Ready to golf? Golf Clash is a new golfing game for iOS and Android. It’s designed for rapid fire 1-on-1 matches that test your timing and aiming skills. Play against other human players in a test to see who is the true Golf Clash master! As you progress through your career, you’ll be able to unlock a variety of different clubs and balls that all put a unique “spin” on your play!

We’ll help you become a putting master with our Golf Clash cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Adjust your power!

During the regular shot phase, you’ll pull the golf ball back into the blue circle. You’ll know it’s right in the middle when the target circle starts glowing blue. This is – by the game’s standards – your optimum shot distance and power. However, if you think you need a little more “oomph” into the shot, you can pull back the ball even further. The targeting circle will move out of focus, and the power arrow will begin to dart back and forth faster than usual. You can hit the ball harder than normal at the risk of messing the shot. Conversely, you can pull the ball back only a little bit to hit it lighter than normal. Weigh the options and use your best judgment!

Additionally, when you’re putting, make sure the glowing path lines up with the hole. You’ll know when you’re at the right power settings when you see the hole flag go up. The hole will also start glowing blue.

2. Keep your clubs upgraded!

If you take two evenly skilled players with precise timing, when it comes down to it, the one who will win is the player with the better clubs! As you play through the game, you’ll receive chests. These chests need to be unlocked before you can claim the goodies inside which takes some time. Start opening chests as soon as you receive them to ensure that you don’t get backlogged with chests. Chests contain coins and gems but most importantly new clubs. When you first receive a club, it is unlocked and available for immediate use. If you get the club again, you’ll get “parts” of it. When you get a certain amount of parts for a club, you can actually upgrade it to improve its stats. Always check your clubs and make sure you’re using the strongest possible club and ball!

Balls are a bit different than clubs. Rather than just having stat boosts on them, balls have special modifiers that grant them unique skills. Some balls will have Wind Resistance, reducing the effect wind has on your shots. There’s also Sidespin, which allows you to put a sideways spin on your shots. Unfortunately balls are consumable, meaning that after every match you use them they disappear. You have to buy them from the shop in packs, and they cost gems.

3. Master the spin!

Before you setup a shot, you can add spin to your ball if you so wish. You can add top spin and backspin, which makes the ball rotate in that direction faster. Adding spin in general will have a slight adjustment on your ball’s trajectory. Think of it like fine tuning! In addition, as we mentioned above, if you have the right ball you can also add sideways spin for even more control. You can get by without using the spin, but mastering will help you immensely!

4. Get those chests!

Now that we’ve covered the game mechanics, it’s time to talk about the ways of getting more chests and gems.

  • Try your best to rank up in the league. Every time you go up in a division, you’ll have a greater chance of getting more cards in chests!
  • This game also has achievements that reward you with gems when you complete them. You can go into your profile to check what you’ve done.
  • Connecting to Facebook gives you a platinum chest for free!

That’s all for Golf Clash! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


  1. Hos do I change my putter to a iron. On one og the courses the putter isnt good enogh and cant shoot ud the hill. I need a iron instead but cant switch

  2. how can we play tournament, I do not see the option…

    My achievements says that I won 0 tournament… for sure, I havn’t play any tournament yet!!!!!!! Just tell me how please!

  3. How do u play in tournaments? All it will let me do is play one on one. In my achievements it says u get gems for playing in a tournament but i dont know how to play one….

  4. Been trying to get the extra mile driver for a month. Everyone I play has it, so it’s not a fair match. I’ll give it maybe a week…. then delete this like most of my friends have.

  5. Loads of times,the ball does what it wants ,it even goes when I’ve still got hold of the arrow,sometimes sending it anywhere,it is so annoying,I’ve lost lots of games,when I should have won,I love the game,so can you sort it out.

    • I’ve done that too. I think if your finger gets too close to the bottom edge of the screen it lets the ball go before you are ready

  6. I’ve been noticing that right as you about to swing that some players disconnect for a secound to throw you off. It didnt really bother me in the beginning until during one game when I was about to swing they disconnected and when they reconnected I was facing an entirely New Direction and my shot went straight into the water so now I’m convinced there’s a glitch. I really do like this game the way it was meant to be played

    • the same thing happens to me and the signal says check my wifi connection and nothing wrong with it strong on my end then i get charged a loss and lose coins and points off my total wins or it glitches after i’m in the hole and the other guy misses his shot for the draw and he gets the win, seems really chicken to me and most the time its a guest player with no name or profile picture or someone with 400 games when something weird happens, and thats pretty f’d up they have to cheat to win

  7. Can someone give me information on how to use and view and adjust ball guides? I see everyone doing it but I don’t have a clue what they are doing or how they are doing it. I’m sure my game would improve greatly if I knew how to use ball guides properly. Thanks

  8. Love it. Just wish it wouldn’t take away the balls I’ve already paid for. Doesn’t work that way in a real course. Don’t know why it should work that way here.

  9. Your game sucks if the ball goes out of bounds there should be a penalty stroke
    If the ball goes water hazard it should be play where it lands not go back to the original place.
    That’s a few pointers for the guys who design this game