ramsay is here to help your new restaurant empire take off! Gordon Ramsay DASH is a new spin on the Diner Dash series. Instead of playing as the classic Flo, you are now your own chef on a cooking game show with none other than Gordon Ramsay as your guide. Experience classic Diner Dash gameplay with new cooking tools and facilities! Let’s get your restaurant empire started with our Gordon Ramsay DASH cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Utilize the Action Queue!

When you tackle Season 1 Episode 7, you will learn the Action Queue technique. This technique allows you to queue up multiple actions by tapping multiple times. For example, say there are two customers who both want turkey sandwiches. You can make a turkey sandwich to hold in both hands, then tap both customers to serve both of them in one fell swoop. This earns you frenzy points, and once the frenzy gauge fills up all the way Super Gordon can automatically serve all current customers. He can be a real life saver, so try to use him when you’re backed up! Essentially queuing up multiple actions and making sure you are never standing still will earn you frenzy points.

2. Leave the coins on the table!

Swiping to collect coins also nets you frenzy points, so it is best to leave coins on the table until all slots are filled up so you can swipe to collect them all in one go. Also, this helps you out because new customers cannot sit down if there are still coins lying on the table. It buys you more time in the long run! Don’t hold the coins there for too long, though! You might end up not having enough time left over to serve all of your customers.

3. Always have a patty ready to go!

Early on, you will only have access to one Grill Storage. It lets you keep one patty fresh and ready to go. Whenever you have downtime, make sure you have a patty on standby in case someone orders a burger. If your storage is empty, grill a patty really quick.

4. Collect the trophies!

Trophies are essentially the achievements of this game. Completing a certain task will reward you with coins and – even better – gold bars! You will need a lot of gold bars in the future to upgrade your later kitchen facilities, so try to collect as many trophies as you can.

5. Collect your profits!

After you have completed all episodes of Season 1, you will be able to collect profits from Big Bay Burgers. The profits will collect over time and when they are ready, your game will send you a notification. Be sure to come back every now and then to collect the coins and experience points waiting for you.

6. Forgot a recipe?

If you forgot how to make a dish in the heat of battle, you can always just tap and hold the order bubble over a customer’s head. Not only does this pause the game and give you a short break, you will also get a mini visual guide on how to make the dish in question. Very useful if you get confused during dinner rush!

That’s all for Gordon Ramsay DASH. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!


  1. What i have to do to play the season 3 .. The app said that i have to tap to select a recipe i received from leveling up .. But it doesn’t work

  2. Does anyone have an image list of the names of the characters matched to their faces used in the game? I can’t fill daily goal if I can’t figure out who Beardsburg is in order to serve him X-amount of times..

  3. Why can’t I get 5 stars in the last 2 episodes if season 1. I have served all customers with time left over several times but it won’t give me 5 stars?

  4. You have to earn a certain amount of money to earn 5 stars in each episode. Some upgrades in the store will increase the number of customers that come so you can earn more money. You also have to upgrade your food and decor to increase the money paid for each item and tips.

  5. Do you get more coins for making perfect dishes versus good dishes? I have upgraded everything in pizza place, but still lose in duels on occasion. I’m wondering if it’s because I’m wasting time making perfect dishes…

  6. Have all the recipes for signature dishes but still can not buy chicken for the 2 new restaurants. Does anyone know how to get without using gold to buy? Never had trouble with any of the other ones.

      • I used Rush Hour (Deconstructed Halwa) with Fast Feet (Colossal Calzone). Plus everything was upgraded EXCEPT for anything that gave me extra customers. Plus I bought the auto chef for 200 gold. Instead of buying the auto chef, you could just spend 25 gold to unlock the third slot, and use the Auto Chef (Beef Canapés).

        It CAN be done, but it’s very expensive to do so. Good luck.

  7. How do o get the chicken ingredient too. I’ve been waiting for the market place to sell it, but still hasn’t shown up. I went to Duel market too to see if I could buy with tickets.

  8. Even if I have a prep recipe for an episode the celebrity critic customer doesn’t always show up to be served and I don’t get the extra points and I have wastes a prep recipe …why does this happen is the game cheating or do you have to do something to make sure you get to serve the prep recipe?

    • There is nothing you can do; these are automatically generated by the game. During a chef duel both you and your opponents are given the same sabotage. The sabotage changes each week.

  9. I cannot play on the chips and delish level and on the pizzeria, I was able to unlock it but it always say downloading content or no network connection. I already have a steong internet connection but it fails to loads. Any suggestions out there? thank you. #newbie player

  10. I’m passed level 17 in the game and when i go to look at sets and​ click the ?, It mentions wishlin stars. But I don’t have them. There’s no purple flowers under any of my venues. Only how many stars I have in each venue. My friend has them fine and I’ve looked all through her game to see if I’m missing something but mine doesn’t have what hers has and I’m quite a few levels ahead of her. Also checked to make sure my game don’t need an update and it doesn’t. I’m so confused.

  11. I had taken up the Gordon goal, which is now finished but it’s still active. I can’t join any other goal. How to end or remove the active goal?

    • just keep playing and reach for those 5 stars every level/season, its the only way, unless you can buy maybe going for their monthly subscription offer, I always look forward to mine! =D

  12. Help! any tips on how to beat venue Ultime level season 6 episode 10? its the only one I can’t beat and i use 2 diff VIP’s *-* … I just wanna win that gold ticket LOL =D

  13. Okay guys I’m on Season 2 Ep 7 I can’t get all customers served bonus to change to color gold it won’t change! Does Happy Hour or extra time or anything else cancel it out? I have time left but it doesn’t change, why? Have a few like this, anything you can do please help! I appreciate it in advance thank you! – Peter

  14. Okay guys I’m on Pizza Paizon Season 2 Ep 7. Help!!! [email protected]@K!!! I can’t get all customers served bonus to change to color gold it won’t change! Does Happy Hour or extra time or anything else cancel it out? I have time left but it doesn’t change, why? Have a few like this, anything you can do please help! I appreciate it in advance thank you! – Peter


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