The ancient gods of Olympus are at your finger tips in Gods of Olympus. Create a fortified city and wield the power of legendary Greek gods such as Zeus, Ares, Athena, and more as you conquer your foes. We’ll help you master the power of the gods with our Gods of Olympus cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Use your gods’ abilities often!

Your starting god, Zeus, has Chain Lightning as his first ability. Chain lightning does heavy damage to buildings and units around Zeus, and they jump to additional targets. Use this ability often, as the cooldown on it is relatively short and it can make quick work of buildings and small groups of units. The same goes for just about any other god – use their starting abilities as much as you can! You can check their cooldowns by looking at their selection portraits at the top left.

2. Power up your gods!

If you go back to the Pantheon, you can power up your gods. You can spend gold here to either upgrade their health, strength, or abilities. Be sure to come back every now and then to spend your gold, as there isn’t anything else you can spend it on. As they are your main source of damage, keeping your gods upgraded is very important!

3. Upgrade your towers first!

You can upgrades the various temples of the gods, but we highly recommend upgrading your defensive towers first. The gods’ temple grant passive bonuses to your gods and troops, but until you sink a vast amount of upgrades into them, their effects will be hardly noticeable. Arrow towers, garrisons, and other defensive structures should be upgraded first. Their attack power will increase, they will produce more troops, and so forth. They are much more helpful early on than stat increases.

4. Pick Athena as your second god!

When you first start out, you can select one of the other five gods to join your cause. We recommend going with Athena. Athena is a “tank” god, meaning that she can soak up tons of damage. Her health pool is naturally high, and her second ability, Aegis, reduces incoming damage by a whopping 70%! Her utility is just too great to pass up. During combat, be sure to deploy Athena first so that she has the attention of any possible threat.

5. Don’t stop deploying troops!

During defensive phase, you will not have access to your gods. Instead, you’ll have to depend on your troops. Be sure you have set up enough academies and defensive towers. Additionally, every couple of seconds, you can summon a group of troops at any building you desire. Make sure to do this the second the ability comes off cooldown; during the later levels you will get bombarded and if you don’t have a steady stream of troops moving out, you will get easily overrun!

That’s all for now, but we’ll back soon with a guide on getting more gems. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!


  1. As far as upgrading the gods, you said “Be sure to come back every now and then to spend your gold, as there isn’t anything else you can spend it on.” Which I agree with mostly but actually, I’ve come across a few things that you can spend it on. The market for 1 million gold coins being a wise choice for the long haul. The other 2 are the gold statue and statue pavilion. Don’t think those have any benefit though, but I’m not sure.

      Water Blast;
      Use water blast to deal additional damage at a much greater rate than normal. It also increases his attack range and deals splash damage (pun intended). This makes the use of water blast very effective in thinning out swarms of troops.
      Tidal Wave;
      Tidal Wave can instantly destroy a temple with a single blow when used from close range. Remember that though it can thin a crowd somewhat, Water Blast is better for crowd control.
      Kraken can completely cripple a base. use it to remove large amounts of houses, towers and barracks. Though troops and turrets will target Kraken, any damage dealt to him is irrelevant, making him a extremely effective diversion.

      Flaming Arrows;
      Use this the same way you would use water blast.
      Sun Strike;
      Use this ability against rows of Houses or Towers.
      Healing has a pretty obvious use. Use it to heal your gods.

  2. For the gems, you can get fountains they take a while to produce, but with the right amount, you’ll be able to have a steady income of gems!

  3. First drop athena. Activate aegis. Second drop Poseidon. Activate krakengaurd. Third drop Zeus. Activate slow time. Fourth drop Ares. Activate bloodlust. Pss: my player name is billyboby!

  4. I like to drop Poseidon first and destroy the first temple using tidal wave. By then once he is done with the temple his health is very low. Then I drop Zeus and work my way in to the middles using lightning storm. After I am at the middles, I drop Hera and use her Wrath with basically explodes everything. Then I drop Athena and summon her hoplites and work with Hera, Athena, and sometimes Zeus (since by the time I drop Hera and Athena his health is halfway – low) to destroy the last few temples with takes around 30 – 40 seconds. This is my strategy for now since I don’t have any range gods (only tank gods). I am a old player (started in 2016) but I deleted the app and I am starting to work my way back up to the top. At the current moment I’m a level 39.

  5. In my opinion, I feel like you should upgrade your temples first. In order to win a battle, all temples must be destroyed. If your temples are weak, then your base is already at a huge disadvantage. One hit from Poseidon’s tidal wave, Zeus’s lighting storm, Artemis’s long shot, Ares’s battle charge can destroy the temple. Im not saying you shouldn’t upgrade your towers and barracks, I just feel that your temples should be upgraded more than your troops. When the enemy is attacking your high level temples, the troops will slowly take down each god one by one. Once I battled a level 70 with amazing, high level troops and towers, yet their temples was not so good. I took down 6 temples with 4 low-average gods. My gods were around level 30 at that time, and I was at level 30 something. I didn’t even have Hera’s wrath. But towers and barracks are important as well. If you insist on upgrading your towers and barracks then you should always have your strength to be at least 3 -4 levels higher than your health. The higher the strength level, the quicker the enemy god’s health will deteriorate.


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