I find it very funny that Gameloft launched a game titled “Gods of Rome” but they’re giving us a ton of Greek gods as characters, the story takes place in Greece – Mount Olympus and so on. But this problem fortunately does not affect the gameplay and the overall game which is extremely good – one of the best fighting games I’ve played recently and I am sure it will get you hooked on it instantly. And I am here to help make the experience even more pleasant by sharing with you a bunch of Gods of Rome cheats and tips to win all battles, complete the campaign and unlock the fighters for an ultimate team.

So let’s not waste a single second and let’s go, instead, check out some Gods of Rome tips and cheats! You might need them to better your game!

1. Know your characters – affinity and bonuses
It is extremely important to know all your characters/fighters, their attacks and especially the affinity bonuses. Some characters get a bonus from fighting together with other fighters, while also have a bonus when fighting against specific characters. There are also the class bonuses to be considered, one class being strong against a specific different one and weak against another. Using all these to your advantage will make all fights a lot easier than they are!

2. Size matters
Well, sorry to tell you that, but size does matter in Gods of Rome. The size of the weapons, that is: all attacks have a more or less limited area of effect, so you can completely miss a special attack with the starting hero (Julius or whatever) if you’re too far from your target. So always stay close to the opponent and take advantage of your long weapon or attack range if you have it. For example, it usually is a breeze in the campaign to simply use the Heavy attack of the Cyclops over and over again: the enemy gets knocked out, charges, you hit them, then you repeat. I am sure that similar things can be done with other characters, just try to find them and put them to good use!

3. Level up your heroes smartly
Chances are that eventually you will have your team filled with three star fighters and above, but you still need to level up the low characters you have, especially at first when you don’t have that many options. I level them up by investing the small XP boosts in the low level characters and the larger and better ones to my better characters. Always focus on your better rated characters first because you might get a better character than one you already have and they can be easier to replace if you haven’t invested too much in them already! But as I said, don’t hold onto your XP potions for too long – you need solid characters to win fights!

4. Complete story missions twice
You will eventually have to go through them over and over again, but make sure that you complete them at least twice in order to unlock all the possible routes and get all the special rewards. When you get stuck to a point and can’t proceed, simply replay older missions over and over again, level up your fighters and try again when they’re better.

5. Don’t forget to defend
I agree that offense is the best defense, but in this game you do need to defend and do it smartly. Blocking when the opponent unleashes a flurry of attacks reduces the damage you take and you can also swipe the screen left to withdraw. This later option is a lot better when we’re talking about Heavy attacks (the one you’d get for tapping and holding the right side of the screen) because they can’t be blocked – so it’s best to keep an eye on your opponent and simply retreat when they’re about to unleash one, as well as a special attack which can be completely dodged (or at least blocked). This will save you a lot of damage and give you better chances at winning your fight!

6. Don’t hesitate to sacrifice your fighters!
When in campaign, you don’t really need to have all your fighters running at full health at all times. You don’t even need all your fighters to win most of the campaigns and it makes a lot of sense to simply sacrifice some of them in order to make it easier for your top dogs to take out the most difficult enemies. If your fighter dies in battle, all the damage they have caused will still be there, making it a lot easier job for the next fighter to take out your opponent. Plan ahead a bit and usually you’ll have nothing to worry about and you could sacrifice fighters, if needed, without a problem!

These would be for now our Gods of Rome tips for you to improve your game. We’ll come back soon with more, so stay tuned with us or share your own tips in the comment section below.


  1. It froze while I was upgrading a character and wouldnt unfreeze so I exited the game completely. When I re opened it everthing was locked again it said i had to complete the first map again so i did but it didnt fix it. Any clue why? Any help?

    • When clicking on the heal button a few options will pop up.
      1. Is to use gems to heal (Don’t recommend wasting gems on that)
      2. There is an option to use the healing ‘potions’ or ‘jars’ found in the game by playing the campaign.

  2. If I complete 100 % in a special or a limited time fights twice will it unlock the same prizes that u win the first time after u complete the level at 100 percent.

  3. Another thing the page doesn’t tell you is that, you (the player) should try to compete in the PvP and Special Event cause not only do they give you a lot of chances to practice at being a better fighter in the game but it also gives you a chance to win an exclusive character. For example I won the 4-star Chronos Titan event a few days ago and got the incredibly over powered character and it wasn’t very hard at all.

  4. hey noob question have not been able to complete 100% the special event i feel like i have been over every path 3 times still sitting at 90% so i am clearly not going the right way is there a way to see what path i am missing if not guess i need to draw the map and mark them off can’t seem to keep track lol getting old i guess

    • after you complete a path and return to do another, you will actually see a line along the path that you have already completed. The path that you have not travelled as yet remains smooth.

  5. I just started about a month ago and I got a 4star Chronos and a 4star Cyclops. Got a 2 start Anubis and Vulcan (Vulcan with secret skill unlocked). I’m pretty happy with how all this is going. Does anybody know how to get a 4star Anubis once the event was over?

    • Once the event is over you can only get them in there exclusive spheres and those only 2 times for one month and after that if you have them great if not too bad

  6. One strategy that is really working for me in all kinds of battles is:

    Whenever you’re in a battle, hit them 5 times (one medium attack by swiping from left to right on the screen, then 4 light attacks by tapping on the right side of the screen) in a row, and then before they hit back, swipe from right to left to pull your character back one step. Then let the opponent hit in the air once, without touching you and as soon as they are done hitting the air, again swipe from left to right to rush your character and hit the opponent and then repeat the 5 attack again.

    Doing this repeatedly, you might end up winning a lot of the battles without getting hurt even once (not even when defending). This process will take a few attempts to master, but once you do, you can easily defeat opponents much stronger than your character.

  7. Hi folks. I’m doing a story line but i’m blocked by someone with an X next to them. Normally i see which type of character class i need, but on this one, the image is just a black silhouette. How do i know which class i need to get past them please? Many thanks.

  8. None of these tips are useful. if you are playing this game for more than a week then you are already aware of it and you must’ve acknowledged them into your playing.

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  10. I have maxed out all my 2-star players and maxed out all 5 of my 4-star players. The problem for me is I can’t attain the rank ups nectors for these players needed because of the last encounters for each has enemies that have way higher level’s that I can’t kill. I end up running out of panacea vessels. I would really appreciate some gold nuggets of advice.

  11. How do I get top 3% in PvP event and win a 4 star character? How does it work anyway? Even I get 70-80 wins, still can’t get 4 star character, instead they give me only 3 stars character.

    • Comment:Top 3% means the top three player for that event. If you didn’t get at least 3rd rank then you will not get those 4 star fighters. It doesn’t matter how many wins you have coz ur not the only guy playing. The other guys might have more wins than you.


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