It’s golfing like you’ve never seen it before! Golf Zero is a new golfing game that requires a little more dexterity from you. How do you mean, you ask? Well, these ain’t your ordinary golf courses! There are water hazards, spikes, and even slime monsters crawling around, so you’re going to have to get moving!

Move and jump around the course freely to get the optimal shot. You can even get fancy with slow motion mid-air shots! Needless to say, golfing has never been this action packed. We’re here to help you rule the course with our Golf Zero cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

The courses await, so let’s get started with our Golf Zero tips and tricks guide!

1. Putt like crazy!

Unless it’s explicitly noted for a gold medal requirement, you don’t need to worry about conserving your balls. If you’re on a level that requires you to make a mid-air shot, remember that you only have three seconds before the slow motion wears off. You’ll need to make that count, so to increase the odds just hit all of your balls away and hope that at least one of them makes it in!

2. You can chain slow motion!

Be aware that you don’t need to use all of your balls in one slow motion chance. If you activate slow motion and shoot only one ball, you can wait until you need your other two balls. After time goes back to normal, wait until you’re where you need to be to take your shot then tap the button. Slow motion will activate again and you will still have your remaining two shots. You will actually be required to do this on certain levels, so keep it in mind!

3. Don’t worry about the gold medals!

On most levels you’ll see a red balloon floating around. If you hit it with a ball it’ll pop. When you finish the level, you’ll be awarded a gold medal if you popped the balloon – a silver medal if you didn’t. As of right now, the gold medals don’t seem to actually have any purpose besides bragging rights, so if it’s too hard you don’t have to worry about getting them!

4. Use the slimes for a good bounce!

Specific levels will have green slimes blobbing around. If you come into contact with one you’ll explode, so be careful! If you jump on them however, you’ll bounce into the air much higher than a regular jump would take you. You can use this to your advantage on certain levels, so if you see a slime lurking around look around the environment and see if there are any places you can get to!

5. Hole 1-10 walkthrough!

To get you started, here’s a video walkthrough of the first 10 holes. The first 10 holes ask you to demonstrate some of the game’s base mechanics, so it’s a good jumping point for tackling the rest of the game.

That’s all for Golf Zero. If you have any other golfing tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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