In today’s article we are going to cover all of the Golf King World Tour tips and cheats to help you win all matches and possibly become the best golf player in the game!

If you are a golf fan or if you’ve played golf before, then you are pretty familiar with the game – well, I think that this game is way easier than actually playing in real life, because you really can’t miss the ball here (as you can easily do that IRL and it turns out pretty funny). So let me tell you everything that you need to know!

Without further ado, let us dive right into the Golf King World Tour tips and tricks right here below and tell you everything that you need to know to win more games.

Practice as much as you can

When you are playing at the very start, the Beginner games (Stage 1) should be where you practice everything and try as best as you can to understand the game. This stage is quite easy, and the people playing here are mostly super easy to win against, as they can’t play super good. So try to practice here and learn how the game works, learn some basic game mechanics and how to properly shoot the ball.

In my opinion the best thing you could do is try your best to learn how hard to shoot, how to better aim and such, because these little things that you do will help you form a good habit of always aiming for the hole.

My tip here: As you are shooting the ball you can move and control the direction in which you are hitting it, and also where you hit it – try out everything (as much as possible without missing) to see what happens when you hit the ball in various positions. This will help you make the future holes which are more difficult easier.

Change the name?

I have seen quite a lot of people with the starting name, which can get quite annoying if you are really invested and you want to play the game a while. I would suggest that you change the starting name to something that you like and will use (because if you changed it it’s going to be set forever, unless you use Gold Bars).

In order to change the name head on to the Settings menu -> Change Name. There you will be asked to type in the new name, and then re-type it for safety measures. Do this only after you have decided on what IGN you want to use – this will help you differentiate from the others much easier!

Manage your card slots

As you play you will have 4 slots in which you will be able to hold your card packs. You can unlock them and depending on the quality of the pack, it will take more (or less) time. You can obtain these by competing in matches with other players or by completing various tasks in game.

Since you can only have 4 slots for these cards you should manage them right so that you can always have a free slot in case you get a better card pack. Therefore the best thing that you could do in my opinion is to open the card packs which take the least time first, while you are actively playing the game.

Then, right before you go offline, you should open the packs which take several hours to open (you will get those too, don’t worry). This would be the best use of the slots, because since they take so long, you won’t miss out on any of the possible packs that you might get from playing and at the same time you are opening a pack which takes up a slot.

My tip here: The easiest way to go about opening the packs is, in my opinion, to open the 30 minute packs while you are in game, and before you close the game or go to bed, you open the other ones which take longer. That way you will have packs ready for you the next time you log in game.

Watch several ads to claim the cumulative ads reward

While you are in the game’s main interface, you can notice in the bottom side of the screen a play button which will offer you to watch an advertisement in reward for some goods. These goods will add up, the more ads you watch, up to 7 times. These are the rewards you will receive:

– 1 ad watched: 80 Coins

– 2 ads watched: 90 Coins

– 3 ads watched: 100 Coins

– 4 ads watched: 100 Coins

– 5 ads watched: 110 Coins

– 6 ads watched: 1x Orange Ball

– 7 ads watched: 1 Semi-Pro Pack of goods.

Watching all 7 ads will take less than 5 minutes, so make sure that you do it because the Semi-Pro Pack is going to be really useful, and it is totally free (and you can open it instantly too).

These rewards can be claimed every single day, so if you don’t mind that you have to watch an ad for them, I suggest that you watch and claim the rewards because they will be super useful!

Always aim the closest to the hole

When you are trying to put the ball in the hole you will be able to aim to where you would like to shoot. I suggest that you always try to aim as close as possible to the hole, and if the terrain is bad (is on a hill or so) then you try to aim for a flat terrain which will help keep your ball leveled (and not end up with it in a bad spot).

Also, try to check where your opponent is sending the ball (if they are going first) and if they did a mistake and sent it in a bad location, then you should not do the same and try to overtake them. This might also reveal how the terrain is in the area that they shot at, so try to pay attention even if it’s not your turn.

Connect to Facebook to get a free Elite Pack

If you have a Facebook account, then you will be able to claim a free Elite Pack of goods by simply logging onto your Facebook account with the game (basically linking the two). This will instantly give you an Elite Pack which contains 73-89 Coins, 27 cards, out of which guaranteed 8-10 Rare Cards and 2-5 Epic ones. So if you want this free loot, this is how you can get it!

Upgrade your equipment and equip it too!

There will be several types of Clubs which you will have access to, and all of them can be unlocked either from the store or by opening various packs. You should always equip your best gears (your best Clubs) by heading on to the Equip tab (left side of the screen) and there you will see several types of Clubs.

Make sure that you tap on the best one that you have unlocked for that club type (for example I have Standard Wood in the Wood tab, which is better than Basic Wood). So check their stats and equip the best ones. You can compare two clubs by having one equipped, and then tapping on the second one. When you do this, both of their stats will show up on your screen and you can make a comparison as to which one you would like to equip depending on the type of club it is.

As you collect more cards for the clubs, you will also be able to upgrade said clubs. Upgrading them will increase their level and give them some boost to the stats, but that will require Coins. So make sure that you collect all the Coins that you can and save them up to upgrade your best clubs first!

