It’s open season on your mobile device! Golf Impact World Tour is a simple and easy to pick up golfing game with real-time multiplayer. Grab your clubs and go head-to-head with real players from across the globe! With a variety of clubs to choose from, there are multiple ways to perfect your technique in this golfing adventure. We’ve got all the tips you need right here in our Golf Impact World Tour cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Finesse & Control

Your success is Golf Impact World Tour depends almost solely on your precision and finesse when aiming your shots. You do have a time limit on your turn, but it’s best to take your time reasonably.

Be vigilant about checking the wind strength and direction before you start setting up your shot. Wind will put a spin on your ball, so you’ll need to compensate for the strength and direction. Study the wind info to see what direction the wind is blowing in and how hard, then adjust accordingly.

When you’re dragging the golf ball into the green circle, keep an eye on the circle, as it will glow green when you’re the golf ball is in the perfect position. As soon as you see the circle glow, stop moving and your ball will have a good trajectory. Note that you can also drag the ball out of the green circle to the left and right – this will apply curl to the ball, which we will explain more later.

You can now put spin on your ball if you want. Move the red dot around the ball to apply spin – top spin will make the ball roll forward more, while backspin will slow down the ball faster once it lands.

Now, all that’s left is to hit the ball at the right time. You’ll want to wait until the arrow is in the center to let go to get a perfect shot. One thing to know is that the side the arrow is on is the direction the ball will spin in.

Landing a shot in the perfect zone with the arrow to the right will result in the ball spinning ever so slightly to the right, but a bad shot will make your ball veer off dramatically. If you have some time left, take your time here – this is probably the most crucial moment of the whole shot process!

Train all of your Clubs

Training lets you get more comfortable with your individual clubs. To start the process you select a club and then simply wait until the required time is up. Once training is done, the club’s impact attribute will increase.

Impact determines how fast the timing arrow moves when you’re lining up a shot. Higher impact makes the arrow slower, which makes it easier to land perfect shots. Needless to say you want high impact on all of your favorite clubs.

It’s worthwhile to mention that training is the only way to improve a club’s impact attribute. In fact, impact is the ONLY attribute that does not increase when a club levels up.

Allow clubs below purple rarity only take 10 seconds for the first impact improvement, so we recommend training all of your clubs at least once for the small boost. You should train with the quicker clubs first and then save the long training times for when you’re done with a game.

Invest in the Right Clubs

Every time you open a golf bag, you’ll earn some club cards, which will unlock clubs for you if you’ve never gotten a card before. There are eight types of clubs with eight individual clubs for each type. The clubs also go by a rarity system, like so:

  • Blue: Common
  • Yellow: Rare
  • Purple: Epic
  • Golden: Legendary

Higher rarity clubs tend to have better attributes and greater potential, so it’s usually wise to invest lots of coins into epic and legendary clubs. It’s okay to upgrade rare and common clubs, but try not to spend too many coins on them if you can help it.

As to what clubs you should upgrade in the meantime, just take a look at their attributes page. The faded part of the attribute bar represents the club’s potential – exactly how high it can get when it’s fully upgraded.

Upgrades get pretty expensive once you get past club level 3, so it’s important to stick to a few clubs early on. The amount of coins you earn from winning tours early on is next to nothing, so you should wait until you get to the higher tours before you really start investing coins.

Know your Club’s Attributes

Each club has six attributes: power, top spin, backspin, curl, ball guide, and impact. These attributes increase every time you upgrade the club up to the maximum indicated by the bar.

Power represents how strong the club can hit golf powers. Higher power values makes the balls go farther. There’s no real downside to this attribute, so pump it as much as you can.

Top spin allows you to apply more top spin to your ball, enabling it to roll further once it hits the ground. Top spin and power are what you need to make long distance shots.

Backspin allows you to apply more backspin to your ball, making it slow down faster once it hits the grass. If you keep overshooting your target, backspin can help you fine tune your power.

Curl lets the ball spin mid-flight, allowing it to essentially turn midair. To curl a shot you must drag the golf ball out of the green circle and to the sides. For example, a ball on the left side will shoot out to the right but then curl back to the left. The higher the club’s curl, the farther the ball will curl. This technique is useful for getting around obstacles like sandpits while staying on course to the hole.

Impact, as we mentioned earlier, is improved by training your clubs. Impact affects the speed of the timing arrow; higher impact means a slower arrow.

Now that you know all the attributes and what they do, you can choose a club that fits your play style the best.

Use Special Golf Balls for a Temporary Boost

Going up against a skilled opponent? It might be a good idea to use a special golf ball. You can earn these custom golf balls from winning tours or through buying them from the shop, and they last exactly one match. You can get multiple of the same ball, though.

Special golf balls boost your attributes – specifically they give you more power, slower arrow speed, wind resistance, and more spin. Don’t hesitate to use one if you know you’re going to need the extra power.

Closing Tips

  • Each tour has a golf bag you can win if you earn enough trophies. It’s recommended to stay in the same tour and win until you get the golf bag, then you can move on.
  • Pass points are acquired every time a golf bag is opened. Be sure to check in on the impact pass to receive free gems and golf bags every time you rank up with enough pass points.
  • You can only hold up to four bags at a time. Golf bags can take hours to unlock, so feel free to keep playing while you wait. You can keep playing even if your slots are full, but you won’t receive a golf bag reward. It’s okay to do this early on, but it’s best not to skip out on golf bags in the later tours.

That concludes our guide on Golf Impact World Tour! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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