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Godfire: Rise Of Prometheus Trailer Brings in the Gods


A short while ago we told you about Godfire: Rise Of Prometheus, a really promising game from Vivid Games and today I am happy to be able to show you more of it: a short gameplay trailer with pre-alpha footage, that will certainly help you love the game even more. Or just love it, in case you didn’t feel the love so far.

So before getting into the new details – which are not many, let me tell you that – let’s check out the Godfire: Rise Of Prometheus trailer below and droll after seeing the graphics!

In terms of new details, there is still not much: the game takes place during the Grek mythology times and you will fight some pretty humongous beasts. Unfortunately, there is nothing known about the actual gameplay and controls, but I am sure that Vivid will tell us more in the near future, so stay tuned.



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