Collect more trophies and claim rewards from your Career Path

The Career Path will give you rewards according to how many trophies you have collected. The trophies will be collected by winning matches, so eventually you might get all of them, with enough time invested in the game.

You can see your Career Path progress by tapping on the icon with your character profile in the upper left corner of the screen. There you will see what the next reward in your Career Path will be and how many trophies you will need to reach it. I suggest that you check these out and claim the rewards whenever you have the possibility!

Check out the Daily Deals!

No matter if you are a f2p player or a premium player, you should always check out the Daily Deals. These will be shown in the very first tab of the Shop window, and you should check them out every day because they reset daily. As most of the time the offers will be in Gold Bars, it will be easier for the premium players to collect them, but as a f2p player it might be slightly more difficult.

Take part in Coin Rush

Coin Rush is an in game event which will be basically a league with up to 50 players, which lasts for 1-2 days. You will be ranked depending on how many coins you earn, and that means that the more you play and collect Coins, the higher you will rank. At the end of the season you will be rewarded some extra Coins, but if you manage to win on the places 1 to 3 you will also receive one of the following:

– a Champion Pack (for first place)

– an Elite Pack (for second place)

– a Pro Pack (for third place)

Try to rank up because it is not as difficult as it seems and you’ll get rewards for free!

Do your daily missions

In the game you will also have a set of daily missions which you can work on, and which will reward you with several stuff and EXP. You can check out your daily missions in the Quest tab and there you will see what you have to do and what your progress with the quests is.

By completing quests you will earn Quest Points, which will add up and you will be able to claim Packs which contain goods! Do these every day because they will help you advance quickly in the game.

These would be all of our Golf King World Tour tips and tricks that we have for you right now. Do you know some more game strategies or tips? Feel free to share them with us down in the comments section below!

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  1. when I play against certain players, they are able to hit directional shots straight right or left by moving the golf club directional arrow that way. They don’t even use the meter screen which only allows you to go diagonal left or right. How do you do that?

  2. Golf King World Tour
    PLEASE explain in detail how to spin the ball on approach shots. It sounds simple…….but I’m not understanding.



      • Yes u can. Just tap on the ball in the right corner and you’ll see two or three slots with clubs. Just pick the preferred one (first make sure that you earn a second slot in your bag and fill that slot with a second club in the club section).

      • No, you can’t exchange sand wedge to wood. If you are in the bunker, the only possible option is to change between the two slots for sand wedge.

  3. I see it all of the time but can not figure it out. How do i correct my ball position when standing on the tee and move the ball landing spot from there??? Please do not tell me to click on map and drag because that is not working for me!!!!! Help. Its the aiming and distance that just about has me ready to delete!!!!!

    • Not sure if I understand properly, but it sounds like you want to change the target/landing point while in the “take the shot” position. If that is true, then the answer is simple, you can’t. You can only change the target by clicking into the overhead view, then putting your finger on the current target location and dragging the point to your preferred location.

      Understand this important fact. If you move the pointer enough to force a change of clubs due to distance changes, then you MUST set the spin again, or it will just go back to neutral. Annoying as this may be, it’s still important to remember.

  4. I see it all of the time but can not figure it out. How do i correct my ball position when standing on the tee and move the ball landing spot from there??? Please do not tell me to click on map and drag because that is not working for me!!!!! Help. Its the aiming and distance that just about has me ready to delete!!!!!

  5. You can change your viewing position with 1 finger drag to look from higher or lower and by twisting with two fingers you can look more to the right or left. Then you can pick your landing spot and move it where you want.

  6. After you reach a certain level you get 2 slots to equipe your clubs in for all of your clubs, is it possable to change fron slot 1 to slot 2 in the middle of a game?

    • When you sélect your club, you sélect after the ball and then put rear or front effect. The same for right and left effect.
      You can not do that for basic équipments
      As you play against robots it is hard to have the good équipement like them .

  7. No, you can’t exchange sand wedge to wood. If you are in the bunker, the only possible option is to change between the two slots for sand wedge.

  8. I am using the Swinger Driver but the software says a standard driver is available for upgrade, so I must have some level of Standard driver….so if that is true how do I move the standard driver to replace the Swinger driver?

  9. Iota hard to play with people that have big drivers nd hard to gain coins it’s fun but discouraging people buy best clubs it’s hard to compete with them there’s more just don’t have time

    • It is because this game is made to encourage you to buy items,like spécial balls,shirts,
      If you buy you can have good equipments……even you have to play a lot and win a lot in order to upgrate your équipements.
      As you play against robots, you have to Be patient…..
      So bad,so bad…..

  10. Can someone tell me why the club’s are green and red in colour, what does that mean.

    Also if the line of the ball is very long on the green how do you reduce it back. I see everyone do it but I can’t do it myself

  11. This game is a fake playing against other player. You play against robots.
    Always the same names, sometime you win, a lot you loose, all that in order make you sure to buy items like special balls or shirts.
    The wind is always against you when you are in the good Way to play. When your opponants is in a Bad situation, he bas always à good réâr wind to Côme back to the hole.
    So bad,so bad,


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