Goon Squad has finally been released worldwide! We loved it when we previewed the game a few months ago and I am sure you will love it now as well, especially since improvements were made and things go smoother than ever. And we’re here to make sure that you get the most out of the game by sharing some Goon Squad cheats and tips to help you win all duels, rumbles and co-op battles you take part in.

I called it “Clash Royale” on steroids and I still stand by my words. This is a big game that everybody has to try. And when they do, our Goon Squad tips and tricks will make sure that you’ll beat them all. Ah, the fun! So let’s get this started!

Ask for protection
One of the most interesting features of the game is that you can ask for protection from other real players. This basically means that you join a specific person’s squad, and the higher their level, the better the boosts you get. Because getting protection from other players means that you will get some of their goodies, translated into extra hit points and extra cash rewards for completing activities.

You can also offer protection – in this case, you can and should try to protect as many people as possible because once you do, you will get some of the loot from the protected players, which is always a good thing to have. So all in all, this is a time consuming thing especially early on in the game, but it’s really worth all the trouble!

Upgrade your cards carefully
Upgrading them requires a lot of dollars, and you won’t have that in the long run. Focus on upgrading the cards that you use, and those that you enjoy playing the most. You won’t have enough money – at least not without spending real life cash on it – so put the money you have to good use and only upgrade the cards you use.

Creating the perfect deck
There are lots of cards in the game (although still not a ton), so decks will surely vary from player to player, but there are a few rules you should follow when it comes to building a great deck:

– keep the costs as low as possible or, if your costs are higher and you wait for the end game to crush your opponent, make sure that you can stay alive that long. Keeping costs under 4 is a must in my opinion
– mix and match: make sure that you have cards to cover all sorts of possible threats. Make sure that you have something to counter swarms of enemies (like the hell hounds), single strong units and flying units.
– know what your cards do and what their strengths & weaknesses are. Usually flying cards and those that spawn units are really, really good in the game at the moment.

Always work on opening safes
It takes some time to open safes won from battles you’ve came out victorious from, so make sure that you’re always working on opening one. Take them one at a time and try to anticipate when you will log in the next time, in order to optimize opening times. It goes without saying that you should keep the lengthy ones to open over the night, when you are sleeping.

Also, don’t forget about the skull safe which can be opened daily and which is filled based on the number of battles you take part in (and also performance matters).

Focus on a particular game mode
There are three different game modes you can play and each one has its own power rankings. Being the best in each mode is pretty difficult, so my advice is to focus on the one you enjoy the most. I would go on the traditional 1vs1 mode or my favorite, the Rumble. The reason why I don’t really like the Co-op mode is that you depend too much on your teammate and you don’t have all the control in your hands.

But choose your favorite game mode and play it over and over again, perfecting your strategy and deck for it. Because what works in 1vs1 won’t work just as well in Rumble mode, where you have to keep your eyes open in multiple areas and focus your attacks on the easiest enemy to take out. Practice makes perfect here!

These would be, for now, our tips and tricks for fellow Goon Squad players. If you have more to share, make sure you do so by commenting below.


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