With GoetiaX just getting its global release recently, we’ve put together a GoetiaX game guide to help you better understand what you should and shouldn’t do, from the very beginning.

After a “rocky” launch due to lags, 20 minute waiting times between quests and constant connection issues, servers seems to be working fine recently. So, what a better time to talk about this game, right?

But enough with the introductions – you’re here to check out our complete GoetiaX strategy guide, so let’s dive right in!

Focus on your missions

Right after you complete the tutorial, which is quite hearty, you should focus on progressing your Beginner Missions. The rewards are definitely worth it and they will give you a solid idea about how the game works. You will understand its mechanics (which are very simple actually), and exactly how the stages and instances should be done.

Beginner Missions

These are some of the most important missions in GoetiaX, especially when you’re starting out. They will give you tons of Diamonds, Stamina, EXP, and most importantly – Djinns. You will complete these missions in time, but in order to do them smoothly you’ll have to constantly upgrade your units every step of the way.

There are 103 Beginner Missions, and the last one will let you choose 7 SR Djinns to summon. That’s right, 7 SR units of your choice!

Daily Missions

You should try to complete all of your Daily Missions each day, because they will reset every day, and if you haven’t claimed all the rewards you’ll have to start again. They reward you with plenty of useful loot, so if you want to advance quickly in the game you should not skip any mission.

Total Missions

These missions are kinda similar to Achievements, and they will reward you with plenty of goods upon reaching certain milestones in the game. You can check them out, but don’t worry about them too much because you’ll eventually complete everything if you just do your Beginner Missions and dailies.

Self Raid, Team Raid, Explore

These three missions will give you rewards for either killing certain enemies or using specific skills. You will have a limited time to complete these tasks, so do them every chance you get because they give you plenty of Diamonds.

Do Side Quests

As you progress and level up you should try to do as many side quests as you can. It’s a very easy way to get Diamonds which you are going to need later on in order to summon more Djinns.

These side quests can be found in each area that you unlock, so check them out whenever you have unlocked a new instance/area.

Don’t forget to turn on Auto

The game offers an auto skill cast option which means that you don’t have to do much if you don’t feel like it. This is the easiest way to complete the early stages, especially if you just want to level up fast and upgrade your Djinns.

Just keep in mind that the auto option will not use the Limit Break skills, only their normal skills. So, if you’re facing a difficult boss, you have to cast the Limit Break skills yourself according to the situation.

Upgrade your units

If you having a hard time completing the missions then it’s probably a good idea to power up your Djinns. In the early stages of the game, the easiest way to do so is by leveling them up using Mana crystals.

Don’t stress too much about what kind of Djinns you get at the start. After you complete Beginner Mission #103 you will be rewarded with 7 SR Djinns of your choice. If you want to know which Djinn to select then I suggest you check out our GoetiaX tier list!

Forming your Party

Every Djinn has a cost to deploy – as you level up you will increase the total Cost Limit, which means you can deploy more Djinns. However, when you play you won’t have just one party. Your teams will be separated into 3 parties, one main party, and two sub parties.

There are three positions where you can deploy your Djinns are: Vanguard (Tank), Mid-Guard (Damage), and Rear-Guard (Utility).

– In the Vanguard position, you should always place units that have high defenses and can stay alive for longer.
– In the Mid-Guard position, you can place all kinds of physical damage DPS, magic damage DPS, and even some utility. These units will have less DEF than the Vanguards, so make sure you never put them in the front.
– As for the Rear-Guard, you can put a healer or some buffer here. They will be the last ones to die (99% of the time), so they can keep healing your front line and keep them alive for longer.

In a party, it’s always useful to have units that can refill your MP (Balam). Other great units include Glasya-Labolas (tank) and of course, the main Djinns – Azazel, Satanael, Samael, Beezebub.

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Powering Up your Djinns

There are quite a few ways to boost your Djinns’ powers, so let’s check them all out:

– Level
– Intimacy
– Soul Enhance
– Skills

You can level up Djinns up by using Mana Crystals. The maximum level for each Djinn is the level of your account, so the more you’ll advance the higher level your Djinns will be.

By increasing Intimacy, you will boost a Djinn’s stats, attributes, unlock Skills and reduce their cost (the cost to be deployed). You can increase their Intimacy by giving them Gifts that you obtain from various instances.

Use AP to raid completed stages and earn items to raise Djinn’s Soul Enhance level. These items will increase the Rank (color) of the unit (which starts at colorless and goes all the way up to Sapphire).

Skills can be obtained in various ways, from events to quests and more. You can teach Djinns specific skills, but that’s a story for a whole different guide!

Decorate your dream room!

You can decorate a room (actually two different rooms) by heading on to the Room option. Although decors are purely visual, some Djinn can interact with the decors and “reveal an unusual side of them”.

It will give you no additional stats, but it’s a nice way to make a comfortable living space for your characters. Oh, and you can visit others’ rooms too!

How to purchase Decoration Coins:

  • You can get Decoration Coins from Event Shops, and from the Tower of Remembrance.

Always take part in events

The in-game events are usually very time-limited, but they will give you enough time to get some of the important things you’d usually want (limited Partners, equipment, skills, etc.). You should try to raid and join the events as often as you can, because whenever a new one is running, many players are forming raids.

Usually in the events you can buy limited SRμ Djinn and it’s always nice to get them, even if just for collection purposes.

Equip gear on your main Djinns (at least)

In the beginning, it will be quite difficult to get equipment for every single Djinn on all three parties. Try to equip gear for your main party at least, because it’s going to make quite a big difference. You can skip upgrading the equipment until you get some good one (ideally 3*-4*).

Once you get some decent gear, you should invest in it – but don’t spend all of your equipment upgrade material on random gear because you’ll need it later on, trust me!

Log in daily for free rewards

You should log in every day to the game and claim the daily login rewards. The best rewards are the ones that usually appear during Easter, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and other time-limited events, because they give you extra Diamonds and goods.

Even if you don’t plan on playing the game a particular day, you should still just open it and claim these rewards. It’s going to be worth it, especially the 30-day login reward!

These would be all of our GoetiaX tips and tricks that we’ve got for you right now! Do you know some more tips that you want to share with fellow players? Leave them down in the comments section below!

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